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  1. Hello Redglyph Did you post your crash results here? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32914-those-having-crash-problems-wed-see-what-programs-you-are-ru/ I would recommend going to the ATAG forums and checking the threads there... there are solutions being found regularly. Also may want to post your crash results there. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=91
  2. The old third party historical markings program is not working. I understand a third party is working on a new 4.5 compatible version... when it will be ready is unclear.
  3. The original game was "IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover". It was modified with a Steam Beta to 4.312 version. It covers the Battle of Britain. The new game is "IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - Blitz". It is Version 4.5. It covers the same period as the original, but adds a number of new aircraft to extend the campaign to October. Version 5.0... which is set in the North African Desert between 1940 and early 1942, has not been released.
  4. Are you using full real engine management? If you have the full engine difficulty on, you will find the temp gauges do move and you will have to open and close the rad and oil cooler to get max performance.
  5. You will find your AI gunners, both in Single player and also in Multi player will provide much better protection to you.
  6. TF is not allowed to crowd-fund... so won't be doing that. Decisions on price and marketing are 1C's. Will be closing this thread and sticking it.
  7. The rights were sold by 1C to Desastersoft... TF did not have any control of the situation at that point. We will try to contact DS. We will also be encouraging others to create mission packs, and will offer revenue share on the sale of those packs to those who do so.
  8. Maximum temperature for the 109's in game is 100 degrees for coolant and 105 degrees for oil. Normally you want the coolant at 95 C or less, and oil at the same. You can exceed that, in fact you run at 100 C in some instances, but you have a chance of blowing your radiator or having a mechanical failure. In the case of oil temps, even if you don't exceed 105 C, you will see some negative effects if temps are close... horsepower will decrease due to the reduction in viscosity. So it is best not to exceed 100 C with oil temps. A combination of high water and oil temps will likely result in failures. Regarding historicity: The early 109s and other German types were unusual in that they had unpressurized radiators... so while the above figures are historically correct for sea level, max allowable temps decreased as altitude was gained. So max temps might be 75 degrees at very high alts. The game does not model for unpressurized engines as most aircraft went the pressurized route after 1940.
  9. Hello Redglyph Please look at this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32982-known-crash-causes-and-some-solutions/
  10. Desastersoft would need to update its missions, which would require changes to the aircraft listings, since there are different types in 4.5 than 4.312. TF may look at contacting DS and seeing if something can be arranged.
  11. 20,000 lb aircraft... it actually rolls reasonably well at higher speeds as it has partial metal ailerons which are more effective when the aircraft is at speed. Key to the Beau is only take as much fuel as you need. It can load 2500 liters/550 Imperial gallons/660 gallon US, and you really don't need that much fuel for the area the game includes or what is typical for a mission.
  12. It is important to turn off your Anti-Virus when installing the game from Steam... you should be able to turn it back on after installation. You also may need to add an exception to the AV for the CoD-Blitz .exe.
  13. Known Crash or failure to launch causes: - Anti-Virus deleting parts of the install... disable or turn off completely AV prior to install. - Steering Wheels: Logitech G27 MoMo, etc. Unplug the wheel, or uplug, then start the game, plug in the wheel immediately after game launch. - Steam Overlay: Turn it off. - MSI Afterburner if running prior to game launch will sometimes cause crashes... can be started after launch. - Multi Screen management programs. Any program which manages multiple screens can cause a crash... turn off. - MS Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable not installed on laptop... install. - Gaijin.net from War Thunder. If installed, causes crashes. If you got War Thunder outside of Steam this is installed. If you installed WT through Steam, it is not. - Windows kb4054518 update not installed. Negative, this will change the colour scheme of game... but usually will reset back to normal after exiting the game. - Don't forget to update Windows! ----- Feel free to post additional causes and any solutions found.
  14. Yes, AI gunners have changed. There was a bug in the game which was preventing AI gunners from operating effectively... that is gone with 4.5. Historically it was never a good idea to attack a bomber from the six o'clock position, almost suicidal unless you could kill the enemy gunner quickly. Against a formation of enemy, very bad idea. The skill levels of all the AI gunners can be set in the mission builder... so it is possible to make the gunners ineffective again if you want... and it is up to mission builders to set the skill levels to a point which will allow the players to succeed.
  15. Hello YoYo There have been a lot of added environmental objects in 4.5... there are more demands on systems. Here are common steps to take to improve FPS, especially over cities. - Reduce number of trees/buildings to medium... this will give approx. same amount as in 4.312 high. - Disable Distant building shadows... these are a big fps hit over built up areas. With the upgrade to DX11 and improvements to graphics, the game is now more demanding in the PC specs... it needs more graphics memory and RAM.
  16. Hello All We are noticing many with crash problems have Logitech controllers... looking into this.
  17. Bump: Edited OP to ask people list their controller type and manufacturer.
  18. In any case, right now we are focused on fixing the issues with the release.
  19. Can't comment on the question of price/marketing. Bottom line: There are quite a number of variables at this point... regarding our path forwards. I.e. Do we release as quickly as possible with fewer improvements on 4.5... or do we take more time and thoroughly overhaul the game. TF will make some decisions in the next month or two. Will be some updates in that time frame.
  20. In reply to Boris's question: We have learned a lot with the release of 4.5, we have streamlined our procedures and methods, and we can work faster. At the same time there is a lot of new content in TF 5.0. So while we would like to give you an exact date of release, we can't now. We are aiming for approximately a year from now.
  21. Hello BlitzPig The issue with failure to launch for some persons has been identified. This is an issue of Windows peripherals and some joystick/controller interaction through the USB ports for certain joystick/controllers. It can be fixed for many by simply unplugging their joystick or controller prior to launch and then plugging it back in after the game starts. We expect to have a patch for this soon. Thanks
  22. Actually it is not... CoD has one of the most complex and detailed damage systems out there as anyone who has played the game knows. The issue with contacting other aircraft at taxi speed on the ground is simply not relevant when in the air... all collisions are at high speed when these damage results would be entirely accurate. This is not a flightless lawnmower sim.
  23. Hello gabuzomeu We think this is another W10 peripherals problem. We are investigating.
  24. Hello All The information we are receiving suggests there is a common thread in the Crash reports and likely a common program or programs which are causing the problems. In order for us to identify that program or programs, we need to see what you are running in your PC. To get a list of programs running, please follow these instructions: - Start->run - type "cmd" and click "OK" - on the black window that opens, type "tasklist /svc" and press enter - right click on the window title and select Edit->Mark - Scroll up to the begining of the output, left click at the start and drag to the end selecting all the text. - once the text is selected, press enter (this was a copy/paste operation) - now you can paste the text here so we can see what is running and hopefully figure it out. And also, see if you have any files on the "My Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\cppcrash" folder. If so, please zip them and attach them to any post here. Also attach any logfile. (See below link for details in activating your logfile) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/32903-suggestions-those-crash-problems/ Thanks for everyone's patience EDIT: Can those with crashes also please list what type of Controller, (including manufacturer) they are using?
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