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  1. LF_Sire, this tip is really helpful and a time saver so thank you kindly sir!
  2. I just experienced this for the first time yesterday. Setup was easy and it really does add to the immersive atmosphere quite a lot. I landed in a damaged P38J and the tower says to me “Lightning .... try not to scratch the paint next time’. Made me smile. Now I just need to learn some correct radio comms protocols.
  3. Excellent work DetCord. These are amazing.
  4. Thank you Devs, as always, for this update. Lots of good stuff. May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.
  5. This is an easy pre-purchase decision for me. It doesn’t have all that I wished for but nonetheless it’s a good selection of aircraft. It does include the Pfalz D.XII so I am very happy. Bring on FC3! Thanks devs!
  6. Likewise @ROCKET_KNUT 👍 Thank you!
  7. Purchased, looking forward to VR support for it.
  8. While I have a Valve Index, which I rate very highly, I’d recommend OP consider a Rift S as it’s probably the lowest entry cost in both monetary and PC hardware requirement terms. It will also be easy to set up. IL-2 has very good VR implementation. OP, you will need to check your hardware meets the minimum requirements for the one you decide on but the immersion of VR is simply amazing so in my opinion is well worth the investment. Another one to consider is the upcoming HP Reverb G2 which is reportedly due out later this year but that will need a beefy PC.
  9. Very nice work mate, and well presented too.👍 I’ll get back into it when time allows.
  10. It could be fun and something to look forward to. As it’s by EA I will temper my expectations accordingly.
  11. I have to politely disagree, I use the blip switch a lot in my Camel. It is useful in combat and when landing. I can turn faster with some application of the blip switch and also when doing a split S. If you watch Requiem’s excellent tutorial on the Camel he recommends using it when landing.
  12. It worked for me in my Sopwith Camel. It came as a surprise to me and in VR was a very interesting experience, as in not burning to death because the Air Ministry don’t issue us with a parachute! My letters to them on the matter have all gone unanswered. 😀
  13. And I need to find a place for a ‘One beer please’ button like on the Volans.
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