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  1. Hello All A reminder: For those who are thinking of purchasing IL-2 STURMOVIK DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK, you will need to own CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ... TOBRUK is a DLC. Right now BLITZ is part of the Summer Sale on 1C sales page and on Steam. You can pick up a copy of the game for $6.24, but only till July 9th. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/ If you do buy, please do so on the 1C page, not on Steam.
  2. Also please read the Technical section and the pinned topics which deal with common issues including joystick binding: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/110-technical-assistance/
  3. Try going into Multiplayer on the ATAG server and binding your keys there and saving... might work. You need to go to multiplayer to set your custom gun convergences.
  4. Many of the elements which were developed by the original team were lost by the time we got our license from 1C. Not surprising, since we received the SC 5 years after the project had been cancelled. We created a testbed cockpit for the Walrus and it is a ton of fun to fly.... would like to create these aircraft, but when you consider how much work is involved, and the fact the time could be spent on creating FW-190's or other more popular types, we will need to get more manpower resources in TF to do this work.
  5. Thousands of people have flown this aircraft without an issue... recommend you do some more investigation. We will offer Flight Manuals for all the BLITZ aircraft with the release of TOBRUK if you want to wait.
  6. Not Lysander, Cierva C.30, but the He-59 was... but it needs a lot of work... quality was not there... damage modeling, flight models, etc. He-59 model did not have a cockpit.
  7. Check the ATAG forums for advice in posts or post there asking for help: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forum.php
  8. You should go to your Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover\ folder and delete the 'cache' file. Then try the game again. Make sure you do not have the original IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER game intalled and running... you should only have the BLITZ version installed. If this does not solve your problem, then you have a video card setting error.... go into your video card settings and make sure your 'global' settings are not being applied to BLITZ.
  9. As we have mentioned, DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK is focused on the North Africa campaign... up to June of 1942. TOBRUK does add Channel only aircraft... many types, but we only cover aircraft up to August of 1941... just before the FW-190A was introduced. If we go on to TF 6.0, then we will add more Channel map aircraft, including definitely the FW-190A, including the A-1/A-2/A-3/A-4... as well as other German and Allied types. The module will go from September of 1941 onwards for the Channel. We are not releasing the identity of any other additional aircraft types for TF 6.0 at this point as our moving on is dependent on the success of TOBRUK. You should know the He115 was not used in the Mediterranean. The Walrus was. If we implement an airsea rescue system, we will create the He-59 for the German side and make it and the Walrus flyable.
  10. Churchill was more responsible for the fall of Tobruk and other setbacks there than anyone. His hasty and ill advised decision to strip N Africa of men and aircraft and send them to Greece in March of 1941 threw away the progress which had been made with the Italian defeat in December of 1940 and January of 1941. Without those troops, the British were unable to continue their advance to Tripoli, and the Germans were able to reinforce North Africa in April 1941 and continue the campaign for another two years. And meanwhile the British divisions and air resources committed to Greece were mauled by the Germans. Churchill was responsible for many poor decisions in both WWI (think Gallipoli) and WWII. He was an inspirational leader, but his strategic understanding was poor. He was subject to a vote of non-confidence in the House of Commons after Tobruk fell and managed to squeak out a vote in favour of him continuing as PM.
  11. There is no gap between old and new aircraft. The new module picks up in October of 1940 where CoD ended... and continues through to June 1942 in the Desert and August 1941 on the Channel front. The list of new aircraft is in the updates.
  12. We approached TheOden and asked if he was interested in joining TF and adding an updated version of his excellent DCG to TF 5.0, but unfortunately that was not possible. We have not had the time to create our own DCG for the release but expect to do so at some point.
  13. Fellas, TF knows that VR is important to a good segment of the community, and we would like to implement it. The resources were not there in this go round, but assuming this release is successful, and there is a point to continuing, then it is up there on the 'To Do' list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That's all we can really say.
  14. There have actually been a huge number of changes between the initial CLIFFS OF DOVER and the BLITZ edition. The original is barely flyable. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. You are correct, this was all about oil. There were even closer oilfields in Iraq which the British controlled and used as a source after the US. The Nazis tried to stage a takeover of Iraq in 1941 by supporting a coup: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1941_Iraqi_coup_d'รฉtat Luftwaffe flew in Heinkel bombers, Italians flew in Biplane fighters, Vichy French in Syria supported transit of these forces. British squashed the rebellion very quickly with landforces from India, Jordan and Palestine... and subsequently invaded Vichy Syria for supporting the coup.
  16. We will not offer Windows 7 support for either the updated BLITZ or DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK. W7 is no longer supported by Windows. It is the same situation with Windows XP... the original game supported it back in 2011.... but when Windows dropped support, we dropped our support. You can still upgrade to W10 for free if you do a search of the Microsoft site. Windows no longer supports W7.... there is no way we can do updates for a system which is no longer supported. We cannot leave the game static and all the users who have W10 hanging and waiting for updates.
  17. By the way, for those who are interested in the Martlet, the following are the general characteristics. These aircraft generally got a reputation for being not very maneuverable, because they were primarily up against Zeros... but in fact the Zero would make any aircraft look bad in a close in Dogfight. Up against European aircraft, the Martlet is more than capable in a nasty in your face knife fight. - Excellent turn rate, superior to most Italian and German types with the exception of the CR.42 and possibly the G.50. Comparable or slightly better than the Spit V. - A bit lazy on the ailerons at low speed.... it actually has a very large wing area... but the stiffness and heavy build of the wing and lack of flex means the rollrate remains excellent at high speed. - Not the fastest aircraft... speed is better at low altitudes... fairly comparable to the 100 octane Hurricane I in performance. - Climb is similar to Spit IA's. - Excellent range... carries a very large amount of fuel compared to German/RAF/Italian types... so can reduce fuel load considerably and still have a good combat range. - Excellent dive speed.... no more diving away for 109's to escape a turnfight... the Martlet will out dive them... so this is a weapon on either the attack or as a defensive failsafe escape... although not against the Macchi C.202. - Good guns.... not devastating, but accurate and powerful enough to kill any fighter in short order.
  18. The version used in the desert did not have folding wings or an arresting hook as the original customer, i.e. Greece, ordered the aircraft without them... that country did not have a Carrier. If we go on to add Carrier Operations then you can be sure we'll have the version of the Martlet with both.
  19. The Mediterranean was secondary to the East Front in the demands it placed on the Wehrmacht land forces during 1941-42, but it did take a significant proportion of the Luftwaffe's air resources. It also required the majority of Italy's resources... in Naval and Air as well as land forces. Tobruk was important because the Rommel could not advance on Egypt and the Suez Canal until he captured it. He could not leave a powerful and intact fortress in his rear as the soldiers inside could sortie and cut his supply lines. The Battles between April of 1941 and June of 1942 were focused on Tobruk as an objective for both the British and Germans. The Germans wanted to capture it, the British to relieve it and drive Rommel back. Battles included 'Brevity', 'Battleaxe', and 'Operation Crusader'... the last of which relieved Tobruk and drove Rommel back. Rommel then temporarily retreated, then moved forward again and launched the Gazala series of battles, following which he captured Tobruk in June of 1942. Rommel then was able to use Tobruk as an supply base and advance to the El Alamein front, (which is not include in DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK) and attempt to storm this line in the first battle of El Alamein/Ruweisat Ridge in July/August of 1942, and later in November, he experienced defeat at the 2nd Battle of El Alamein at the hands of Montgomery. Prior to the Afrika Korps arriving, Tobruk was the key supply port for the Italians and their position in Libya and supported their initial advance into Egypt. DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK covers the period December of 1940 to June of 1942. Details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Desert_campaign
  20. For those Martlet lovers, I would recommend they check out the following link to the history of the aircraft in Fleet Air Arm use as well as many quotes from Captain Eric "Winkle" Brown. He always said it was his favourite aircraft of WWII, but in that article you will find a quote with another pilot using the term "Stubby". And I know he also used the term in his books, although I can't find the quote now. https://www.armouredcarriers.com/grumman-f4f-martlet-variants Far be it for me to disagree with the master. Embrace your heritage! ๐Ÿ˜
  21. You can pick up BLITZ right now for $6.24: https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/ TOBRUK will be available in the first week for under $60.
  22. No, it was Capt Brown who wrote that in his book... I just quoted him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And remember the Martlet was one of Capt. Brown's favorite aircraft... so that was a term of endearment.
  23. 1C sets the details of pricing not TF... but I believe they will be offering a bundle pack of both BLITZ and DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK.
  24. Just to let you know... we are also working to make the Cooperative Mission experience an easier and more accessible one. Cooperative Missions are when multiple players fly online what is in effect, a single player mission. So the opponents can be all AI and one side primarily human player. These were very popular with IL-2 1946. You should also be aware several of the Multiplayer campaigns being built are generally low in human players... with a lot of AI aircraft... which is possible with BLITZ or DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK.
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