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  1. Thank you very much Jade_Monkey. When I put in the discount code as indicated on the page for the Mitchell B25 is says it is not valid this time. I used the '3' at the end.
  2. I’ve tried most WWI flying titles, in single player at least, since Red Baron days. With VR FC1 is blowing my head off. So are the Central pilots but that is another story! I’m loving it. I forked out for a Valve Index last year mainly for flight sims and with what that brings to immersion and multiplayer like Jasta 5’s Bloody April server I think we are actually in a good place right now.
  3. I wonder if it will work with a Shakekit? I have a shakekit from Sim Racing Studio which works with Project Cars 2, Dirt Rally and to some extent DCS.
  4. I think it comes with the Valve Index hand controllers which I am informed today are on their way to me so I’ll give it a try.
  5. I sincerely hope there is more to come in FC. I am really enjoying it So far and will by FC2 and Collector aircraft to my liking.
  6. Thank you Oliver88 and J5_Daedallus, I really appreciate both your responses. And I got the rules to read. I first tried on my work Surface but Adobe would not open it. I have it now.
  7. I count 23, 28, 21 and 15 for the four dawn missions at this time. As I am new to multiplayer I would very much welcome a description of the types of ground targets and so on so I can try to bomb them more precisely and also a general description of orders please, such as what does 'Barge (0.5)' mean? I can presume it means you try to take a Barrage Balloon. If so does that need special ammunition or do I dive bomb them? I'm sorry if these are dumb questions but if I don't ask I won't be able to be effective. Thanks
  8. Thanks Lucas, that explains it. Cheers
  9. I was on last night, very enjoyable thank you. I have a question regarding Discord numbers please. There seemed a lot fewer people on Discord in relation to the number online, compared with Sunday. Do people use other comms perhaps, such as teamspeak? Another question if I may, when bombing enemy trenches, what specific target/s do I go for? Do I go for the artillery for example?
  10. I’d be OK with an AI PBY to start with and flyable later on. When we get that I’ll ask for a Sunderland 😀
  11. I registered earlier today but forgot to put the BA_ in front, sorry. I hope it didn’t go to spam. Which side needs more pilots or is it evenly balanced already?
  12. That is a great video Talbot
  13. Agree they would be a nice addition. A PBY Catalina would be sweet.
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