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  1. Echoing the posts of others, 64bit sounds great!! Congratulations on what I expect was a fairly involved task. I don't like being negative, but I have to say, a (possible) jump straight to DX12 does concern me a little. Contrary to popular (misunderstanding) belief, DX11 is not what I would call outdated tech at all.
  2. Phwoar!!! 44 bombs, I can't wait to get that thing up in the skies! Great update, thanks.
  3. I just had a quick go on the server. I like it! I wouldn't mind seeing some more people play there, the mission layout is good. Thanks for hosting it. Cheers.
  4. w0t no I-16 skinzz??!?!!11!! Looking good overall. That last Ju-88 skin looks particularly nice. Well done lads and a big pat on the back to your texture artists as always. I-16 preview please!
  5. Nice video, it looks like Vladimir Barsuk.
  6. Did you update TrackIR to the lastest software release? It fixes some issues with 9xx series cards.
  7. How do you know that? and why would they lose market share? It's not like there is bottomless pit of flight sim developers out there! VR is nothing more than a gimmick at the moment. Sure they're working on it, but the bottom line is the technology is in its infancy. And it shows! I think Flavor Flav said it best.
  8. What do you mean by slow motion exactly? The game is running at significantly less than normal speed (Time has slowed down) or something else?
  9. WOW! That's a lot of numbers. I can imagine a lot of hard work too. These have made my landings just a little bit better. So great to know that my I-16 'special window' doesn't affect the performance either. Cheers!
  10. For a moment there I was really excited. RoF2 would be splendid! Damn click-bait title!
  11. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy. Well done!
  12. Look out. Rick Grimes will be after you!
  13. YES! I like it alot! Moscow looks nice, I'm looking forward to flying on the new map. Thanks,
  14. I came across this the other day on the BBC Future site. It's quite an interesting article. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160201-the-wwii-flying-wing-decades-ahead-of-its-time
  15. Hehe, nice one! It was quite a game. Well done 12.OIAE_Pequod. And thanks for a bit of fun there Jason!
  16. I started another thread for the #10034 error but it also ended up giving me the memory error as well. http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/20909-10034-skin-was-modified-and-can-not-be-loaded-current-game/
  17. Interestingly, I have been thinking about this too. But how can they be related? It's probably best not to speculate and instead, wait and see what solution the devs come up with.
  18. Looking good as usual, well done. I'm really enjoying the I-16, I can't wait to see more skins and meaningful missions for it. Top notch badge art! Very impressive indeed. Edit: I like this smiley better!
  19. I've just had this #10034 error occur whilst playing on the DED Normal server. The mission was underway and on selecting a skin for the FW190 the following things happened. The strangest (and slightly amusing) thing was, that the game gave me an outside view of the aircraft menu hanger. Yes, floating around in virtual space looking in. I could also rotate this around with my mouse as you will see in the screenshots. The only skin that could be selected was the defalt skin, attempting to select any of the other skins would just show the #10034 error again. The menu seemed to work
  20. I've never had the crash whilst playing QMB's or the Campaign. It's only when I'm connected to a server, and then it only seems to happen when I spawn in. If I am on the airfield selection screen, and I can hear a lot of activity (bombs going off, aircraft flying over etc) it seems to crash on the spawn attempt. If it's fairly quiet, then it's less likely to crash on me. I forgot about the log file, I will endeavour to capture the information when it happens again. After the lastest update, I deleted BoS/BoM and reinstalled (via Steam). My FPS has definitely improved. FFB is
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