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  1. Please use small print. 😉 You say you tried to start Career... so you were able to launch the game? Are you crashing out of it later? See this thread:
  2. What game are you playing? What is your system specifications? What is the error message in the logfile?
  3. This is only for use at high altitudes. Using it at low altitudes will cause catastrophic damage to the engine. The GM-1 Nitrous Oxide injection system supplements the less than ideal oxygen levels of the atmosphere at high altitude. Oxygen is a necessary ingredient in the combustion process. Three different flow rates... low/medium/high... which give different levels of power boost. Select flow setting, open valve, fly the plane normally using throttle control. The apparatus/tanks add over 100 kg to the weight of the aircraft. Was only installed in certain versions of the 109E and F... not standard.
  4. We can't talk about the specific financial details of TF's agreement with 1C, but although TF 5.0 is a better opportunity, TF does receive compensation for TF 4.5. We have no complaints regarding our arrangement... just happy to have an opportunity to play around with the game... something we were doing for free before. 😎
  5. Both of the aircraft shown are resting on the ocean bottom. As far as I can remember, first is just offshore in shallow water in the channel, second is on a reef in Pacific. Most aircraft sunk very quickly... some were worse than others. Here is a video of what I believe is an Avenger or Hellcat ditching in the ocean. (and quite a calm ocean) You will notice it goes completely under water on impact... which was quite common. A poem written about ditching characteristics of Beaufighter: When a Beau goes in Into the drink It makes you think, Because, you see, they always sink; But nobody says "Poor lad!" Or goes about looking sad; Because, you see, it's war, It's the unalterable law. Although it's perfectly certain The pilot's gone for a Burton And the observer too, It's nothing to do with you; And if they both should go To a land where falls no rain nor hail nor driven snow-- Here, there, or anywhere, Do you suppose THEY care? You shouldn't cry Or say a prayer or sigh. In the cold sea, in the dark It isn't a lark But it isn't Original Sin-- It's just a Beau going in. Gavin Ewart
  6. In CoD Aircraft don't sink immediately if they are landed at low speed... it takes a little time. But the fact is, any study of the real types showed the time between impact and the moment the aircraft sank was very short. Multi ton metal objects do not float well. 😉
  7. TF has created a 'Pre-warmed' engine option for Mission Builders... you can start the aircraft with the engines warmed. (but still off runway) That allows you to start and go without warmup. We will also be reducing the cold warmup time for those who are sticklers for detail... it was a little too long.
  8. We will be posting videos from the participants.
  9. We are not building the C-1... that version kept the A-1 glass cockpit, not the hard nose, and didn't have the armour plate to protect the pilot. Very few were built and most were converted to early C-2 standard quickly.
  10. We will be building tropical versions of these models. As well as the A type Ju-88's. A-11 was a factory built tropical version of the A-4... but there were earlier field mod tropical versions of the A-5.
  11. Two options: 1) Make sure you are DIRECTLY above your target before starting your dive. Your opponent will have a very difficult time pulling up to get a gun solution. Be careful not to gain too much speed or you will not be able to recover properly. 2) You fake the attack... - Start down and as soon as you see the opponent start to turn hard to to face you, commence a gentle pull up.... don't continue the dive to merge. Loop and start down again in another attack... your opponent will still be recovering from his first pullup and will have difficulty in pulling up again. If he is able to... then as soon as he starts another hard turn, pull up again. Repeat until he is out of E and unable to turn. Remember your pullups need to happen with gentle G's... don't allow your aircraft to gain too much speed. The E-4N is generally the best climbing 109E so yes, use it. Although if the opponent is right on the deck, the E-4B will also work well. But B&Zing at low altitudes is very dangerous, easy for another Spit or Hurricane to intervene and catch you in a zoom.
  12. TF is working on improving the visibility distance at which objects appear. We will be extending the distance on the new Tobruk map to roughly 3 times the distance of the original map. And the blending of the object visibility will be improved. The older Channel map is unfortunately a different situation as it is still heavily bugged as a result of the poor work of the original developers. We will try to improve the effect there, but it may require a new version of this map to entirely solve the problem.
  13. We hope to provide full overcast conditions. We will be posting additional updates in the near future. We will not be including rain or snow for TF 5.0 release, although we may patch the game later. The fact is pilots in WWII normally did not fly in rain or snow conditions or conditions which had a cloud ceiling of lower than 1000 ft. Although WWII pilots did fly in more challenging situations than allowed in VFR rules currently, there were minimum standards. Weather changed very quickly and a pilot who took the risk of taking off with a 1000 ft cloud ceiling, could return in an hour with the clouds at 100 ft. The potential for catastrophic losses of planes and pilots was too much of a risk in marginal conditions and missions were usually scrubbed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_meteorological_conditions
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