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  1. Pink badges for those that didn't pre-order sounds fair!
  2. I know, I know! It's air quake! But I really do hope we get the lake map again.
  3. It sounds like a pretty good addition BlackSix, Cheers!
  4. loL! I'm so glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. Haha
  5. This announcement alone, was well worth the money invested in the last few years. I simply can't wait to fly these crates in VR. Is it safe to assume we will see the D.VIIF too?
  6. <------------------------ ...just waiting for the pre-order!
  7. I wish I could say I already have, but the pre-order isn't available yet.
  8. Such wonderful news isn't it? I was telling the wife all about it this morning, which was met with /rollseyes, "How much money did you spend this morning?" I'm so pleased by that announcement.
  9. It looks cold, not at all like the weather here at the moment. Great Job!
  10. I used to use it frequently when playing on a monitor. But since playing in VR I don't use it at all as I feel it ruins the immersion for me too.
  11. Very nice guys. I'm looking forward to the next update.
  12. Interesting. Rise of Flight 2.0 CONFIRMED! Maybe? RoF kites added to BoX? IL-2 Battle of New Guinea? A Typhoon then? Ok I will stop now, but I'm excited!
  13. Not as awesome as me! Seriously though, I would pay for all my RoF stuff again, just to have it in VR.
  14. Mozzie for me too! Oi! Oie! Oy! Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing in the Aussie Bogan Chant. (I'll let myself out)
  15. Yup, I migrated my BoS install to steam as soon as it came available. I've never bought anything IL-2 BoX related on Steam either, it's all been purchased through this site. I re-installed not too long ago, after getting the Rift - I have speedy interwebs (for Australia) - I think it took about 20mins to download everything again. I've been using Steam since September 2003 (I've even got the badge to prove it ) and I've never once had an issue with the service.
  16. That's a very impressive looking Aircraft right there. Nice one! I love the rain effects on the canopy, it had me scanning for puddles on the runway. Well done.
  17. Great write up Deitrich! Branden and Felix were two of my favorites in RoF and I would love to see that float-plane-water-tech in BoX. Also, that Arado vid is pretty cool, thanks for sharing man.
  18. We do! It's called Member, sometimes Founder. Edit: Can't leave people out can we?
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