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  1. To clarify: We don't rule out 100% creating perhaps one or two Japanese aircraft in the future if that is cleared with 1C. But that would be in conjunction with other elements which would work those aircraft. So for example, functional Carriers and related systems to allow aircraft to land and takeoff from them in the CoD game engine being already in place. Obviously it is easy enough to create an all sea map which would work for the Pacific as well as Europe. (with minor colour changes) And a Japanese Carrier would not be difficult.
  2. With our limited resources, we need to focus on new aircraft which work with the existing and planned maps. So no, we don't plan on any Pacific Theatre aircraft types.
  3. We will look at this again... its a bit of a mystery why this is happening for some players.
  4. Please re-build the mission with new values... can't guarantee old missions will work. Set the pilots to Veteran. Other potential issues: Your Heinkels are bombing from 6000 meters, which is higher than typical for these types. Usually bomb from approx. 5000 meters. Try from there. Also check the distances between waypoints and altitude gained... if you ask the aircraft to climb faster than they can, will cause issues.
  5. You should set your ingame sound to 100%... with possibly the exception of music if you don't like it. Then you adjust the sounds from your speakers/headphones with the Windows Sound mixer to your preferred level of comfort. If you don't set the ingame sounds to 100%, then you can lose some sounds, like bullet impacts or others.
  6. Your chances of a successful bailout, as per historical results and physics reality, is governed by how fast the aircraft is travelling and in what direction. In a high speed dive you have almost zero chance of a successful bailout... as would be the case in a real aircraft. In a gentle climb at low speed, and with your wings level, your chances are nearly 100%.
  7. Try here: https://theairtacticalassaultgroup.com/forum/showthread.php?t=23995&highlight=Devreorder
  8. We may implement VR without PBR prior to the next module's release... or maybe not depending on progress. PBR will be with the next release.
  9. Glad to hear the problem has been solved. However, please note regarding AI bombers: It is important when creating missions not to give the AI bombers too much fuel and bombload. Historically aircraft such as the Ju-88/He-111/Wellington were loaded with 50% fuel when carrying full bombload. In the game if the mission builder loads full fuel and maximum bombload, these aircraft will have difficultly in climbing, taking off, etc. Even if they are started at altitude they will have problems maintaining that altitude and formation.
  10. Hello Rorkes There have been a lot of updates and revisions to the game since Piper_Kiev made his campaign. There is a possibility something in the mission no longer aligns with the current version of the game and it needs to be updated. Unfortunately Team Fusion cannot be responsible for updating older 3rd party missions... those are the responsibility of the mission builder.
  11. You can make yourself invulnerable in the single player settings.
  12. Oil tanks are open by default... there is no need to open the standard tank or the added new tank.
  13. trueSKY should actually reduce the load on the player's CPU by spreading the load to the GPU... right now the clouds and weather are all handled by the CPU, in trueSKY they are handled by the GPU. And in regards to the other new features, some of the more demanding ones, (like view distance) will be selectable by the player... so you don't have to increase the range at which objects appear if you don't want to.
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