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  1. Good on you @vonrickenbecker all the very best for this venture.
  2. While I was frustrated by the lack of supplied information (in the box) from Virpil I am ultimately impressed with what I have from them, once I sort them out. I’ve had my Warbrd base for a month now and left it on the (AviaSim - Soft Center) cams and standard springs as supplied in order to become familiar with it before making changes. I use a Thrustmaster Hornet grip with it. Not unexpectedly I felt the grip was a little heavy for the base so today I changed to the heavier cams and springs. I have to say I am impressed by the internals of the Warbrd. The supplied optional cams (AviaSim - No Center) are more appropriate for the Hornet grip in my view. The optional heavy springs are also a noticable enhancement but not as firm as expected so I might get the even heavier springs from Virpil to try. Even so I am very happy with this adjustment to an already very good base and grip combination. I’m using Monstertech table mounts for this and the Virpil throttle by the way and am also impressed with those. Here is a picture of the Warbrd opened up. For balance I do prefer the V.K.B.sim approach to product packaging and in the box information. I have V.K.B.’s Gladiator Mk II and Rudder pedals, both excellent products for their price points.
  3. Enjoyable Q&A session. I am frankly amazed as to how much is being achieved, especially in the current times. VR is just getting better and better and IL-2 has the best implementation of it by far in my opinion. I’m looking forward to the Mosquito and other aircraft in the Normandy release. Keep up the great work Devs!
  4. Another excellent update by the devs. Thank you very much. I’m still exploring all it offers so more to discover for sure but I’ve noticed a satisfying thump and other sounds effects when my rounds hit the cockpit and engine area of a target aircraft in Flying Circus. Wings do come off but only after the real damage is done by the look of it. I expect some satisfied FS flyers as a result of this update. I’m using a Valve Index and still exploring the various settings for that but a noticeable performance improvement for VR for me. The Yak-9 and 9T look great. I’ll be in those next.
  5. I’m looking forward to carrying out some ‘nuisance raids’ in the Mossie, and the map of course, plus everything else for that matter.
  6. I’ve pre-ordered the Hurricane already and put my money down for the Yak-9 this afternoon. Looking forward to both of them.
  7. Thanks Skidz, that’s a great link.
  8. Some good advice here above. Don’t give it up completely unless you are sure you don’t or won’t get any enjoyment from it. That does not seem to be so in your case. I recommend going into multiplayer. There are plenty of great people willing to help with tips and flying with others is great fun and rewarding. I’m not sure what time zone you are in but I’d be happy to go online with you sometime.
  9. Couldn't agree more @GOZR Flying Circus is particularly suited to VR in my view but that's not to downplay how good it is to sit in a P38 or any other WW2 aircraft cockpit for that matter. While there could always be improvements, IL-2 implements VR very well.
  10. Thank you @Adler_Blau and @1PL-Lucas-1Esk for leading us and for all the forward planning. Cheers to all those I flew with, and against. Jasta5 can be rightly proud of the success of this event, which is the first I have experienced. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I liked the changing weather conditions amongst many other things and I look forward to the next Bloody April.
  11. The skins you did for me are excellent @Oliver88.
  12. I received my controllers during the week and set them up yesterday to fire up Half Life Alyx. I’m impressed and so is the wife, who isn’t into VR or video games in general. Valve have a hit with this one. I really need a second base station now. They are still out of stock.
  13. Enjoy them Lulus. 👍 A good set of rudder pedals makes a huge difference.
  14. I enjoyed IL-2 on the monitor and now I am having a ball in VR. It’s the best optimised flying sim for VR that I have experienced. It is a visual and aural feast. If you are into Great War flying or Second World War flying this is for you. All the people involved in making this great sim available to us have my thanks.
  15. Looks like an RE8 to me.
  16. This may have had some influence on this sad event: https://www.lawsociety.org.nz/news-and-communications/latest-news/news/serious-fraud-office-charges-laid-in-the-vintage-aviator-case https://www.sfo.govt.nz/eugene-demarco-jailed-for-defrauding-aircraft-company
  17. Another great read. Well done all the Aces!
  18. Hi Taurus Please don't apologise, I am very grateful to you for doing them. Cheers Snowy
  19. Hi Taurus, According to the RAAF Museum Facebook page the Snipe replica was built by Nick Caudwell from 'the Sopwith plans over a period of 10 years and approximately 10,000 hours of work. All the cockpit instruments and switches are original'. It is an impressive aircraft. I have been fortunate to see it fly at a couple of airshows in Australia. The RAAF Museum at Point Cook in Victoria Australia is a 'must visit' when in Melbourne in my view, as is the Australian War Memorial in Canberra whenever I am there.
  20. Perhaps check out Amazon Web Hosting or their rivals. As I understand it you set it up and only pay for what you use, i.e. you turn it off after the session is done. It can be cranked up in specification easily, or so I am told and have witnessed from a work perspective. They talk of only a few $ per day.
  21. Hi Taurus, I just tried out your No 4 Squadron skins. They look great! As an Aussie I appreciate you doing these. That is indeed an interesting read. Here is a photo I took of the replica Snipe flying at Tyabb in 2016.
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