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  1. Here is the official response: Yes, all the aircraft listed will be a part of either the release or a patch. The only one which might be delayed to a patch is the Bf-108 Taifun. The issue with the Bf-108 is that it is a dual control type... so theoretically two players could be in the right and left hand seat simultaneously and both could control it. We have to re-write the code to model which player would have control authority... and when the other player can take over... so that may delay its release to a patch. ----- This topic has been edited to remove the comments advocating for or against VR and personal attacks. I would ask those who wish to discuss VR to post in the already created threads on this forum... there are plenty of them... and please do not engage in personal attacks against other posters. Otherwise you may find yourselves on a temporary holiday from this forum. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. Hello hubwired If you installed your game from Steam, then you are automatically updated to the latest version of IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER - BLITZ. The current version is 4.57. If you installed your game from a disk from the old IL-2 STURMOVIK CLIFFS OF DOVER game, then you need to go to Steam and log in. You will see the old game displayed and the new updated BLITZ version also listed. Uninstall the old version, and then install the new BLITZ version and you will be up to date. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Team Fusion is always happy to provide assistance to Squadrons which are hosting campaigns. Kiwi has a lot of experience in assisting us and ATAG.
  4. Team Fusion is grateful for Jason's assistance and continued help in Team Fusion's development of the CoD game engine. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Definitely slower than the standard models... and turns worse... but that's why you have CAP overhead while the Can Openers do their work. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. There are two controls for the Spitfire gunsight... one to switch it on/off, and one to dim/increase illumination.
  7. Just open Steam and your library and uninstall... after that, delete all the folders on your hard drive... as well as the IL-2 folder in 'Documents/1C SoftClub/' (but save your config files) Then select the game in your Steam list and install.
  8. - Verify your install through Steam and make sure you are up to date - Delete the Cache file in Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/ - If you are still in auto pilot when you restart, Press 'A' to exit.
  9. You should uninstall the original game... having it installed will interfere with BLITZ. There is nothing in the original game which is not included in BLITZ.
  10. As we have mentioned previously, and as MP has made clear in his post, MP's pictures are not of TF 5.0 gameplay.
  11. Do you have auto Steam Updates enabled? If not, then please check to see if your game needs updating... there have been multiple updates. If you are up to date, did you verify your install? The error you are posting looks like a error with windows or your install. Because you could run the game previously, I suspect it is probably a result of a Windows Update. So you would need to verify Windows is working properly with the game. If it is your install: - Uninstall the game - Install using Admin. - Make sure you add an exception with Windows Defender and any other Anti Virus you are running. - enable the logging in the "confs.ini" in the game under Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover/ [Console] IP=20000 IPS= LOG=1 LOGTIME=1 LOGFILE=logs.txt HISTORY=128 HISTORYCMD=128 WRAP=1 PAUSE=1 PAGE=20 LOGKEEP=1 Post the "log.txt" here.
  12. You'll see the new AA when it is ready for an update... right now the coder is still tweaking it. None of the images yet released have included the new AA.
  13. Are you running Steam as Admin? Have you shut off the Steam Overlay?
  14. If you took the time to read what I posted, and did some research on AA systems, you would understand better what we are offering. As mentioned SMAA uses a 3 shader pass system... so it cannot be compared exactly to FXAA. There are 2 basic ways to achieve Anti-Aliasing: Increase the sample rate (used e.g. in MSAA, SSAA and custom modes like EQAA and CSAA) Blur the edges/contrasts (used e.g. in MLAA, FXAA and SMAA), also called Post-AA or Post-Processing. The simplest way to increase the sample rate is called FSAA(Full Screen AA), SSAA(Super Sampling AA)1 or Downsampling2. In this case, an increased amount of samples are used and the color of each Pixel is calculated using the values of the samples inside it. This results in Pixels that have a mixture of the colors that are actually inside it. This is arguably the best form of AA: textures get sharper because of the higher sample rate, the Aliasing is greatly reduced and the image is very still. Usually, there should be no blur either. The disadvantage of this mode is the performance needed: its the greatest of all AA modes and only enthusiast rigs, often with mutliple GPUs have the power to use this mode in modern games. 1therightnameforthismethodisOGSSAAakaorderedgridsupersamplingAA.othermethodlikeSGSSAAorRGSSAAdontsamplesorderedalongsidetheaxes 2DownsamplingworksslightlydifferentandismoreoftrickwhenSSAAdoesntwork:thewholeframeisrenderedinahigherresolutionandthendownfiltered. MSAA (Multi Sampling AA) reduces the performance needed compared to SSAA. MSAA detects the edges of polygons and only increases the number of samples there. The main advantage is that it offeres AA that does not blur and uses less performance than SSAA. the disadvantages are that some deferred-rendering engines (like UE3 and most other PS360-era engines) have problems using MSAA and often have subpar results. It also doesnt stop the aliasing of alpha-textures. Some methods like alpha-to-coverage can help smooth alpha textures using MSAA. edit: The technical explenation of MSAA was a simplification. A more in-depth explanation can be read here. thanks to /u/fb39ca4 for the english source. EQAA(Enhanced Quality AA) and CSAA(Coverage Sample AA) try to increase the quality of MSAA. The actual way it does it (increasing the number of coverage-samples while the number of color/depth/stencil-samples remain the same) is complicated, a detailed explenaition can be found here. MLAA(Morphological AA) and FXAA(Fast Aproximate AA) are post AA modes that use blur filters. First, it detects contrasts ("edges") in the frame and then blurres it along the gradient. This results in higly reduces visible "jaggies" that also coveres alpha-texturs, but it also blurs everything, including textures. It is also the cheapest form of AA and often used in console version of games. Personally I dont really like this mode of AA. If you want cheap AA, look at SMAA. SMAA is an AA mode based on the Post-AA blur filter of MLAA (and FXAA). The alisasing "detection" is upgraded and is closer to the detection used in MSAA then the detection used in MLAA and FXAA. The result is that SMAA still remains very cheap, still smoothes alpha-tectures and still greatly reduces the visible "jaggies", but doesnt blur the image as much. Personally I think this is one of the best AA modes available. Forcing a slight form of SMAA via driver or tools like RadeonPro or nVidia Inspector combined with traditional MSAA/SSAA will resilt in one of the best results possible. TXAA(Temporal AA) is a very complex form of AA. It is not a post-AA altough it still blurs because of the downsampling method used. The information we have is also vague, so I would like to stop commenting on the technical side here. The imlementation of TXAA varies from game to game and version to version of TXAA, so a general statement is hardly possible. What can be said is that it a) uses much more performance than FXAA, MLAA and SMAA, b) the reducement of "jaggies" is one of the best of all AA modes and c) everything blurs. Because it often blures much more than MLAA or FXAA it is ihmo not that great of a mode. If the sampling rate used internally for TXAA is upgraded to SSAA (it is based on MSAA) the result can be quite good, but it needs a shit ton of additional performance most rigs dont have. If used on very high resolulutions (4K or higher), it might be acceptable too. Overall a mode that might be more usefull in the future and/or in some special games and/or after some adjustments. As per the above, most experts say SMAA results in less blurring, cleaner edges and overall improved image. But it requires more processing power... so not for everyone. At the moment we hope to offer two options in SMAA... one where edge detection is based on Luma, one where edge detection is based on colour. Each would have 4 settings from low medium, high to ultra. Anyway, you will probably see an update in the next week or so... or you can wait and try it out when the game is released and give us your opinion then. Bottom line, we think the game looks better.
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