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  1. This could be a good format for mission points Feathered_IV. Similar to how battlefield works with medic revives preventing their team tickets from reaching zero. I could see successful medivac missions working in a similar fashion.
  2. IL-2 Tractor Wars, Battle of the Bumpkins. Nice looking map too..
  3. Shoot him down, he's being doing medivac kamikaze missions on our airfield all map. When he bails go back and chute shoot for leaving all those poor wounded behind.
  4. OMGWTFBBQ raaaid u spawn camper!
  5. Yeah, great video. It was also short and straight to the point. Exactly how a tutorial should be. Thanks for sharing a great tip.
  6. I would too, but where is the damned buy-it-now button? I think this is a great move by the developers. Regardless of how people feel about non-combat aircraft in the game, wasted resources, "I want DX15, blah, blah, blah. It's just serves to prove, that the developers are listening to what people really want. ..and skywriting!
  7. Skywriting! Awesome. Great update. Well done!
  8. It's a very interesting field with many differents avenues of application. Microsoft have a Minecraft AI learning mod called Project Malmo which is worth looking at if you're keen on coding your own AI. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/project-malmo/ It's interesting that they are using a virtual world such as Minecraft to assist in developing the AI. I also find it interesting that people assume freethinking AI would have all the malevolent traits we humans have.
  9. I-16 Aside. Tanks have been the best addition to this game in the last few years! Yup, that's right!
  10. Wow! AU$9.95 for a digital download. The ebay screenshots look mighty similar to Cliffs of Dover though.
  11. It looks absolutely awesome! But like every other iteration, it will be ruined by cheats within days of release.
  12. HippyDruid

    CAP 2

    Good question, but looking at their site I doubt it.
  13. Name them. Ban their IP. Ban their Serial Key. It won't ever stop the determined cheats, but it might make a few fence sitters reconsider whether or not it's worth the risk.
  14. Congratulations on the release of BOM! So, what are you going to do now?
  15. That video evidence seems pretty damning. And that's pretty sad! On a lighter note, Brave Rob's response to being affiliated with the ongoing shenanigans brought a smile to my face.
  16. A very impressive update list! I'm looking forward to trying out the new features this weekend. Keep up the good work lads.
  17. The player is the problem! Simply stating that online stats are the sole cause of bad gaming behaviour would be naive. But I think totally disregarding stats as a possible reason for fostering bad gaming behaviour is also, a little naive.
  18. No doubt! As I mentioned it was something I was thinking about, which I found interesting that Trooper117 had posted something similar.
  19. Oh it's not nonsense. As I've mentioned. But you're correct about the above-mentioned behaviour occuring regardless of statistics. It's just the way people like to enjoy their game I suppose.
  20. To be frank. where there are online statistics you will always get the behaviour mentioned in this thread. Gaming the game, being dishonourable, custom cheats. etc are all behaviours fostered by the presence of game statistics. And not just in BoS/BoM! "If my kill:death ratio is far superior to yours in everyway, why would I jeapordise that by playing fair?" - stat whore. To be fair, I don't think every stat whore is a cheating, underhanded, selfish plonker. Nor do I think online statistics should be abolished. There are (two) options I can see to circumvent this kind of behaviour:
  21. Obvious limitations aside: as per the developer diary. I was actually wondering this exact same thing.
  22. Looks great! I'm looking forward to a nice new map to explore. So, would it be technically possible to open up more of the map at a later date? Replace the more 'simplified' objects with more detailed ones? and thus allow a larger flying area?
  23. "I asked for the cup holder inside the cockpit"
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