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  1. Hello jollyjack Are you aware the Blenheim has a variable two speed prop. One setting is Fine Pitch or 100% in game readout, the other is Coarse Pitch or 0% in game readout. Takeoff in Fine, once you have gained enough altitude and speed, switch to Coarse. With the aircraft in Fine Pitch, you won't be able to gain maximum speed safely.... you will also over-rev the engines and destroy them.
  2. Thanks for your assistance with this Sokol1. 👍
  3. Buzzsaw


    You may get graphics anomalies and other issues.
  4. Hello Faerber Did you delete the cache file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' prior to starting? Have you tried verifying the install in Steam? Can you provide your system specs? And can you explain in more detail what you mean by 3rd option? Are you launching the game at that point? Finally, if no luck, can you provide some details of the programs you are running when it crashes? See this post:
  5. Hello Jollyjack At the moment we don't plan this for TF 5.0 or CoD Blitz. Will talk to the coders... if this is easy to incorporate we will do it for TF 5.0. If not, will have to wait for the future... there are still many elements to be completed by the coders which are higher on the list. Most people who fly Blitz prefer full cockpit and as much realism as possible, so we are more focused on that... along with things like improved clouds/weather/dust effects/etc. etc.
  6. Are you referring to the no-cockpit view?
  7. No, a well written Dynamic Campaign Generator will include the option to use as a base, whatever mission file you wish to designate. It would not use an empty default map. And as time passes, you can program the DCG to use a different base mission file past a different point in time. But we are not guaranteeing a DCG for TF 5.0... we are working on it but it is unclear if it will be available. There will be scripted campaigns. Obviously a 3rd party may also choose to create their own DCG as they did for the original CoD/TF Mod.
  8. Buzzsaw


    Feathered is the only person who has reported losing his control inputs.
  9. Much of the fortification was built into the ground and designed to be relatively inconspicuous. What will be visible is the Anti-Tank ditch... which will be included. Other elements can be added by the mission builder... they are not permanent. The Fortifications were built up over time during the seige.... and after the British relieved Tobruk during operation Crusader in November 1941, they let the defenses lapse and degrade.... they were not as much of a challenge for Rommel when he attacked in June of 1942. So it is better to allow the mission builders to decide what level of fortification is there... rather than make them permanent and static.
  10. Buzzsaw


    The game is automatically updated when you load Steam and the game. The version should be listed on the Splash screen. The Mission Builder now has the option to start the missions with any aircraft 'pre-warmed'... which means there is no warm up time. That would obviously apply for the Beaufighter as well. Starting the Beaufighter from cold will take the same amount of time. This is a big air cooled engine and it takes time to warm up.
  11. There are different classes of aircraft in the game, and they react differently when in combat. Classes are: Fighters, Bombers, DiveBombers, Scout, Amphibious Aircraft (last is similar to Scout) As we mentioned in the Update notes, the changes in 4.56 are not the final changes to AI behaviour. We expect to make further changes in the routines, etc. But we believe the current set of changes see improvements, especially in Fighter vs Fighter combat and we wanted to get them out.
  12. As has been mentioned by Sokol1, the aircraft should be trimmed and at 320-330 kmh before entering mode 22 to avoid these effects.
  13. Bomber pilots did not remain completely static when under attack. Even pilots of large bombers like the B-17 would use small maneuvers within their formations to make it difficult for attacking fighters to hit. If you want to ask specific questions, feel free. Your comment was not specific to anything and was clearly sarcastically intended and not a serious inquiry. All of the changes were listed in the release notes.
  14. We have included a few changes in the 'Commands' for players wishing to control the AI aircraft in their flight, but these revisions are not complete in 4.56. We will continue to work to improve the Player ability to command his wingmen in the future and these changes will be included in TF 5.0 if not sooner.
  15. https://www.thefreedictionary.com/revised
  16. I would recommend players start with the Quick missions if they are testing. Please note: This is not the final set of changes to the AI Routines... we expect more changes later or with the TF 5.0 release. We wanted to get these changes out so those who own CoD Blitz can get the benefit immediately.
  17. Buzzsaw


    No, your controls should not have been reset unless you have a 'power management' system in your windows which allows Windows to shut off power to your USB connected peripheries. And that would happen with or without the 4.56 patch.
  18. Buzzsaw


    No, the AI improvements are designed to work with existing 3rd party campaigns. Any custom AI ratings created by the Campaign builder will be preserved. It is only the default AI values which have changed. I.e. "Rookie", "Average", "Veteran", "Ace". The AI routines have been changed... but those are for the better and integrate with existing missions.
  19. Hello Shadyman Just to confirm: You are using MacAfee Anti Virus? I would recommend you check to see if the game launches when turn the AV off temporarily. If it launches, then you need to put in an exception for the game in MacAfee. If that doesn't work, then it could be a 3rd party program you are using which is interfering with the launch, (check especially 32 bit programs) Try to turn off any 3rd party programs you don't need before launching. See also the list of tech remedies in the various pinned topics here in the Tech forum. Or Windows has altered some parameter in the way it deals with CoD... in that case you need to uninstall and then re-install the game so Windows registers it again.
  20. May see a Hawk 75A in the future. It is a relatively easy conversion of the Tomahawk Mk II model. Will we do a module which is focused Battle of France? Not likely in the near future.
  21. Hello Dagwoodyt Obviously you are entitled to your opinion. But I am sorry to to have to correct you. We will release TF 5.0, it will be published by 1C Online Games and anyone who wishes to buy it will have an opportunity to do so. Thanks 😉 Questions have been answered, thread is being closed.
  22. We are working on improving the Lorenz beam guidance systems for TF 5.0, which should improve night missions. But a full night environment overhaul will need to wait till after TF 5.0.
  23. Ok, time to close this thread. Regarding MP's question: I am sorry, but the question is simply not in the ballpark. Not even in the neighbourhood. a) The Map Tool which we built from scratch and which allowed us to create the Tobruk expansion was built in particular for that map and to avoid the kinds of bugs which exist in the Channel map.... it doesn't work for the Channel map. 1C did not supply a tool for the Channel Map. The Tobruk Map Tool took 3 attempts and two different coders over 2 years to build. b) You can't just copy and paste any game's terrain map into any map tool. Especially if you can't open the map with the previously mentioned map tool. c) The Channel map is being fixed now by manually 'hacking' the Source Code... as I said, there is no functional tool because it appears to have been lost in the changeover from CLIFFS to BoX. The fix is a long and laborious process. But we don't see building a new map tool specifically for the Channel, that tool would more than likely be completely buggy because of the original issues with this map and repairs would take longer than doing it manually as we are now. d) Just because you want something and can imagine a means to acquire it doesn't mean that can happen. MP should know a/b/c/d... he was a member of TF during the time we were building the map tool and this has been explained to him several times... yes, he is not a coder... but even so he continues to ask questions which are not logical or helpful. I and the rest of the team really do not have enough spare time to go into detail re. this type of thing... other Game Development teams do not answer these types of questions. Thanks
  24. Honest answer to your original question is No. Our Coders have a lot of work to do and can't take the time to explain how the game systems and maps work to those who are not coders.
  25. In answer: - Yes, we are changing the cloud systems and weather... but unlikely to have rain or snow implemented immediately... later in a patch. - We are changing the Anti-Aliasing to bring the game up to date in this area. - We will not implement VR for TF 5.0, but hope to see this arrive approx. six months to a year later. A question for those who use VR: - The first cockpit models made by the original developers, as for example the Spitfires and Hurricanes, did not have all gauges modeled in 3D... some were left as 2D. Later models, i.e. the 109's, etc. did have all gauges in 3D. Theoretically we will need to go back and make all aircraft gauges 3D in these early model aircraft. Would those who use VR be willing to tolerate some 2D gauges in some aircraft as a temporary inconvenience in order to get VR implemented sooner? (on the understanding these gauges would be made 3D for TF 6.0) Or do they want everything to be converted to 3D prior to release of VR?
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