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  1. Can't comment about any 3rd party programs or how they function with CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ.
  2. Regarding getting vehicles to cross bridges: This will not be a problem with the new Tobruk map. However, the original Channel map is heavily bugged... some bridges work, others don't. We are attempting to find a fix for these issues, and hope solutions will be included in TF 5.0.
  3. CLIFFS OF DOVER is not officially adapted to use VR.... that will happen after TF 5.0.
  4. No, not just Channel map update... we will also create another map whose location I will not specify at this time. But it all depends on the success of TF 5.0 TOBRUK... if players are not interested and it does not sell, there will be no TF 6.0.
  5. We have done a tremendous amount of fixing of the Channel map... airfields have been flattened to avoid the bumps which existed.... terrain flaws fixed etc. The issues of roads going nowhere and other problems will need to wait to TF 6.0 when we will focus more on the Channel map... with the arrival of the FW-190A and other aircraft of 1942. We will be adding fortifications and big coastal guns for the map at that point too. But right now our focus is the Desert map.
  6. There were significant trainee pilot losses for those whose first experience of a combat aircraft was a 109. The Focke Wulf 190A was far easier to take off and land in despite the fact it had a higher stall speed... the plane was far more robustly built and happily tolerated the higher speed landings... broken undercarriages were few... and had widely set undercarriage that meant the chances of a ground loop was far less. But many of the 109 crashes were in the later stages of the war when the number of hours the trainees had on the basic trainers fell off considerably because of lack of aviation petrol. At the early stages of the war when pilots had lots of time in the basic trainer Bucker Bu-31 Jungmann and the advanced trainer Arado 96's prior to converting to the 109's the accident rate was lower. At the start of the war a Luftwaffe pilot entered combat service with 400+ hours in training aircraft. By the end of the war it was 125 hours. The British and Americans through most of the war were over 400 hours... many American pilots had 500 +. The British were actually lower than the Germans in 1940 during the BoB period.... they were desperate to get new pilots in the air and some pilots had only around 250 hours. But a Hurricane or Spitfire was far easier to fly than a 109 for an inexperienced pilot.
  7. With apologies to Pattle for jumping the gun a bit... here's a taste of the Kittyhawk Mk IA... one of the new aircraft currently in the import pipeline. (very much Work In Progress) EDIT: Have removed this image as 3D Artist is not happy with quality of his model as shown, (normal map was inverted) and prefers it not be shown. We will be posting better quality images of the Kittyhawk Mk IA and Tomahawk Mk II in the near future.
  8. This campaign was designed for the original CLIFFS OF DOVER. Will not work with current CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ. There was no actual Malta map in this mod... it just used the Channel map with different textures.
  9. We will not be adding it for TF 5.0 Tobruk. But we hope to add it in the next six months to a year after that module is released.
  10. We'll have something out in a short while. We are currently completing work on an Patch for CLIFFS OF DOVER BLITZ which will have the new AI changes included... (4.56) it should be out in the next week or so. As has been mentioned, we are rolling out the Game Engine code improvements and bugfixes as a ongoing process, instead of waiting to release them all with TF 5.0. This is what is happening with 4.56... will be our next Update. After that you should see us go back to releasing hilights of the new aircraft/ships/vehicles for TF 5.0 in future Updates.
  11. If you don't like the fact you can't customize, please post in the CLIFFS OF DOVER bugtracker. (although this is not a bug... just a new feature being requested) https://tfbt.nuvturais.de/login?back_url=https%3A%2F%2Ftfbt.nuvturais.de%2Fprojects%2Fil2clodtf
  12. Hello Santana Love Carlos too. 😉 Regarding setting up your joystick... there are many persons in the community with Logitech joysticks who have no problem in setting them up. I would request you post what exactly your problems are... be specific. Include your system specs etc. Post in the Technical section.
  13. As has been mentioned in the original post, the terrain is Work in Progress. We do expect to provide improvements... but everyone should also understand this is a Flight Simulation, not a fps... so there cannot be the same standards for terrain as you might see in a shooter. A FPS map is perhaps 2 km Square... this map is 400 km X 400 km.
  14. Sorry, it is not cost effective or even possibly for us to change our systems to match those of the GREAT BATTLES series. These games are based on two different Codes... and each have different capabilities.... so the options the player can select do not match.
  15. Game is downloaded from Steam... so yes, you can start/stop Steam any time you want... and it will pick up the download where you had left it.
  16. Yes, projectiles do have a penetrative value which depends on their type, (armor piercing, ball, high explosive, etc.) as well as velocity, (which initially depends on muzzle velocity but decreases the further the projectile is from the barrel) Also obviously the mass of the round is considered when calculating kinetic energy, etc. etc. Bombs included... although obviously bombs have a velocity dependent on their airspeed as calculated from initial velocity or terminal velocity when they reach that. And objects do have different armor values depending on the type of material and the thickness... for example, the game lists hardened steel, steel, iron, aluminum, layered aluminum armor, concrete, wood, etc. etc. For example, when creating pilot armor plates, the 3D artist has to create/draw the plate in exactly the same thickness as historical... because the game calculates the plate's strength based on the thickness of the 3D object. The plate is then designated in the game as either hardened steel, steel or laminated aluminum armor depending on the type used historically in the aircraft. In the case of bombs, (as well as all weapons which contain high explosives) the weight and type of the explosive contained in the weapon, (amatol, PETN, etc.) is included in the rounds description. There is no question that the CoD engine has one of the more complex weapons/damage systems available in gaming.
  17. Markings might be something like this too, which is closer to the historical naval flag:
  18. There are already difference 'armor' values for different areas of vehicles/ships.... (front/side/turret/etc.) We hope to elaborate on that basic system with critical areas defined... if the weapon penetrates the armor and hits the critical area, then that implements critical damage effects. Otherwise the vehicle/ship just gradually degrades from hits... and if a gun turret is hit... then it is out of operation. This is not a ship/vehicle game though.... it is an aircraft simulation... so there are limits to what we intend to do with damage of objects other than aircraft.... too much work for our modeler/coders... plus too much of a load on the game engine to monitor all these different objects and their damage status.... has an effect on fps.
  19. We will be using black German cross, (same as aircraft wing markings) inside the white circle for German ship markings.... sorry no Swastikas... players can mod for their own skin versions if they want. (we hope to allow players to skin vehicles/ships same as planes)
  20. Yes, there are more bomb/torpedo types planned for TF 5.0. Mostly in the area of the larger types required for ship destruction. Yes, there is a difference between SC/SD bombs... and also between British GP/AP. Destruction as a result of bombing can require more than one.... depends on the size of the bomb which hits. Larger ships will require quite a number of hits... although we are also looking at critical hit areas. Buildings have very simple Damage models.
  21. What aircraft are you flying? The Hurricane is an easy and forgiving aircraft to start off in. What are your settings? List them here and we'll be able to see if there are any choices which might not be best for a beginner. Check the configuration of your joystick on Microsoft... make sure it is not inaccurately set up. I would recommend using the default sensitivity settings for your joystick to start... don't try to get too complex. All these aircraft should be easily controllable with normal settings. It is only when you are in a really tight turn at maximum power, or at low very low speeds during takeoff or landing that you should encounter spin problems.
  22. Hello Dagwoodyt You seem to be asking the same questions in each post. - First of all... TF 5.0 'Tobruk' will be published. I will not mention a date... that is 1C's decision anyway. But you will see it for sale. - 2nd of all... The various issues in CoD are continually being addressed... in the 4.5 patch and in subsequent patches... you will see 4.56 soon. That was what originally motivated TF and if you compare the original game and what exists currently, there are enormous improvements in place. - Your original premise... that we should focus on the BoB again, does not make sense either from a business point of view or from the player's levels of interest... by far the majority of the community wants new maps and content. Which is why we are going to N Africa. (also that Theater does not conflict with the BoX series) Time to close the thread.
  23. TF 5.0 will be much more focused on Ground Attack and attack on shipping. For one, the opposing sides ground units are actually in contact. There will be artillery.... the German 105mm artillery has a range of approx. 11,000 meters, the British 25lber has a range of approx. 12,000 meters. So let them get too close and your airfields will be under fire from artillery. We also hope to see the ships able to fire on airfields and ground targets... the big 15 inch weapons on the British Queen Elizabeth and Revenge Class battleships and the 8 inch/203mm guns on the Italian Heavy Cruiser have ranges over 30,000 meters. A 15 inch shell landing on an airfield will destroy any unprotected aircraft. There will be columns of ground vehicles moving... if you do not destroy the enemy tanks/vehicles, they will over-run your positions and take control of the front... maybe even over-run your own airfields. One of the strengths of CoD is its ability to have a lot of ground vehicles on the map. Aircraft which can destroy enemy tanks will become more important.... objectives will not just be bombing enemy airfields as is often the case in CoD. (although targeting airfields with bombing raids was a part of the conflict in N Africa) There will be tropical versions of all the aircraft... including Ju-87/88 and Bf-110.
  24. The P-40C/E Tomahawk II/Kittyhawk IA's will be very dangerous opponents at lower altitudes, especially under 5,000 ft/2500 meters where the Allison V-1710 engine developed most of its power. The P-40 was the best "...close in dogfighter" of all the US fighter aircraft types... it got a negative reputation as a dogfighter from the Pacific Theater stories of it matched up against the A-6M Zero... which made any aircraft, including a Spitfire, look silly in a dogfight. The P-40 had excellent speed/acceleration at low altitudes, an extremely good rollrate at all speeds... excellent turn/stall characteristics at all speeds, was a good gun platform, had a dive speed and acceleration better than the 109's or Spitfires, and was extremely durable. Over 10,000 ft/3000 meters performance falls off fast... over 14,000 ft/4500 meters it will be sadly lacking... due again to the characteristics of the Allison's power curve. When/if TF gets around to modeling the the P-40F/Kittyhawk II, with its Packard Merlin V-1650-1, (the two speed copy of the Merlin XX) then this version of the P-40 will be better at higher altitudes. But the drag characteristics of the aircraft are such that even these models were not very fast. At high altitudes, i.e. over 20,000 ft/6000 meters, a 109F will run circles round a P-40 and play with it like a cat plays with a mouse. But the 109 pilot who commits to low altitudes should beware.... lest the nasty Shark turns and bites a big chunk off him. ☠️
  25. I have one which I bought in 2000 which is still working perfectly.
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