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  1. The A-2 version is based on historical Czech Air Force Tiger Moths from the 1920's.... numbers not known... around 25. Armed with Czech belt fed Schwarzlose 7.92mm MG. The A-1 is a fantasy version, based on the idea the British might put an MG on the top wing. We used the Vickers K. The two above versions were added mostly just to provide fun types which players can use in competitions... and these have been popular. The Tiger Moth is an extremely maneuverable and challenging aircraft to fly in dogfights... it can do things which other types would find impossible. The A-1 and A-2 have higher horsepower engines... based on the high output engines used in racing Tiger Moths. The A-2 has a prop engineered for maximum speed... so it is faster. The A-1 has a prop engineered for maximum climb... so it climbs better. The 1940 version is historical... and based on the planned use of the aircraft in the event of a German invasion of Britain in 1940. It uses the standard engine. The bomb carrying is accurate... all Tiger Moth Squadrons operational at the time of the BoB were told to prepare to be used in a night harassment bombing role in the event of an invasion. None of the aircraft were actually used in this role. However, during the Malayan Campaign at the time of the capture of Singapore, a few Tiger Moths based there were used as harassment and anti-sub bombers using the same equipment. Desperate times require desperate measures. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Instead of selecting the enemy aircraft, change the friendly aircraft types to the type you want... and change the enemy aircraft in the same way.
  3. Hello Guys Can you try running your monitors at 60 hz. We have had reports there are problems with monitors running above 60 hz with odd resolutions.
  4. Glad to hear that Gabe. ๐Ÿ‘ Hello Gecko I am talking to our coders about this. Have you tried 4k resolution?
  5. Are you flying a Spit IA 100 octane version or the 87 octane version? If the aircraft is an 87 octane version, then it is wrong for the campaign and should be changed for the 100 octane version. If the aircraft is the correct type, then look at how you are managing the parameters. - You should only use 100% open radiator in low speed turn contests... as the speed increases, you can shut down the radiator to as little as 40%... keep an eye on the temperature gauges. This reduces drag and increases speed. - Make sure you are trimming the rudder correctly so the sideslip indicator is centered. This also makes a big difference with speed. - Use 110% throttle, "Boost Cutout" in combat situations... as mentioned carefully watch your temperature gauges. You can use it longer at high speeds because more air is being forced through the radiators and cooling is optimized.
  6. I would recommend you run the game in normal 4k resolution and see if your crash problem is solved.
  7. Yes, if we go this route, then all the aircraft should have 4k optional skins. We have also recently updated the game code so it can allow up to 8k. So in the case of larger aircraft, we could do the skins in a higher resolution than 4k... with the larger surface area of these types, the normal resolution is sometimes not enough. This is why some of the twin engine types don't look particularly good with the current 2k. But this will all be optional for the player. Those with weaker PC's can stick with 2k.
  8. CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ has been updated with some of the core game engine features from DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK, so it now has a new version 5.0 number. But it is not the full version 5.0... that is the new DLC called IL-2 STURMOVIK DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK. You need to purchase TOBRUK to get the full version.
  9. Is there a particular reason you need to run this format resolution? This is not a normal 4k resolution. Have you tried 3840 X 2160 or some other resolution? The game is not currently in 4k, (we hope to introduce that in the next few months) but can run certain 4k format resolutions. Also, have you tried the game in a normal fullscreen instead of Pseudo format? I think the problem is your extreme widescreen format is something the game was not designed for.
  10. Would recommend you ask this question in the Single Player, Mission Building area. You could also join ATAG forum and ask the question there. https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/forum.php
  11. Please post in the technical section. Include your system specs and a crash file if possible. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘‹
  12. Hello Haddy I will see if I can get someone else from our code team to look at your crash files... but please wait for me to contact you. The fact you can start and run the game without any problem initially suggests to me your system is creating a file which then causes the crash... likely created by another program. When you re-start, this file causes a problem. I have never seen a similar problem.
  13. We are not going to be held to any arbitrary deadlines. As I said, our work is ongoing... we will release when the work is completed to our satisfaction. Below are some examples of Tessellation and 4K on Aircraft externals we are working on and which we hope will be ready late this year or early next. We will offer optional 4k externals on aircraft/ground/objects for those players whose PC's can deal with the load.
  14. Hello Haddy You have an enormous number of 3rd party programs running in the background of your PC. Everything from Skype to Dropbox to Autodesk. Any one of those could be causing problems. I would recommend you shut as many of them down as possible... set them so they do not automatically start when your PC does... start them manually when you need them instead of them running all the time... everything adds a load to your PC and could conflict with BLITZ or TOBRUK.
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