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  1. Here's a few things I have tried so far: (My current IL2 and Nvidia settings attached below.) If I start the game with MSFFB2 connected. TrackIR is ON and ready. FFB is enabled in game. This causes stuttering! Turning FFB off in the options will minimise the stuttering so it's barely noticeable. Turning FFB back on in the options with bring back the stuttering. Also, if TrackIR is switched off while the game is still running, turning on/off FFB in the options still has the above-mentioned effect. If I start the game with just MSFFB2 connected. TrackIR is OFF. FFB is enabl
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post Habu, it's appreciated. I tried fiddling with some of the settings in your screenies, but unfortunately it didn't make too much difference really. The one thing I did notice though was the stuttering effect was more pronounced in Centred Quick View than Pan Camera view when I did change it. Increasing the smoothing in BoS seems to be the only thing that reduces the stutters slightly at the moment. But it doesn't eliminate them. Turn off FFB and the whole problem just goes away! I just wish someone from the development team would at least pop in
  3. Excellent update. The FW190 kicks some serious butt now. The development team are obviously quite dedicated to their craft. But alas it's not all roses... The FFB/TrackIR stuttering is terrible and it needs some attention. I'm going to continue to bring it up at every opportunity I can as it worked for the above-mentioned plane. The thread is here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/ Please fix it! Thanks,
  4. Nice update! The TrackIR/FFB bug still persists. Please look at it...
  5. Unfortunately I haven't noticed any comments from the Developer team regarding this issue yet, but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't aware of it. I've mentioned it a couple of times (with links) in the Dev Diary since the DX11 update, but it would be nice if someone from the Developer team could at least acknowledge the issue. I'm going to continue to bring it up until it's fixed of course. Prehaps, we need more people to do the same (respectfully of course). It seemed to work for the FW190. Squeaky wheel gets the oil 'n' all that! Keep posting!
  6. Great news on the AI improvements!! Cheers, Now as Piciu has already mentioned, if someone can please take a look at the following links that would be grand.
  7. Thanks for the update. Please don't forget about the FFB stuttering issue. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/
  8. Sign up and have a go: http://www.research.ibm.com/quantum/
  9. Yeh HDMI 1.4 and DVI are essentially the same, I hadn't seen anyone mention their connections in the other thread so I thought it was worth a bash. I don't have any issues getting 100+ FPS since the 2.006 update, it's just the combination of the above seems to cause some stuttering issues with FFB enabled. It's odd behaviour, I'm just hoping the devs can have a look at a potential fix. Sorry for dragging your thread off topic PP.
  10. Nice, good to hear the upgrade was worth it. After reading your post I decided to swap over from HDMI to DVI to see if it would make a difference for the stuttering that occurs due to the MSFFB2/TrackIR and FFB on in IL-2. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/ Unfortunately it made bugger all difference but it was worth a try. Cheers.
  11. Good news on some of the bug fixing. I was wondering if the developers have had a chance to look at the Force Feed Back bug? It's so frustrating that this causes stuttering when version 2.0006 improved the FPS so wonderfully. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/ Please tell me you will have a look at it!!
  12. I really hope this gets looked at, playing without FFB or TrackIR isn't really an option in my opinion. The developers have been working quite hard on the main updates lately so I'm inclined to think it will be something they can hopefully address in the New Year. The DX11 update has been amazing for the framerate, but this one little thing is so frustrating.
  13. Good work on the hotfix. I hope you guys can have a look at the MSFFB2 Joystick/TrackIR FFB stuttering sometime in the near future. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/ That would be superb!
  14. On further thought, it may not always be appropriate to be 60 seconds I suppose. Certain servers/settings may dictate a longer or shorter period depending on how missions play out. It could prove very frustrating in certain mission situations if you have to wait 60 seconds when everyone on the server knows which airfield you're mission is tasked to and just vulch the daylights out of it. 12 seconds might be more appropriate in that case. Having mission builders being able to tweak the timer variable would seem to make the most sense.
  15. Are you using the wheel brakes? Check the default key binding in the options.
  16. <===== Bogan Santa wishes y'all a Merry Christmas too!
  17. On first inspection of the thread title I made the assumption you were requesting to shorten the unload time. I was thinking why on earth would you do that? I feel it went just a little too quickly as well. 60 seconds sounds reasonable. Good call!
  18. For some reason I overlooked this purchase.. I thought I had already bought it until I tried to play. Anyway, if I buy it right now is it still considered as a pre-order then? Meaning: I can still get my hands on an exclusive skin? Cheers,
  19. Personally, I do think spotting is a little bit better. But for me, I think that has more to do with having a constant frame rate and zero screen tearing now, more so than anything else. Moving objects pop out much more when things run smoothly. I assume drawing distances and the like may just get some more love now that DX11 has arrived.
  20. jcomm made a topic about this exact thing. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/25654-i-want-meee-badges/
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