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  1. Great news, nice pictures, a D7 (Woop Woop) and a Dolphin. Nice update! Cheers!
  2. So many cool updates, and so little time. It's great to see the progress you guys are making. Congratulations. 🎯👍
  3. I'm looking forward to trying the Camel and the Dolphin in VR, they should be pretty awesome. In fact, I can't wait to try each an every crate. I guess most of all, I am looking forward to the DVIIF. In the future I do hope we see the Pup, The tripe and the Handley/Gotha - Just put all the RoF planes in please!
  4. Just had a quick look. The Dr.1 over the mountains was glorious. I can't wait to put in some VR time later today. Absolutely awesome!! 👍
  5. Such great news. I wasn't expecting a RoF customer discount, that's a nice touch! Thanks heaps!💪
  6. I've been waiting a long time for WWI planes in VR. I'm really looking forward to it! Cheers,
  7. meanwhile back on topic.... ...but it will have Battle Royale mode. Which sounds like a really unique and interesting game mode! 🤑
  8. The update sounds pretty awesome. Can't wait to try it out this weekend. Cheers!
  9. I think you just misinterpreted those rules. Maybe you didn't and it's just your dry humour right? Cheers
  10. I bought my 2500k Q1 2011 - about the first month they were available. It has been the best damn investment -as far as PC parts go- I have ever made. It's the CPU that just keeps on keeping on! I have been contemplating an upgrade in the last month or so, but then the Meltdown/Spectre news hit. So I think it will be worth waiting to see how things pan out in the CPU world over the next couple of months. CVE-2017-5754 (the freq-nasty of the 3 exploits) is a major headache for Intel, so I am looking forward to Ryzen+ in April. I expect I will be switching sides then too.
  11. HippyDruid


    That is so wrong, it's almost criminal.
  12. Till Intel pay Microsoft big bucks to ensure the KPTI patch is for all CPUs. We need to level the playing field now.
  13. It looks and sounds good, but it's the VR implementation I am most looking forward to. If they can do this right, I will probably spend more time with Cliffs.
  14. Thank you for all your hard work this year. I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year!
  15. Nice work on the (re)release/update of Clod. Congratulations to everyone involved! Do you think it might receive some VR love at some point? That would be pretty grand!
  16. Not a commercial product by any means, but I would love to mess around with that thing. For $3k too, I can imagine a few labs will be taking advantage of that price. What a beast!
  17. The responses don't surprise me! There's a pretty good community spirit around here. Quality is worth waiting for. Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas one and all.
  18. No, it does not. well not visibly anyway. This could mean that the 1:1 head tracking isn't moving fast enough to make the problem more prominent. Although, when I was using TrackIR5 with the MSFFB2, even extremely slow head movements would stutter pretty badly. So prehaps it is still there, but with VR it's not noticable at all. I've always suspected it was implementation of the TrackIR API being used in the digital nature engine and not the actual joystick drivers, because as we all know DCS doesn't have this problem. I cannot be sure of that, as I am not privvy to their code. So it'
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