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  1. Hello Gagatronic What type of controller are you using? Turn off all programs you don't need running before you start the game. So things like Skype/your phone/Google Crash handler/etc. Have you put in an exception for the game .exe in your Windows Defender or Anti-Virus program?
  2. Would not recommend you uninstall Net Framework. I see you posted in other areas... please post here, with a logfile and an outline of your system specifications.
  3. There will be no P-40F for TF 5.0... we have never promised this aircraft for this module. The Tomahawk Mk II has just entered the import/animation stage... the external model is being imported now. Below is with Placeholder skin/texture and obviously an error on the prop which will be corrected. (with apologies to Pattle... he will have better images and video later)
  4. The Wellington 3D is complete. The aircraft is waiting in the import queue. Will begin that work after the Kittyhawk, Tomahawk and Hurricane II are finished.
  5. Everyone on the team is working very hard and we have very little spare time. I myself do all the Flight/Damage models and am extremely busy. At some point we will provide a summary of all the intended content and its status... but no deadline.
  6. Just so everyone is clear: Animations for the instruments/controls/etc. in the cockpit are not present... neither are many animations for the external model. The current aircraft texture/skin is a placeholder and will be updated. Elements such as dust effects on takeoff/ground objects like rock formations or stone fields/AAA changes, etc. are also not present. These effects will be present in the release.
  7. TF can't give a deadline or release date... that is for 1C. And also for the same reasons Novice-Flyer mentioned, we want to make this release a great one... so we will take our time.
  8. Please note: Any torpedo plane getting this close to a Warship target would be shot to pieces. We are looking at explosive contents for types of ships.
  9. Please post in Technical section, include your system specs, and a log report... see the instructions there. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. We plan to make changes to the GUI for TF 5.0. There are no plans to update the CoD Blitz GUI prior to the TF 5.0 release.
  11. Of course, there were no USAAC Squadrons in the Tobruk area during the time period of the game, but we still provide markings for those who want to fly the aircraft in their national colours.
  12. Not for TF 5.0... they were not successful... the gunner basically had to kneel looking backwards through his knees and fire a very limited traverse weapon... these were generally removed or converted to fixed forward firing weapons controlled by the pilot for strafing. May happen for TF 6.0. (fixed forward firing)
  13. There have been no changes to the weapons or damage models for 4.56.
  14. Hello Furphy We will add a Skin section here before we launch. As well as other sections. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘
  15. Buzzsaw


    Hello Catlord Yes, the guys sometimes can be a little harsh... ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously, our recommendation is you invest in a joystick. You'll find your enjoyment of the game goes up hugely. Often you can find a used joystick for as little as $20. Try to find one with a twist rudder handle... otherwise you will need to buy rudder pedals... which are great, but costly.
  16. Thanks to Tepes for the following suggestions: --------- For those of you losing HOTAS/Rudder after Windows 10 patches, upgrades, etc... Below is a easy way to get back in without redo all HOTAS/Rudder setup in the game: Goodluck. ======================================== HOTAS lost profile Blitz won't recognize ======================================== Get in the game and assess the new IDs for HOTAS and Rudder. You do this by prettending you wanna redo the mapping (for both if u have separate hardware HOTAS/Rudders) in Options/Aircraft/AXES: Make note of both HOTAS and Rudder/Pedals new IDs. Mine are like these: X52_H.O.T.A.S.-61EAB111+Key22=landingflaps_u Saitek_Pro_Flight_Rudder_Pedals-608DF333+AXE_RZ=1rudder The numbers/IDs: 61EAB111 and 608DF333 are the ones Windows 10 changes at restarts or for other reasons I don't know. Those are the ones u write down. Then go in the Blitz folder: Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover and look for your saved profile from Options/Aircraft/AXES/Save as: Mine is called blitz1 ...therefore there is blitz1.ini ..yours maybe different. Edit the file and change appropriately old number/IDs with new ones and save ...Voila! Your mapped again like before and your HOTAS working again.
  17. Hello jollyjack Are you aware the Blenheim has a variable two speed prop. One setting is Fine Pitch or 100% in game readout, the other is Coarse Pitch or 0% in game readout. Takeoff in Fine, once you have gained enough altitude and speed, switch to Coarse. With the aircraft in Fine Pitch, you won't be able to gain maximum speed safely.... you will also over-rev the engines and destroy them.
  18. Thanks for your assistance with this Sokol1. ๐Ÿ‘
  19. Buzzsaw


    You may get graphics anomalies and other issues.
  20. Hello Faerber Did you delete the cache file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' prior to starting? Have you tried verifying the install in Steam? Can you provide your system specs? And can you explain in more detail what you mean by 3rd option? Are you launching the game at that point? Finally, if no luck, can you provide some details of the programs you are running when it crashes? See this post:
  21. Hello Jollyjack At the moment we don't plan this for TF 5.0 or CoD Blitz. Will talk to the coders... if this is easy to incorporate we will do it for TF 5.0. If not, will have to wait for the future... there are still many elements to be completed by the coders which are higher on the list. Most people who fly Blitz prefer full cockpit and as much realism as possible, so we are more focused on that... along with things like improved clouds/weather/dust effects/etc. etc.
  22. Are you referring to the no-cockpit view?
  23. No, a well written Dynamic Campaign Generator will include the option to use as a base, whatever mission file you wish to designate. It would not use an empty default map. And as time passes, you can program the DCG to use a different base mission file past a different point in time. But we are not guaranteeing a DCG for TF 5.0... we are working on it but it is unclear if it will be available. There will be scripted campaigns. Obviously a 3rd party may also choose to create their own DCG as they did for the original CoD/TF Mod.
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