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  1. Hello Guys Please see this thread and post your logfiles and system specs:
  2. Would not suggest re-installing Windows. It is clearly something in your system which is missing... did you accidentally delete DX11 when you un-installed CoD?
  3. I would suggest now that spyware program is out of the way you either re-install or re-verify the game... that program may have blocked the installation of some elements... if you can launch it, then there should be no problem with selection of aircraft. As mentioned, please check for any other 3rd party software interfering. Don't forget to delete the cache file in Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/
  4. Just so there is no confusion... this is not a TFS poll. The actual list of new aircraft: Spitfire IIB/VA/VB/VB-HF plus Late and Trop Hurricane IIA/IIB/IIC/IID plus Late and Trop BF 108 Taifun (not TAIL-fun) BF 109E7/E7N/E7Z plus Trop BF 109F1/2/4/4Z plus F4 Late plus Trop for F2/F4/F4Z He-111-H6 Ju88 A5/A-5-Late Ju-88C2-Early/C-2/C-4 Beaufighter MKIF-Late/IC Gladiator Mk II and Trop Tomahawk Mk II/Mk II Late Kittyhawk Mk IA CR.42 MARTLET III Macchi C.202 Series III/VIII plus 'Alto Quota' versions Dewoitine D.520 Wellington IA/IC
  5. Hello Wonderfullzen Is your father trying to install the old version of CLIFFS OF DOVER, or the new version CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ?
  6. Hello Gagatronic What type of controller are you using? Turn off all programs you don't need running before you start the game. So things like Skype/your phone/Google Crash handler/etc. Have you put in an exception for the game .exe in your Windows Defender or Anti-Virus program?
  7. Would not recommend you uninstall Net Framework. I see you posted in other areas... please post here, with a logfile and an outline of your system specifications.
  8. Damage model is work in progress... not by any means the final version.
  9. There will be no P-40F for TF 5.0... we have never promised this aircraft for this module. The Tomahawk Mk II has just entered the import/animation stage... the external model is being imported now. Below is with Placeholder skin/texture and obviously an error on the prop which will be corrected. (with apologies to Pattle... he will have better images and video later)
  10. The Wellington 3D is complete. The aircraft is waiting in the import queue. Will begin that work after the Kittyhawk, Tomahawk and Hurricane II are finished.
  11. Everyone on the team is working very hard and we have very little spare time. I myself do all the Flight/Damage models and am extremely busy. At some point we will provide a summary of all the intended content and its status... but no deadline.
  12. Just so everyone is clear: Animations for the instruments/controls/etc. in the cockpit are not present... neither are many animations for the external model. The current aircraft texture/skin is a placeholder and will be updated. Elements such as dust effects on takeoff/ground objects like rock formations or stone fields/AAA changes, etc. are also not present. These effects will be present in the release.
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