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  1. I never use the HUD, so mine is off, and the micro-stutters that I used to have occasionally, such as when looking down at the ground while turning hard, are gone.
  2. I've got everything at the maximum setting and it's running slicker than snot on a glass doorknob. Smooth as silk. Very nice.
  3. As long as they get the Corsair and Hellcat right, I can live with their best estimates based on available documentation for the rest of the stuff. I'll burn a lot of Zeros, but spend just as much time doing carrier ops just for the joy of the deck launches and traps. I like the old straight decks.
  4. I've got it! Factory fresh! I've been a little distracted lately, so I'm late to the release. I used to box back in my 20s and I recently discovered Oculus room scale. So I picked up a title called, "The Thrill of the Fight" on Steam and got a little caught up in VR boxing. I'm 10-0 with 7 KOs so far. I figure that's not bad for 60 years old. And I was pleased to find out that I can still do three 3-minute rounds without suffering an acute myocardial infarction, LOL! You can't simulate everything about boxing in VR, nobody is punching you in the head and rib cage, but you put out the same effort as in real life, and you can throw combinations that would work in real life and so on. It's a good workout and a lot of fun. And you can work the speed bag and the heavy bag and all the other stuff when you're not fighting. But if you decide to try it, shim the batteries in your touch controllers with copper foil so they don't float and lose contact when you throw a hard punch. But I digress, a common failing of 60-year-old males, and we mostly do it on purpose because we like to tell our stories and it's the only way to lure our victims into the story trap..Anyway... It's beautiful! It looks like it just came in from the factory. Even when the weathered version is released, I'm going to keep both the fresh and weathered versions onboard. You've done some great work here KpgQuop, and it is much appreciated! Thank you. I loaded up the skin and took her up for a joy ride over Maykop on a bright sunny day, then switched to external view and zoomed in as far as you can with an Oculus CV1. I looked her over from all angles, then banked around to put the sun at a different angle and looked her over again. You can be justly proud of your work. As I said, beautiful! Thank you again for all the effort that you've put into this. It was sorely needed, and this will now be my default skin when I fly the duck.
  5. Yes they did. Here's some links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rotorcraft_used_in_World_War_II https://olive-drab.com/od_medical_evac_helio_ww2.php https://www.defensemedianetwork.com/stories/first-helicopter-rescue/ Now as for ships, you wouldn't want to require crew down to the most junior snipe in the bilges. Just key positions, Captain, guns, and so on. But a PT boat would be fun, too. So, we missed one. Should this whole thing stay focused on WW2, or would anyone like to see it eventually include something like the Korean Conflict, with F-86s and MiG-15s and so on? I don't even care what they produce. I'll buy it all. But you have to admit, the possibilities are intriguing.
  6. Aw, c'mon! Rescuing downed pilots in a Hoverfly would be fun. We'll need a Burma map. What about ships or subs? We could recruit all the guys at subsim.com. All right, the Zeppelin might be a little out there. Then again, the FSX/P3D crowd might go for it. Zeppelins are kind of fun. What about an eventual expansion into the Korean Conflict, MiG Alley and all that? Or should it remain focused on WW2? There's lots of possibilities. You should try Tank Crew. It's great! If they develop enough different areas of activities, I'll only need one military sim.
  7. It's essential. All of it. If you don't own it, all of it, you're depriving yourself of one of life's good things. You need it. How's that for an endorsement? And I mean every word of it. If you don't have it, get it. Get the tanks, too. Tank Crew is great. It's all great.
  8. Now that we're headed in the "Great Battles" direction, it opens up some possibilities. How many of you would purchase a new title in the series that included items such as the following? Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache Flettner Fl 265 Flettner Fl 282B Kolibri Flettner Fl 339 Sikorsky R-4B Hoverfly Sikorsky R-5A Sikorsky R-6 Kamov A-7bis Any interest? What about a crew-able Fletcher-class destroyer or some such? How about a Zeppelin add-on to go with Flying Circus? And what are your ideas for IL-2 Great Battles? I buy it all. I grabbed Tank Crew recently, and I love it! I like this Great Battles thing, with a broader spectrum of ideas for what can be produced. I'm buying all of it.
  9. Yep, I've bumped into some invisible stuff. But it's still early and overall, I love Tank Crew. It will only get better as development goes on.
  10. I overlooked that one. Thanks! And if you added a wingman for him, that would be a fine thing indeed.
  11. If any of our resident artists are so inclined, we could use some P-40 skins from the 99th Fighter Squadron (Tusekegee Airmen, Red Tails) from their time in Italy when they were still flying Warhawks.
  12. Set takeoff trim. A nice, healthy dose of UP on the elevator trim. If you don't, you'll end up in the trees past the end of the runway. Give her a notch of flaps. Hold the brakes and run her up to full throttle. Pull the stick all the way back and hold it there. Release the brakes, keep that stick hauled back until you've got some speed up, then ease it forward. Stay on those pedals, use quick taps on the differential braking until you've gained some speed, then kick that rudder as needed to keep it going straight when your speed is up enough so that you have some rudder authority. When you land, don't cut the throttle back to idle. Keep some throttle on so you can steer and avoid ground looping, until you're slow enough to avoid the danger. Use differential braking to slow to a straight stop. Hit "Escape" and click "Restart Mission" as necessary until you've got it mastered.
  13. And if you look at the tracks in the snow, I've been rolling back and forth with each appearing target to provide as little to shoot at as possible. It keeps them from marring my custom paint and goes hand in hand with staying hull down. They, on the other hand, did not stay hull down, hence my victory.
  14. Ah, OK. You're starting from scratch. Right now, Tank Crew is pre-release. The Kursk map hasn't been released yet. So in order to play it right away, you'd have to order IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad, IL-2 Battle of Moscow, or IL-2 Battle of Kuban, if I understand things correctly. That would give you some flyable airplanes, but also give you some maps to play Tank Crew until they release the Kursk map. IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad will give you some planes, and the T-34-76 and PzKpfw III Ausf.M to play with in Quick Missions (I think), and if you also purchase Tank Crew, it will add the Soviet KV-1s and the PzKpfw VI Ausf.H1 Tiger, for now. You'll eventually also get the M4A2 Sherman, SU-122, SU-152, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G, PzKpfw V Ausf.D Panther and Sd. Kfz. 184 Ferdinand, and of course, the Kursk map, all 10,000 square kilometers of it, which is a lot when you're roaming around in a tank. Tank Crew Store Page There's the Tank Crew store page for accurate info, and in the red box to the right you can find the links to the store pages of the other titles that make up the IL-2 Great Battles series. Now as for your question regarding download size, it's been so long since I first installed the game that I don't remember. My game folder right now is 17.5 GB, and that includes Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, all Collector Planes, and Tank Crew, so I reckon it would fit on your 30 GB space. Frankly, I can think of a lot of titles that I'd uninstall to make more room for the IL-2 series. And since I'll be buying Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus, and anything else that the devs conjure up in the days and years to come, I may eventually do that. Now if you have anymore questions, ask away. And if you decide to go for it and get to wondering what to do with those airplanes, or about joysticks and all that, ask and we'll get you sorted out. All this having been said, there are a lot of people around here that are a lot more knowledgeable about all this than me, so if anyone happens to read this and happens to be one of those people, please correct me if I've screwed anything up here. Hope this helps, Billy. Any further questions, just ask. One of us will probably know the answer, or at least where to find the answer. Cheers! Oubaas
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