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  1. The Condor never operated in the Channel map area... and never in the Mediterranean. It was a long range recon and shipping attack aircraft used in the Atlantic. So it wouldn't be a good choice. If we do a Bay of Biscay map in the future, then maybe these two could be considered. At this point I think the interest in these two aircraft would be a lot less than a 4 engined American type... even from the German side, there is a lot of interest in attacking these types in their formations. We are working on the existing aircraft for TF 5.0... and hopefully will address the bugs related. There are new versions of the Ju-88 and Heinkel-111H bombers included in TF 5.0. (A-4/A-5/H-6)
  2. Yes, aware the top turret was different... as you say the Ball is the same. Even when turrets are not the same... the weapons are... so some of the elements from one aircraft can be carried over to another. We also could model only the top and ball turrets... plus the guns in the bombardier's cabin. Or even just the tail turret and bombardier cabin... although I would prefer not to leave the Top turret as AI since I think a lot of attacks will be coming from headon... it will be very dangerous to attack from the rear of a large B-17/B-24 formation because of the slower closing speed.
  3. We would need to build more than the Pilot position... the bombardier is required and a bombsight. Regarding what turret positions need to be modeled as available to the players on the B-17/B-24: - The two single waist gunner positions are really unnecessary to model... since they are the most inaccurate and least effective... and also would required a huge amount of 3D work. They would be left as AI. - The multiple nose gunner positions for the early models, (if we did include these aircraft in TF 6.0, we would model the B-17E/F or the B-24D) are not entirely necessary, but considering the bombardier operates those weapons, and his cockpit has to be modeled, therefore they have to be rendered in 3D and they would be mannable. - The twin Tail gunner position is one of the most active, and is a common direction of attack for gamers... (not in real life though ) so it would also need to be modeled. - Most active position historically is likely the upper twin position.... just behind the cockpit... it is a very flexible gun position, can fire forwards, backwards, to the side and up. It would need to be modeled. - Twin Ball turret, (belly of the aircraft, capable of firing forwards, backwards, to the sides and down) is an important position, but since we already have modeled guns covering most of the arcs of the Ball turret, it could be left as AI. The good news about turret modeling is the fact the B-17 and B-24 used the same turrets in many areas. So the work done to create one of these aircraft could be transferred over to be used in the other. All of this of course is just consideration... we cannot commit to model either of these aircraft at this stage... we will need to see what the reception is for TF 5.0. There is no point in building another module after TF 5.0 if no one is interested in playing it. 😰
  4. Have you built a mission which includes ground units? Before anything, would suggest you verify your install.
  5. There is a slight bug in the game in that if you do not have your ingame sound turned up to 100%, some sounds cannot be heard. So turn the sound up to 100% in the game, and adjust your headset/speaker volume for the game with your Windows sound controls. That should give you the sound of hits.
  6. First I would say that we need to see that TF 5.0 is a success first. 2nd, hopefully everyone understands creating a 4 engined bomber is a HUGE task and would take a long time. So while MP may go ahead and post his poll, there are no guarantees and no promises from TF and MP's poll is not official or binding. Have changed this post so people can reply if they wish. Re. Historical use: Both B-17's and B-24's were used in the Desert and Mediterranean in late 1942 and 1943. B-17's were also used on the Channel front... around the time of the Dieppe Raid... first raid August 17th of 1942. Raid was relatively short ranged... inside the dimensions of existing map. The first daylight attacks on the Ruhr by B-17's were escorted by RAF P-51A's... the only aircraft with the range... although they had poor performance at higher altitude.
  7. Hallo Bitte melden Sie sich in den deutschen Foren der ATAG an und posten Sie Ihre Frage dort: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=130
  8. This may be a function of the instructors skill levels... we are looking at it.
  9. Hello Royal Flight We would like to add a number of new Fleet Air Arm types as well as operational carriers for TF 6.0. (assuming TF continues past TF 5.0) So if that happens, the Sea Gladiator, Sea Hurricane, folding wing Martlet type, (TF 5.0 Martlet is non-folding wing type) as well as the Fairey Swordfish and perhaps Blackburn Skua are likely to make an appearance. Fulmar is not likely considering the amount of work required and the likelyhood not many would fly it given a choice of the other three FAA fighters. Carrier(s) would likely be HMS Eagle and/or HMS Illustrious class.
  10. Please post more detailed information.... your system specifications, your crash log, etc. Please see this forum for common crash causes and fixes in pinned topics.
  11. Mikmak: We changed it after HK1 brought it to our attention. When he bought it, the lettering in green was not present.
  12. Correction: Looks like the pre-warmed engines will be the next patch after the upcoming one.
  13. Should be in the next bugfix patch.
  14. Please post that on our bugtracker. Thanks
  15. Buzzsaw

    A Question

    Did you delete your cache folder after installing the latest patch? (in: 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' )
  16. Hello MP Oden decided he did not want to sign our formal contracts... which require Identification and personal details... so he passed on joining TF. We do have a number of other mission builders working with us. Regarding the famous vehicles and bridges bug: We are working on this... it is not insolvable... it is on our list of bugs to fix. We do hope to see vehicles working better in TF 5.0.
  17. Glad your problem was solved. 😎
  18. Hello Studh Please do not purchase the game again if you have purchased through Steam. There is no need to. I would recommend you think about uninstalling the game through Steam, and after that, deleting all files on your computer, (wherethey were installed, if you did a standard install it would be: C/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover Blitz (delete the whole il-2 folder) Also delete your il-2 folder in: Documents/1C SoftClub/ Make sure you have DX11 installed correctly. Then do a new install of the game.
  19. Have you confirmed you are not running a 3rd party Anti-Virus program? If you are, please see the post announcing the update for suggestions on how to avoid the AV program blocking you running the game. Did you delete the cache file prior to running the game? Are you running the game from the old CLIFFS OF DOVER CD? Better to update the game from Steam and remove the CD.
  20. I would recommend you get a refund if you are unwilling to use Steam. As has been said several times, you must use Steam to play the game. I will contact you via PM to discuss options for a refund. If you are unwilling to continue, all I can say is Good luck to you. Please contact me if you change your mind. Since both posters are have given up, this topic is closed.
  21. Can you post your system specifications? In addition, can you see this post: Please follow instructions and post log.
  22. Hello EL The online community now almost all use the the TF 4.54 version of the game.
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