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  1. Nachwuchsprobleme haben leider die meisten Vereine auch in der Fliegerei, auch wenn's nichts schöners gibt wie Fliegen wird das auch nicht billiger... Ich würde mich halt umschauen meistens kann ja noch ein Probejahr mit den meisten Vereinen aushandeln , und dan merkt man recht schnell ob man dazu passt oder nicht. Und auch dementsprechend das Flugfeld, weil hier am Flughafen um die Ecke kostet die Landung auch noch stolze 20 Euro sowas geht ins Geld... Fluglehrer die noch 24/7 Zeit haben für dich und ihr Hobby Lieben sind schon eher selten
  2. To Bad I am already JG27 :D Great Guy Kornezov don't be shy you can learn something *Bump*
  3. When there was a document that warn Pilots of overheating Problems anyone would post this long Time ago, try only puzzle things together what I have found so far... And none of the IL-2 Planes suffer any Temperature Problems right now, so should be not difference for gameplay on the Spit.. But after the Spitfire Radiators work very well under normal Flight Conditions it hard to believe you found anything in this direction.. And cooling Ducts was at first only Drag, they try on all WW2 Fighters to make them small at possible... After Radiator is nearly a solid Block, the Air is also not really interested to go the Way with the most Resistance, and main Part of the Airstream would happily Floating around of the Cooling Duct... Spitfire Radiator is working RAM Air, in front of the Radiator would build up a high atmospheric Pressure Region, and on the back Side would be relative low atmospheric Pressure. Pressure Systems always try to balance the difference, what means the Air Would be sucked trough the Radiator what provide effective Cooling.. So yes the CFD Fighter is mostly describe the Drag of cooling Ducts, but with missing Pressure on the Radiator Face there is also no cooling Possible.. The delta P In order to cool, air must flow through a radiator, with a mass flow easily determined by calculation. It is the pressure difference between the two faces of the radiator core, which forces air to flow through it : the ΔP. Without this pressure difference, no flow through the core, no cooling. There is a drawback : ΔP implies higher pressure on the front face, and lower pressure on the rear face. The resulting rearward force corresponds to a drag.
  4. This is described there but difficult to understand, because under normal Flight conditions the Cooler is on the Boarder of the Boundary Layer zone, with less Speed Boundary Layer zone is moving forward to the Wing Tip and the Radiator is missing Pressure on the Cooling Duct Face. What Means the Air doesn't want to move efficient trough the Cooling Duct anymore.. Read again the Spitfire Part, there is also following the Reconstruction of the 109F Cooling Duct...
  5. What is allowed and nice to fly at high AOA and bring beneficial effect in combat is two different part of the Story....Or is combat use also in this Manual?
  6. The Spitfire Watercooler was more efficient then 109s, but overheat Trouble of the Spitfire not comes from the Cooler it self, it was the placement and Construction of the Cooler. 109 use Watercooler with Boundary Layer Suction, what is the Turbulent Airstream Dissolves from the Wing. That's why is little bit funny when the Yak Flaps get pushed back at higher speeds in the Prop wash and Boundary Layer of the Wing in exact same Position, would more likely a unpleasant flutter of the Flaps, but its what it is.... When you interested CFD analytics of the Planes and its aerodynamic flaws of the main western WW2 Fighter. http://a.moirier.free.fr/Conception/Conception/Charge alaire/World War II fighter aerodynamics.pdf
  7. How can you assume a Wing with to Wings Spars is still intact after it lost one of the Spars or attachment Points do enemy Fire? Probably the Structure will still collapse because the Wing is not designed to overcome the Bending and lift Force with one remaining Spar the outcome would be the same... Making a decision about Spars how many Damage it can take is really arcade style would really like to see DEV mathematical Conclusion about deformation to the breaking Point or different angels of point of Impact ammunition is used so on....
  8. Would know your Source with technical Background Solty? after you know exactly 1 Wing Spar can not take that amount of Damage? Diameter of the Wing Spar Bending and Lift Forces? Seems more like Pub Stories? Would claim also Yak with only one Wing Spar could not even fly and take the bending force from normal Flight Conditions because its a complete different Wing Design? And something for you British Report of the Wing from 1942 cheers... This light and exceptionally rigid construction of the monospar wing was supposed to be inferior to the two-spar wing with regard to resistance to bullets. Experience gained from many operational flights, even under the most intense fire, does not, however, in any way confirm this view.
  9. Was taken from the 109 F,G High Speed Trails with recommended Cruse Setting for +1 for the Stab, and CG is dependent on the external Load and remain Fuel landing start configuration So makes not much sence with new Patch the Pilot need ages to trim somewhere, the big Zero on the Trim Wheel is from where you go depend on your actuall configuration flight state...
  10. With currently 2 Degrees plus its far from Cruse Setting, but thx for your useful input at least you have something wrote down...
  11. Danke für eure Einschätzung, hab mit der HS-129 Stunden im alten IL-2 verbracht steht nach der 109 ganz oben auf meiner liste eigentlich.. Aber IL-2 DMG Model und dan noch ohne Feuerlöscher kann ich manchmal nicht ganz nachvollziehen...
  12. Would like the Stabi is still on Zero not elsewhere don't know why they do this, now it is nose heavys as standart..
  13. Wie ist euer Eindruck der MK-101/103 gegen Bodenziele? Würde mir die HS-129 gern kaufen hab aber so meine Befürchtung das Sie wieder extreme fragile ist und die IL-2 bei weitem besser...
  14. Is it possible to bring the Trim Position for Stab back to Zero somewhere? now you start every flight with nose Heavy Plane with about -77 % Trim it is a little bit anoying? Edit 109F4
  15. Want to hear your first impression please how the HS-129 deal with the T-34 in game to consider the purchase is worth it thx
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