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  1. its says clearly in rules drug propaganda is prohibited.

    Last time i checked alcohol is a drug, just like pot/coke/heroin.



    I think you just misinterpreted those rules. 

    Maybe you didn't and it's just your dry humour right?


    Cheers  :drinks:  :drink2:

  2. Since Ryzen+ is just around the corner and will be available in April I guess I will just switch sides. 2600k served well, reached 5.1 Ghz on water and gave me fun as a platform but after 5 years its time to drop Intel for good.  


    I bought my 2500k Q1 2011 - about the first month they were available. It has been the best damn investment -as far as PC parts go- I have ever made. It's the CPU that just keeps on keeping on!

    I have been contemplating an upgrade in the last month or so, but then the Meltdown/Spectre news hit. So I think it will be worth waiting to see how things pan out in the CPU world over the next couple of months.


    CVE-2017-5754 (the freq-nasty of the 3 exploits) is a major headache for Intel, so I am looking forward to Ryzen+ in April. I expect I will be switching sides then too.

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