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  1. Buzzsaw

    best 109 discussion for all to argue about

    It depends on what you want to do and at what altitude. The 109E-1 will turn in the smallest circle under 4000 meters. The 109E-4B is the fastest and best climbing 109 under 2000 meters. The 109E-4N is the fastest and best climbing 109 over 3000 meters and will outturn other 109's at very high altitudes.
  2. Buzzsaw

    Clod Blitz launch problem

    Hello Studh Have you checked the threads on this forum for the commonly experienced reasons for failure to launch? Please also post the log of your crash file and your system. See this thread for details: Please post here and also on the ATAG forums. thanks
  3. Buzzsaw

    Frst Eagles Installer

    Moving this to the BoX forum section.
  4. Buzzsaw

    Failure to launch.

    Hello Thomas Please post your the log of your crash file. See this thread for details: Please post here and also on the ATAG forums. thanks
  5. Buzzsaw

    flatspin spitfire

    A Thrustmaster 1600 is a good choice as it has the twist rudder function as well as the other axes. When you are doing a coordinated turn, you will need to use some rudder at the start to help initiate the turn... in addition to using the ailerons to roll in the appropriate direction and the elevator to vary the angle of attack.
  6. Buzzsaw

    IL2 Clod Blitz Crash after few minuts !

    Hello Saladin Did you post under the name 'Bouma' on those forums?
  7. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    CoD and BoX have very different game engines... there is no compatibility. Different flight modeling physics engines, different graphics standards, etc. etc. TF has an agreement with 1C to develop CoD and produce TF 5.0. After TF 5.0 is complete, depending on its success, we will see where we go from there.
  8. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Edit: It appears the laws in Germany may have changed... however: And the game has international distribution, including in Russia... where laws are still in force. So TF will not be making an changes to the markings shown at this point. I do understand there was a group/persons who were working on a mod, but I have not seen any recent postings.
  9. Buzzsaw

    Gun sight problem

    - You should not need to use the 'Lean Into Gunsight' button for either the Spit or Hurri... the gunsights are centered, just use the field of view buttons. - Hurricane Startup: - Chocks in - Mix to 0% (what it starts with) - Throttle to 12% - Open fuel cock to first position - Start the engine... allow it to idle for approx. ten seconds, then raise the throttle to 20%. Wait another approx. 30 seconds until the oil temperature hits 17 degrees. Open the throttle full in one motion... the engine will run rough for a few seconds then smooth out and run full. Wait for the oil temps to hit 40 degrees. - Reduce throttle to 10%, open radiator to 75%, remove chocks, gently add throtte and taxi, remembering to keep stick back and to use rudder and brakes to steer. Please read the guide for new players.
  10. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    With all due respect: The time it takes to get the Beaufighter engines warmed is not incorrect. The Bristol Hercules is a very large radial engine and those types typically took some time to warm up. I understand people do not want to wait that long, but the timeframe is not inaccurate. (and many players have discovered work arounds which actually mean the warm-up time can be cut to not much more than a minute... search the ATAG forums) We have also already mentioned we will introduce pre-warmed engines as an option mission builders can select. We hope to add this option in a patch prior to TF 5.0. That will allow instant takeoffs. The issue of ground handling is one of our priorities... but is not a simple fix. Specifically regarding the Spitfires... these, along with the 109's, were poor ground handlers, with the Spits having a tendency to nose over or drop a wingtip. Thanks
  11. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Aircraft to be included in TF 5.0 which were not planned to be included in the amateur TF release: Macchi C-202 (two variants) Hurricane IIC/D Spitfire IIB/VA P-40C/Tomahawk IIB Martlet III Beaufighter IF/IC (three variants) Bf-110C-6 109E-7NZ 109F-1/F-2 Etc. Edit: Forgot to add Dewoitine D.520 to list.
  12. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    That was a message I posted in mid 2015, nearly two years before we received the source code. Here is what I said: "TF 5.0 is not going to be ready till 2016, that will be quite a bit later in 2016. Maybe much much later." Our plans at that point were to release a few new planes and a very limited North Africa map... nothing near as comprehensive as what we are now planning. The standard for what can be offered for free is not the same as the standard required for a professional product. As soon as 1C approached TF in September of 2016, our whole planning changed. The product we release will include an additional 15 aircraft types or variants we had not planned to include when we were an amateur team. I guess this detail will not satisfy those who have made a profession out of being critics.... but those persons have already stated they will never buy the game anyway. Why they continue to post here is a mystery. 😉 For those who have an open mind, we can promise a release which will give Flight Sim lovers a good opportunity to experience the aircraft and environment of North Africa 1940-41. 😎
  13. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    TF never promised TF 5.0 would be ready in 2016. We did not even have the Source Code at that point. TF 5.0 in its current form did not exist in 2016... we could not hope to achieve then everything which is now planned. As has been said many times, TF does not make promises as to release dates. What we can promise is that we are working as hard as we can to complete TF 5.0 and the work continues to progress well. 😎
  14. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Ground handling is one of the areas we are looking at in the code.
  15. Buzzsaw

    TFS Developer Update – August 2018

    Throughout the existence of Team Fusion we have been told we would never achieve our goals. 😉 And we have always proved our detractors wrong. 🙂 We will complete TF 5.0. But we cannot be specific regarding a release date at this point. Re. the Channel Map: As has been previously mentioned, many of the new aircraft types which will be seen in TF 5.0 were only flown on the Channel map... so it will not be going out of use. Regarding the FW190A vs the P-40's... the Desert is not the Desert without the P-40's... they were the primary British Air to Air fighter from mid 1941 to mid 1942... Re. the 190A... it is a priority for our next module as are other types seen in 1942. But we felt it was important to open up a new theater which has never been properly explored in WWII Flight Sims... the Desert. We did not believe the community would be happy flying on the same old map. With TF 5.0, players will have the opportunity to fly on two maps in a 1941 timeline.