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  1. Very nice pictures mate, Thanks for sharing.
  2. Fantastic looking scenery and models. Great job!
  3. The Spitfire cockpit looks awesome. I'm eagerly awaiting my new ride.
  4. A very nice gesture indeed, from you and Mr Anon. And all the other nice people that gift stuff to this community. Pat (if he doesn't own BoK) seems like a fine choice. But, I vote Sokol1. Cuz: Sokol1 is a Super-Happy-Fun-Time-Flight-Simulator-Peripheral-Encyclopedia. Edit: Alright, I now see LuseKofte already suggested that community member, so for shits n giggles I vote Raaaid. Cuz: No IL-2 forum would be complete without the (numerous) threads created by Raaaid, which provide many forum regulars with the shits n giggles.
  5. WTFBBQHAX... Aimbot for sure!
  6. Not sure where you are, but most likely SKYSports. YES! I haven't watched that game this morning, but I am fairly certain who won 3-0
  7. Excellent work on the Spitfire, the cockpit looks great. Nice work on the audio as well.
  8. It's a shame you feel that way, because the games I've seen have been pretty good.
  9. The opening match between Russia and New Zealand was this morning. The opening ceremony was pretty cool and it wasn't a bad game. Russia had some promising chances early on due to the terrible NZ Goalkeeper and defensive line. I'm looking forward to the Portugal vs Mexico game tomorrow morning as well as the Australia vs Germany game on Tuesday morning. I would love to see Australia get up there, but after an embarrassing performance against Brazil the other night, and the fact this is worst defensive team Australia has ever had, I highly doubt they will even win a game. My money is
  10. Fantastic looking aircraft. And. I love the skins! Great job dudes, you deserve a pat on the back.
  11. Oh gawd that's an ugly canopy isn't it? lol I can't wait to try it out! This is the best game I own, so, all the best for your future endeavors.
  12. Steel Division Normandy 44. Or pretty much WARGAME: WWII version http://store.steampowered.com/app/572410/Steel_Division_Normandy_44/
  13. If they build it, I will buy it, fly it and most likely crash it. These hangars are full baby! (points towards man-boobs)
  14. I'm not much help for historical references, but the IL-2 swots should surely come through for you. Good luck on the mission building though, I'm looking forward to it!
  15. There's some really great pics on that site, thanks for sharing!
  16. Oooooh that is fancy isn't it? Very impressive indeed. Cheers for posting the video DD_Arthur
  17. I haven't had a chance to try them yet. Does anyone have any video footage?
  18. This? https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/26746-trackir-and-ffb-working-together-cause-terrible-stuttering/
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