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  1. I've already answered this question on the Steam forums. I will re-post that answer below: There are a number of reasons why a Do 17/215 is unlikely. 1) There is only one surviving Do-17, but it was recovered from the seabed and is a corroded mess... see link below: http://warbirdsnews.com/warbird-restorations/raf-museum-dornier-17-restoration-underway.html That means, unlike a lot of WWII types, there is not a museum aircraft which can be visited, photographed in detail and measured... it is almost impossible to do correct cockpit, bombardier and gunner station modeling.
  2. Very happy to hear you have finally solved your issues... yes, drivers can throw a monkey wrench into the works. If you enjoy the game, please go to the Steam page and put a positive review in. We can use the support. 😉
  3. Hello Tazzharm If you were able to install the BLITZ game, please then uninstall the original CLIFFS OF DOVER before trying to launch BLITZ. Then please take the time to read through the 'Getting Started and Troubleshooting Guide'. This is designed for those new players who are having problems getting started and contains many suggestions for dealing with issues as well as methods to get running smoothly. This is located in your main CLIFFS OF DOVER folder in 'manuals'.
  4. No, leave it there. At this point not sure what would be included in any feature we implement.
  5. Thanks to Karaya for taking the time to do this! 👍
  6. We hope to implement player control of both ships and vehicles in future patches. No timeline as yet.
  7. We had hoped to include that option... but unfortunately there are some code issues which cause problems and glitching to the point it is not releasable currently. The code work required to implement functional dual human pilot controls is considerable. Perhaps in the future... no timeline. We are focused on more important elements now. (like VR or trueSKY)
  8. We will be increasing the render bubble distance significantly in our next major patch for BLITZ and TOBRUK. (same patch when we release trueSKY, no we don't have a date yet) Will be a option for players to basically double the render distance for ground objects. On both maps.
  9. Just so everyone understands and there is no confusion: - We expect to have the FW-190A in the next TF module... but those will be early models, A-1/A-2/A-3. The A-1 and A-2 were equipped with the BMW-801C engine... which ran on 87 octane fuel to start... and were limited to 1.32 ata. The A-3 was equipped with the updated BMW-801D engine... which used C-3 93/100 octane fuel and could use 1.42 ata boost. None of these aircraft used 1.65 ata, that was first used by the 190A-5 model, and some updated 190A-4. 😉
  10. In WWII in combat, pilots used whatever options were available to them when their lives were threatened and they were in a fight to the death. That was the case whether or not the use of the particular technology or option was recommended. Personal accounts make it clear the fear, anger and adrenaline generated in combat made pilots willing to do whatever was necessary to survive. Factories or Maintenance crews might be concerned with whether their engine or aircraft would suffer greater wear and have a shorter use period... but pilots could care less about
  11. Your game crashed... for a reason which you will need to find in your files. Typically when the resolution after a crash is set to much lower than previously, you have made too high demands on your system. You might want to look at your video card settings for the game and could also look at verifying the game install
  12. There is general agreement between 1C and TF the CLIFFS OF DOVER development project can continue... the questions are the details. (some of which I am not at liberty to discuss) The other factor is TF members have their own lives and jobs... sometimes those make demands on their time and reduce the time they can spend on TF work... through no fault of their own. I am not going to make personal details public, but that is the case with the person working on trueSKY. Last comment on this issue. As previously mentioned, we expect to have an update for the community soo
  13. It is not TF's decision as when to release the details of when releases will happen or what the contents will be. That is 1C's responsibility and will happen when there is agreement from both 1C and TF as to what can be achieved and where future directions will be. As soon as we have the details, we will post it here. (hopefully very soon)
  14. These early DB601A or Aa engines could not generate 1.30 ata over their full throttle height... which was 4500 meters for the E-3/E-4. The DB601N in the E-4N or E-7N was limited to 1.35 ata at 4900 meters... so the same applied. So your comment is actually mistaken... their was no potential to generate these boost levels. What you may be thinking of: All these early engines were given a new rating in November of 1940 for higher allowable rpms over 6000 meters... as the maximum boost which could be generated dropped. So the 601A engine
  15. Yes, we are looking at improving the faces on the crews and ground personnel.
  16. Hello Storknest Ok, so you are running 4k resolution... which obviously isn't an impossible situation, but it can put demands on your system. Have you tried changing some of the graphics settings? Specifically the AAA settings... some of them don't always work well with certain systems. I will pass your crash reports on to our coders and see if they have an idea of what is causing you problems. May take some time as they are really busy working on implementing trueSKY.
  17. Hello Storknest First thing I notice is you have a huge number of underlying programs running at the same time as the game. For example, your dictation software... Mozilla, your VPN service, etc. I would shut off the programs you don't need. Do you need your VPN service running when you are playing the game? 32 bit third party programs seem to disagree with CLIFFS. What type of monitor are you running? What resolution? Does Desktop rez match game rez? What is the refresh rate? Some people who are running a refresh rat
  18. I have owned a copy of 'War in a Stringbag' since 1985. 😉 And your paintings are great! 👍
  19. Although there is a general opinion among the public the Swordfish was an obsolete aircraft, that is not really the case. If you only consider survivability versus attacking fighters, then yes, the Swordfish was not up to the standards of later torpedo bombers like the Avenger. One of the few occasions when it came up against enemy land based single engined fighters, during the Channel Dash, they were knocked out of the air. But most Torpedo types of 1939-42 didn't stand a chance against enemy fighters... they all required escort. The fact the Swordfish wer
  20. If we do a Malta map there will be a Swordfish... they flew both off the Island and also off Carriers.
  21. There were several 1943 standard fighters produced and flown by the Regia Aeronautica. These were known as the 'Series 5'. The C.205 was one, but also there was the Reggiane 2005 and Fiat G.55. Less than 50 R.2005 were produced so this is unlikely to be created, but there were 274 G.55's built during the war in addition to the 262 Macchi C.205's. So in total there were approx. 600 Series 5 types... which makes it worthwhile to create at least one of them. Of these, the C.205 would be the easiest to build for TF since we already have the C.202...
  22. Hello ikteros There are thousands of players who use the same joystick you have without any issue in CLIFFS OF DOVER. If you can't get it to work, the problem is something with your settings in either Steam or Microsoft. Have you taken the time to read the 'Getting Started and Troubleshooting Guide'? This has a detailed outline of how to get a joystick working along with solutions for typical errors in player or PC settings. Please take a look at the guide and see if you can find a solution. For example can you confirm as per the fir
  23. The Ju-52 fleet was not actually involved in combat situations where the aircraft regularly encountered enemy fighters with the exception of four occasions: - The invasion of the Netherlands. (we won't be doing this scenario in near future) - The attempted Air-Supply of Stalingrad. (this is already covered in the GREAT BATTLES series. - The Campaign for Tunisia where the aircraft was used first fly in Ground troops to hold up the Allied advance, and later to fly in supply or evacuate troops just before the surrender. (will not be the subject of TF 6.0
  24. Yes... except for when there might be sales.
  25. Basic sample Multiplayer mission: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34571 Posts by TWC_Flug: Running a Server: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32968 Triggers: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34139
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