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  1. Thats a good Idea, boy do I have alot of those from my 1946 days. Salute Wolfe I found a mistake on one of the download links, I hope it was not too painful getting the Preddy skin. Salute Wolfe
  2. Salute All, I put together some skins that may appeal, 2 are historic and one just for fun and Pride. http://www.mediafire.com/file/u7cdy479nbcfgtz/P51D15NA_GEPreddy_Last_Mustang.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/6aq9mfou3cw43jo/P51D15NA_Ridge_Runner_III.rar/file http://www.mediafire.com/file/cnyg3dzgjlw5bxd/P51D15NA_The_Raptor.rar/file
  3. Just some info for those who need it, the + next to the data on the port side aft of the engine cowling is the CG location on that specific P-51D. all AC are weight and balance with the equipment on board except fuel. Salute GreyWolfe
  4. Im looking for the DDS plugin for GIMP 2.8 32 bit and the normal map. Wolfe
  5. I need a good site for gimp and the plugin for win XP, please. Wolfe
  6. Thanks for the response, Here is what Im dealing with, Windows XP 32. Im using the only adobe I ever paid for CS3 and I installed a plugin, DDS . my rig should handle this but I up the ram to 4 g. in the past I could save a dds file with out the alpha if I was not needing the shiny alum look. and if I save all my work and close shut down and later restart my computer. I restart my CS3 and open my temp and save as a DDS with alpha channels and wait for it, boom cant save error. Its so damn fustrating I have to walk away. now I can not save any dds file. HELP! SAlut
  7. Salute! Im having a problem with my Adobe CS3. It works only once in a while when saving as a DDS with alpha. it takes its time then give a message about not saving some file. As I like to have the alpha channel in my skin dont see a work around for this. Can I use a different program to save after doing my work editing with CS3., like gimp? GreyWolfe
  8. Well to each there own, Can't pleases everyone. Salute Wolfe
  9. In what way? I dont use the alpha channel. That wet look is far from realistic. Its hard to get the RLM color that is as dull and war worn as it was in combat.
  10. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zvgbdkf3kb54fmt/Fw190D9_Yellow_4_Werner_Merz.rar/file Yellow 4, Pilot Gefr. Werner Merz http://www.mediafire.com/file/ifsp6g7cc4phtyf/Fw190D9_Blk_14_JG_26.rar/file Black 14 of Stab JG 26 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4qabrfclerbr2zo/Fw190D9_Blk_12_E9.rar/file Black 12 of II/JG 6
  11. I thank you for the file, I need the one that works with Battle of Stalingrad. I think the one here is for 1946. I had one I converted to a DDS file but its not showing up. Did we get a update that changed this? If you have one that is already DDS I can use I would love to have it. Salute Wolfe
  12. Im looking for the Panel Finder, I have some how misplaced mine and its not showing up in game. Working on some Dora 9 skins and this will help a bunch. Salute Wolfe
  13. I have a New Question, Panel Finder. I just converted to DDS to get a look at my Dora 9 and its no longer showing up, A blurry default skin is what I see. Im going to find a new one and try again. Did a patch make using this file no good. Thanks again, GreyWolfe
  14. Many thanks JimTM, I cant believe I never saw that arrow. Salute my friend and keep your canopy shiny. GreyWolfe
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