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  1. German Bomber Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel assigned to bomb starting from high altitude are "KG" types. German Stuka Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "StG" types. German Fighter-Bomber Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "SG" types. (Bf-109 assigned to Fighter-Bomber use this) German specialist attack Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "LG" types. (Bf-110 assigned to ground attack use this. Also Ju-88/Do-17 assigned to low level attack) German Twin Engine Fighter Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "ZG" types. (Bf-110 assigned to Fighter role use this) German Fighter Geschwader/Gruppe/Staffel are "JG" types.
  2. The reason aircraft don't attack is usually because of one of the below reasons: 1) The intended attacking fighter aircraft are not 'Fighter' class (if you assign a Bf-110 to carry bombs, it will not act as a fighter. Bombers class will never attack) 1) Fighters do not have a 'target' assigned for them to attack 2) Fighters are not assigned to 'attack Bombers' or 'attack fighters' by the Mission Builder in the mission waypoint where they encounter the enemy... or they are assigned to attack another type besides the one they encounter (Mission builders need to assign flights an 'attack' mission on every waypoint where they might encounter the enemy) 4) The Fighters are too low an experience level to notice the enemy or too low an experience to be aggressive or brave enough to attack them We are instituting changes in TF 5.0 so there is an option to 'attack all', we are improving the basic skills of the Rookie and Average types so they are a little better at spotting and a little more aggressive, and we would like to institute changes so a flight has an overall mission level of aggression... i.e. they will attack any aircraft they encounter without the player having to add an 'attack' option for each waypoint.
  3. You will be able to buy the game from 1C direct so you can avoid paying them... but the game uses the Steam launch to run.
  4. It requires an enormous amount of work to create flyable bomber cockpits. The 3D work for the Dornier cockpit would take 9-12 months. There are already three flyable Blue side bombers... the He-111H, the Ju-88A, and the Fiat BR-20. From our perspective it was more important to give the Red side a flyable Wellington... the Blenheim is really not a serious bomb carrier. We are also updating the He-111H and Ju-88A with later models... the H-6 and A-4/A-5. This is much easier to do than the create the entire new set of cockpits/gunner positions for the Dornier. There is also the fact the Dornier was basically considered obsolescent after the BoB.... and gradually taken out of service. The Heinkel and Junkers continued through the war. We are also creating the Ju-88C heavy fighter version... another important aircraft which saw service throughout the war... more important than the Dornier. There is also the fact the Dornier is just not a very good bomber when compared to the Heinkel and Junkers... smaller bombload, weak protection, poor armament. Most players would not fly it. These same arguments apply to the Defiant... it would take a large effort to get this aircraft flyable... and most people would fly it once and then discard it. The Dewoitine D.520 actually fit with the current channel map... since it arrived in service late in the Battle of France, after the breakthrough by the Germans. The D.520 is also an excellent fighter for the time period... very competitive with the 109's. And it saw service with Vichy France in Syria and Morocco/Algeria during the Torch invasion. In fact captured D.520's were used by the Italians in the defense of Sicily, by the Bulgarians in defense of the USAAF B-24 raids in 1944, (did very well versus the P-38's) and the aircraft was even used by the Germans in the south of France in 1944 as a ground attack aircraft during Operation Dragoon, the invasion of Southern France. We have limited resources at TF... we need to focus them on what will work best with the maps and our scenarios.
  5. I would recommend taking discussions on the subject of the GREAT BATTLES series over to the game specific forums... (see above) you may be able to get direct responses from the BoX moderators there.
  6. No. We will let people know when it is close... there will be an announcement from 1C on the full title naming and other details. You will also see a lot of testing on the ATAG 2 server at that point.
  7. Please be sure to delete your cache file in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/Il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' folder any time you re-install, any time the game patches to a new version, etc.
  8. Cliffs of Dover is not designed to be flown from external view... it is focused on simulating the experience of the pilot in the cockpit. This was the reason the cockpits had so much effort put into them. (they were far ahead of anything else when the game was released and still look very good) For that reason actions like opening the cockpit in external are not included.
  9. Hello Ladlon I would recommend you do a search on the forums, (ATAG mostly) for guides to bombing.
  10. If you are using Windows 10 go into the Device Manager and USB controllers, and make sure your system is not allowing the computer to shut down the power to your joystick/controllers. If it is allowed to shut down the power, it will, whether or not you are using them. And that will lose the programming you have done for the controls.
  11. Yes, impatience during landing is a recipe for disaster. 😉 Re. Bombloads... you have to select the bombs and types for each bay. Then you have to select the fuze type. Then, after takeoff, you need to arm the bombs. Please note, for most bombers, you cannot select maximum weight bombload and full fuel... the aircraft will not take off. This is historical... Most aircraft used reduced fuel loads when flying with maximum bombload... and had reduced range.
  12. Buzzsaw

    Bf 108

    We'll try to include some in the next update... there are pictures out already on the ATAG forum in some of the old updates. It will be flyable in TF 5.0... with the option to have two pilots share the aircraft. (it is dual control)
  13. At the moment flaps can be deployed at any speed... this will be fixed for TF 5.0. Undercarriage will lock up if you exceed a certain speed.
  14. TheOden has a Dynamic Campaign Generator for Blitz... do a search of the forums.
  15. Hello Ladlon Actually if you are experiencing 'Ground Effect', you would be experiencing more lift and decreased drag, so it less likely you will stall. This is an aerodynamic effect which is a function of the aircraft being closer to a fixed surface. Questions: Are you using flaps? This will give you more lift at lower speeds as long as your wings are generally level. Are you trimming your elevator to give more nose up after you deploy flaps and undercarriage? Many types go nose down when the undercarriage is deployed. If you are coming in at 60 mph, unless you are in a Tiger Moth, you are way too slow. Approach speeds for the Spit/Hurri, (with flaps down) are approx. 100-110 mph, slowing to 80-90 mph after you cross the airfield boundary and touching the runway at approx. 80 mph. For the 109/110, (again with flaps down) it is approx. 190-200 kmh approach, slowing to 150-160 kmh after you cross the boundary with the touch at approx. 150 kmh. Be careful not to use your brakes until you are rolling straight and true and your tail wheel is firmly on the ground... and just light pumps of the brakes, don't jam them on or you will end up on your nose. The key is you must 'fly' your aircraft into a landing... you are not just cutting your throttle completely and gliding in. Your throttle should be engaged until the last second before you touch... you should be under control with the ability to add throttle and abort the landing and go around again if you need to. That is why you need the flaps down 100%.... because they slow your aircraft and allow you to use your engine power without making the approach too fast. Try dropping your flaps and undercarriage and flying around in at approach speeds under control as practice... so that means enough throttle to keep your speed at 120 mph for the Spits/Hurris and 200 kmh for the 109's/110's. All turns should be very gentle. (always drop the flaps before the undercarriage)
  16. That means either one of two things: 1) Your initial install was corrupted. 2) Your Anti-Virus identified the first install launcher .exe as a virus, but for whatever reason, decided the second install launcher.exe was ok.
  17. Please post the crash log in the Technical section of this forum. Please include the details of your PC and operating system.
  18. We are making changes to all of your concerns. AI is being re-written, Weather and cloud systems are being re-coded, and we are working to deal with the various bugs... this update is related to that.
  19. As mentioned, if you are unplugging all the joysticks, then I would also recommend you uninstall the USB devices in Device Manager at the same time prior to restarting your PC. Then give the devices a chance to re-install prior to plugging the joysticks in. If the joystick has been unplugged or unpowered at any time after you programmed the inputs, it can lose those mappings. So of course, you need to have a backed up confUser.ini file to paste in. I have exactly the same joystick as you, i.e. the MS FFB2, and I have zero problems when updating or switching between versions as long as I make sure to follow the tips which are on the technical forum here and those mentioned in this thread. I have seven different versions of the game when counting all the various Alphas/Betas/Releases which I work with.
  20. Hello Trooper Have you looked through the topics in the technical section regarding issues with joysticks? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/110-technical-assistance/ Another potential solution: Go into your Device Manager in Windows... then the Universal Serial Bus/USB section. Right click on the USB ports and select 'Properties'... make sure they are functioning and the tab for windows "Power Management" does not have the box checked to allow Windows to shut down the power. If the joystick is still not work, then try uninstalling the USB device/port you are using for it, then disconnect the joystick, restart the computer, Windows will automatically re-install the USB device... then plug the joystick. Then add the back confUser.ini and start the game.
  21. Again, as I have mentioned elsewhere, it takes almost as much time to build a medium bomber as it does to build a Heavy, especially the US Mediums. Because you still need to build a pilot/co-pilot cockpit... plus Bombardier station, plus the rear and upper turrets. So a B-25/B-26 would take nearly as much effort as a B-17/B-24. We would only build one of either a B-25/B-26 not both... as they tended to do the same tasks and were in both the Med and Channel front. And I think it would be more likely we'd see the Marauder because it has not appeared in a Flight Sim for a while whereas the B-25 was in 1946 and is in Bodenplatte. The A-20/Boston would be a possible 2nd candidate because it was used for different purposes than the other two. It was an attack aircraft rather than a medium. Also would fit well as an addition to our Tobruk map. We will also be including the Wellington III in the next module assuming we move on. It is a relatively simple addition... requiring Bristol Hercules engines, (already in the Beaufighter) instead of the current Bristol Pegasus, and a four gun rear turret instead of current two gun. Will also be additional new models of the Ju-88 and Heinkel 111H, which are also relatively simple updates. But this is all speculation at this point as mentioned. All depends on TF 5.0.
  22. It depends on the time period. If you look at the Desert in late 1942, then the only additional American fighter used with the B-17E/F and B-24D was the P-40F with its two speed Packard Merlin engine... which is an easy re-make of the P-40E we are building for TF 5.0. As mentioned, if we go this route, we would build only one of the four engined types at a time, per module. So either B-17E/F or B-24D... both of which were in the Desert in late 1942 for El Alamein with the 57th Fighter Group as escorts. If you look at the Channel map in 1942, then the only US Fighter group, (4th Fighter Group, formerly Eagle Squadrons) were equipped with either the Spit V or Spit IX. If you look at the Tunisia area during late 1942, early 1943, then the escort fighters in question would be either the P-40F or P-38G/H. If you look at the Channel Map in the Spring and Summer of 1943, then it would be the P-47C/D Razorback. The P-38's did not arrive till the fall of '43, the P-51B did not arrive till late December 1943. By the way, we will have the Eagle Squadrons in TF 5.0 with their markings. Bonkin has taken the time to get a good understanding of where the team is, the technical demands of the work everyone does, and how much time is involved. We have every confidence in his work. ✌️
  23. I am sorry to disappoint you MP, but this is an imaginary work schedule. Each heavy bomber's Pilot or Bombardier cockpit would take 8 months minimum... and could take a year. These are incredibly complex and detailed environments with a multitude of controls... and then you have add the turret cockpit 3D work on top of that. The External model would take at least the same amount of time, probably more. And that only gets the aircraft to the import/animation stage... that process would take another 2 months at least for each cockpit, and likely 3-4 months for the External on top of the time required for the 3D work. And then the aircraft has to have its Flight Model and Damage Model created...another 2 months. And then the aircraft has to go into Beta testing. Each heavy bomber would require a minimum of four 3D artists assigned to it... we only have eight aircraft artists in total and none of them are available on full time work schedule. TF would certainly like to bring four engined bombers into the game, but the idea it is a simple process is simply mis-informed... I am surprised that MP, a former member of the team still has trouble understanding how much work is involved. But then, he did not do any of this technical work himself, he only did PR. As mentioned, we hope at some point to introduce 4 engined types... but unless a) TF 5.0 is an enormous success and our members can work full time, and/or b) we get a flood of qualified new members joining us, the process will take longer than MP's imaginings. There is a reason why modern flight sims rarely include flyable aircraft like the B-17 or B-24... that is because of the huge effort required to bring these types to completion. I will also mention that pre-orders and pre-purchases are not possible with TF releases. The nature of the business arrangement between TF and 1C and the organizational and compensatory structure of TF precludes that. MP should also know this since he was a member, but he seems to have forgotten.
  24. The Condor never operated in the Channel map area... and never in the Mediterranean. It was a long range recon and shipping attack aircraft used in the Atlantic. So it wouldn't be a good choice. If we do a Bay of Biscay map in the future, then maybe these two could be considered. At this point I think the interest in these two aircraft would be a lot less than a 4 engined American type... even from the German side, there is a lot of interest in attacking these types in their formations. We are working on the existing aircraft for TF 5.0... and hopefully will address the bugs related. There are new versions of the Ju-88 and Heinkel-111H bombers included in TF 5.0. (A-4/A-5/H-6)
  25. Yes, aware the top turret was different... as you say the Ball is the same. Even when turrets are not the same... the weapons are... so some of the elements from one aircraft can be carried over to another. We also could model only the top and ball turrets... plus the guns in the bombardier's cabin. Or even just the tail turret and bombardier cabin... although I would prefer not to leave the Top turret as AI since I think a lot of attacks will be coming from headon... it will be very dangerous to attack from the rear of a large B-17/B-24 formation because of the slower closing speed.
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