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  1. Even though Larry is using his artists hand... when we (hopefully) get some Carriers, then people will be able to use the Volcanic Island for some carrier warfare... at least with the British side. 😉
  2. What we would introduce would be a complement to the existing quick mission system. We would not discard that.
  3. I can't make an official announcement, that will be done by Jason and 1C. We are optimistic we can move ahead. We have been working as we discuss the situation.
  4. But generally systems with NVidia cards work better with the game.
  5. We hope to have a new QUICK MISSION BUILDER similar to the original IL-2 for the next module.
  6. This is a question for the GREAT BATTLES technical forum: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/forum/89-technical-issues-and-bug-reports/ This is the CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ and DESERT WINGS - TOBRUK section... these two games are handled differently.
  7. The Beaufighter can take off with full fuel load without a problem. We recommend you use 20 degrees of flaps when you do so... plus a longer runway field.
  8. If you can specify which missions and campaigns and post on the Single Player forum, then we could hopefully get the mission builders to look at them.
  9. Are these missions you built yourself? When you build a mission with AI aircraft bombing, you need to make sure the AI bombs are set and their fuses too.
  10. We are in the process of implementing the trueSKY weather system into the game. There will be a number of changes when that happens. Until then the only way you get turbulence is from wind layers... see the mission builder.
  11. In the mission builder you create wind patterns in layers. You need to do that prior to expecting any turbulence.
  12. You should be climbing at 2800 rpm and 46 inches MAP for the early Tommy and 2800rpm/48 inches MAP for late. Max. coolant temp is 125 C, max Oil is 90 C. Also... I had a look at the files and there is potentially an error in the allowable climb for AI Tommy's and Kitty's. If so, will correct in next patch... Feb. 25th. Re. your suggestion... AI climb is set at the recommended historical climb rates, rpm/boost.
  13. There are wind patterns which can be set up with the missions... not sure if that is incorporated in the DCG. Re. climb... what radiator settings are you using during the climb? Are you correctly trimmed? If the DCG sets climb speed too high, then AI will tend to run away... they do not suffer overheat... their climb is restricted in other ways. They do have the same engine power/lift factors as human aircraft, but not overheat.... unless they are damaged.
  14. Have you tried assigning the buttons using the CONTROLS menu? Check to make sure Windows recognizes your Joystick and it is #1 on the list of devices. Make sure in the settings for the USB port Windows is not allowed to shut down the device 'to save power'. Did you look through the 'Getting Started and Troubleshooting Guide'? Has answers to most commonly encountered issues.
  15. Buzzsaw

    steam reason

    Moving away from Steam is not an option for TF at this point. There are many, many advantages and the disadvantages for the user are minor. To the original poster: You have purchased the original "IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER" game. This game is obsolete and while it works, by purchasing it you get a free update to the BLITZ version. So install the original game using the keycode provided with the CD.; Then look below the installation on your Steam Library page and you will see the BLITZ version. Install the
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