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  1. Aircraft engines will be limited to the boost levels which were used in the time period of the particular module being replicated. So for example, the V-1710-33 which equipped the Tomahawk IIA/IIB, (P-40C) will come in two versions, one limited to the boost for the period June '41 to December '41, the other for early 1942. The V-1710-39 which equipped the Kittyhawk IA, (P-40D/E) will come in one version... for the period of early 1942. (when it first saw service in the Desert) Yes, the pilot could actually adjust the allowable boost on the Allison themselves, but in most circumstances the adjustment was wired to limit maximum boost to what was recommended by the mechanics for the time period. The process was a learning experience for the ground crews.... it took time to determine how much abuse the Allison could tolerate... in fact it was an extremely robust engine... probably tougher than a Merlin. By the end of 1942, some Squadrons were running 66-70 inHG in the early V-1710 versions with the smaller supercharger impellers.
  2. Martlet III. Different engine, two speed supercharger instead of two stage/two speed. No folding wings, not the carrier version, two guns per wing... lighter aircraft, performs better at lower alts, not so good up high. Turns better. Other differences also which will be seen. This is work in progress video... cockpit instruments not functional, markings not functional, actual engine sounds are from G.50, Pratt and Whitney R-1830 sounds in development, etc. etc. Only the external model import/animation and flight controls/FM are functional. (although the bombs/bomb racks are not installed yet)
  3. Hello Blitzen Thanks for your question. Obviously the current state of the night graphics environment in CoD is not optimal... there were changes made to the original game in 2013, but we are not focused on the night environment. And because we want to make sure the daytime game gets a large overhaul and upgrade for TF 5.0 that it needs, we will not be making any large scale changes to the night environment for TF 5.0. As you can read on these boards, people want to see the release of TF 5.0 as soon as possible, and if we delayed that release until the night fixes were in place, we'd likely be looking at another 4-5 months. We hope to see improvements in TF 6.0, in the meantime, we ask for your patience. ✌️
  4. TF will finish our Tobruk expansion module... the game will not die yet. But we ask everyone's patience... in order to make sure the game is improved enough that interest will be maintained, we need to complete quite a few changes... and this does take time. Thanks 😉
  5. You are reading something into the screencap which is not there. And repeating your speculation multiple times will not create a problem which does not exist. There is no issue with the framerate in TF 5.0 or the new aircraft. We are in process of building campaigns for the major TF 5.0 aircraft on both the Channel and Tobruk maps. Some of the TF 5.0 aircraft are not designed for use on the Tobruk map and some are not designed for use on the Channel map. As for example, all the versions with tropical filters obviously were not used on the Channel Map... and vice versa. Some models only saw service on the Channel map... for example, the 109F-1... Spitfire IIB... Spitfire Va... etc. And obviously the Macchi C.202's did not see service on the Channel. And certain field mods of the Hurricane also did not see service there. Neither did the D.520 see service in the area covered by the Tobruk map.... although it did in other areas of the Med.
  6. As has been mentioned several times, the nature of the business agreement between TF and 1C will not allow for pre-releases or pre-sales of TF modules. In any case, we want to avoid a repetition of what occurred with TF 4.5 BLITZ, and make sure the product is complete and bug-free. Sorry, did not receive a PM on this forum.
  7. Hello All Just to show everyone who is wondering if TF dropped off the face of the earth... no, we are still here. 😎 We are busy right now in putting together our first Beta for the Beta Testing group... it is taking longer than we expected for a number of reasons, mostly to due with the fact we are all doing this in our spare time and sometimes real life work and family demands reduce the available time we have for the game development. But overall progress on TF 5.0 is going well... all the major aircraft have their 3D work completed, the map development is going well, the new music has been composed, new ships/vehicles are progressing rapidly, etc. Of course the devil is in the details... as is the case in the example below where you see the new Macchi C.202 Series III model. (will also be a Series VIII, with the option for versions of both series with high alt engines) As you can see in the image, there are elements on this aircraft which need work... the prop blade damage is not implemented, the pilot is improperly positioned, grass still shows through the wing, (that is code work), etc. etc. All of these details will be fixed, and we'll release our Beta. Overall we are making good progress. We should have a proper update out for the community in the next two weeks. Cheers
  8. Actually two have four engines... the Sunderland and the FW-200. Although they are AI, due to the fact the AI do use many of the same systems as human players, it is necessary to have these controls as a potential in the GUI. We will probably hide unnecessary controls in TF 5.0, and may also implement a simple controls option for those players who just fly single engined fighters. This option would only display the controls required to program a single engined type.
  9. For some of the reasons you mention, we will avoid implementing VR in the CoD engine till we have it done correctly. We could implement a half-way version now, but it would just annoy people and negatively reflect on the game.
  10. You will be surprised with TF 5.0 is released won't you. 🤣 We have delayed the update because we are working on a Steam hosted Beta for our Beta Tester group and we prefer to show something which includes the new map work and new aircraft. Work continues well, with progress in all areas. We may release an interim update in the meantime if we can find the time.
  11. Actually it was one of the more active areas for naval aviation. There were continual patrols by RAF Coastal Command over the area looking for subs coming to and from Brest and Lorient. And vice versa, with German aircraft patrolling to attack the RAF aircraft. And there were convoys from Bristol and Liverpool through the Bay heading for the Med which were attacked by the Germans and protected by the RAF. And there could certainly be scenarios for 1940-41-42 when German Capital ships left or arrived at Lorient/Brest and/or were at these bases and were attacked by RAF aircraft and were protected by the Luftwaffe. A Biscay map is obviously not for multiplayer... would be more suited for Single Player campaigns... so the players could set the game speed at 16X to deal with the long flights over water. In any case, such a map is not something in our immediate planning, but it could be built relatively easily since 90% of it would be water.
  12. Everything is advancing well... we are about to test a v4 Alpha with the Beta Testing group.
  13. The list of aircraft is in this thread: (although the status of the aircraft has changed) https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/40187-current-status-of-tf-50-tobruk-build/
  14. We are in the process of creating a v4 alpha which will likely be put up on Steam and released to our beta testers. We will be delaying the update till the alpha is ready and we can use visuals from it. Thanks ✌️
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