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  1. It looks great, but one week after release it will be full of Aimbotters and wall hedge hacks.
  2. I've been listening to a bunch of OSTs lately. One of my favorites:
  3. So, can I assume the 'page 3' Ladies will be historically accurate then? Seriously though, the texture artists are brilliant! Little details like the fabric on those ribbons always look fantastic. Well done!
  4. What I like about this forum is that whenever a new plane is planned/released, there is (without fail) a great bunch of historical reading materials posted. I don't know as much about WWII aviation history as the majority seem to know -but it interests me greatly- and these posts are always appreciated. As for the plane in question, well, more is good right? Especially if it brings in the possibility of new game play mechanics.
  5. The new map is quite amazing really. Flying over the tree top mountains and plunging head first into those valleys is a fantastic experience in VR. I am really enjoying the new flight models too. I've only flown the I-16, Spitfire, F4 and the HE-111 so far. In uber-technical aeronaughty speak, I think the term I am looking for is, 'They feel really good bruv!' Well done lads!
  6. In my opinion, spotting aircraft is easier in VR than it is on a flat screen! Getting a positive ID on that aircraft at distance - that is where higher resolution would help.
  7. Oh cool, I thought it might be like that. Cheers for confirmation. I find head movement and position is much easier in VR than using TrackIR, so this should be a cool bomb sight to use.
  8. Looking great guys. The bomb sight doesn't move does it? Is it just your eye position lining up on the relevent notch?
  9. It must be a big update - the download is taking a while.
  10. Nice skins. I'm looking forward to the update. Also on another note, I tried IL-2 with the Rift for the first time today. And, Holy mother of crap it was freaking amazing! You lot did a fantastic job on the VR implementation. Thanks so much!
  11. Similar to my setup, but I use the toggle modifier keys (CTRL) so each button has two uses.
  12. I've been thinking about this a bit too while I wait for my shiny new Rift to get here. Prehaps we're all better off learning braille.
  13. Lately I've been revisiting the spaghetti westerns. The music is just amazing. and Liam's remix.
  14. Nice gesture and marketing campaign Haash! I'm looking forward to the screenies.
  15. It was a pretty good film I reckon! Sure, I could pick out things which appeared a little silly, but overall it was a good adventure. $100 mill budget - Definitely worth 1/2 a Neymar.
  16. Wow, A very impressive update indeed. The map looks great, the models and textures look great, the water technology looks great. The career mode sounds promising as does historically accurate weather. Echoing the posts of others, it would be really nice to see a player controlled boat for each side. I've gotta have a go of riding those waves man! Now, what do the banners say exactly?
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