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  1. Salute! Im having a problem with my Adobe CS3. It works only once in a while when saving as a DDS with alpha. it takes its time then give a message about not saving some file. As I like to have the alpha channel in my skin dont see a work around for this. Can I use a different program to save after doing my work editing with CS3., like gimp? GreyWolfe
  2. Well to each there own, Can't pleases everyone. Salute Wolfe
  3. In what way? I dont use the alpha channel. That wet look is far from realistic. Its hard to get the RLM color that is as dull and war worn as it was in combat.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/zvgbdkf3kb54fmt/Fw190D9_Yellow_4_Werner_Merz.rar/file Yellow 4, Pilot Gefr. Werner Merz http://www.mediafire.com/file/ifsp6g7cc4phtyf/Fw190D9_Blk_14_JG_26.rar/file Black 14 of Stab JG 26 http://www.mediafire.com/file/4qabrfclerbr2zo/Fw190D9_Blk_12_E9.rar/file Black 12 of II/JG 6
  5. I thank you for the file, I need the one that works with Battle of Stalingrad. I think the one here is for 1946. I had one I converted to a DDS file but its not showing up. Did we get a update that changed this? If you have one that is already DDS I can use I would love to have it. Salute Wolfe
  6. Im looking for the Panel Finder, I have some how misplaced mine and its not showing up in game. Working on some Dora 9 skins and this will help a bunch. Salute Wolfe
  7. I have a New Question, Panel Finder. I just converted to DDS to get a look at my Dora 9 and its no longer showing up, A blurry default skin is what I see. Im going to find a new one and try again. Did a patch make using this file no good. Thanks again, GreyWolfe
  8. Many thanks JimTM, I cant believe I never saw that arrow. Salute my friend and keep your canopy shiny. GreyWolfe
  9. Salute, My problem started after the last update. Only in a multi server, I select base and plane type and try to select setup for fuel, weapons and livery and it goes to the hanger splash with the AC picked but only button is accept in green. I can fly but no way to adjust load out. Any ideas how this happened? GreyWolfe
  10. Salute My Friend, I hope this will serve you well. Wolfe
  11. Salute All, I have finished my honorable work for Lt. Dolor A. Martin. I am touched even still after doing my best to find any information on this heroic pilot from the 360th squadron. The name on the starboard side of the cowling is his son, an nick name I'm guessing. Dolor Martin was a pilot of a Republic P47D Thunderbolt of the 356th Fighter Group of the American Eight Air Force, based in Martlesham Heath, England. On November 11th, his unit was tasked to provide support to a withdrawing formation of B-17 bombers that had attacked a marshalling yard near Münster, in Germany. In the vincinity of Ede, Dolor Martin was engaged in an aerial battle with German fighters and was shot down. 'Stewpot' crashed due to aerial combat with 3 Luftwaffe fighters. He died for our freedom. I stayed with a clean P-47D with little weather and wear. I felt important to honor the pilot this way. Thanks Grippen7 for making this suggestion, I hope you honor him with this humble attempt to share in this. http://www.mediafire.com/file/rd48cbb5vw5evrp/P-47D-28_4k_DA_Martin_PI-M.rar/file Salute WWGreyWolfe
  12. If I had some images of the livery of this AC this pilot flown. I would make a grand effort to honor him. Salute Wolfe PS. Im starting this skin so we can both Honor Dolor A. Martin. Ill need a week so I can help my sister with her chemo. I will post up my honor skin dash 28 in the livery of the 360th squadron. If you find anything more I will seek your post before finalizing the skin. Code white, PI-M ,ac # 42-28668, Stewpot on starboard cowl and 360th FS badge on port. Pilots name in yellow port side. Thanks for your honor Grippen7,.... Salute
  13. Thank you for a quick response ,I will try to look at the forums for more info. Salute Wolfe
  14. Salute, This is my first to share, I hope you like. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/r0bjqkr9z38x54a/P-47D-28_4K_David_Schilling_LM-S.rar/file Here is a P-47D I did some time back. Download http://www.mediafire.com/file/97blxfq7mc7uke3/P-47D-28_4k_56FG_Balls_Out_G9-L.rar/file
  15. Im not finding any info on when or how soon BodenPlate is to be out for use to enjoy. I payed for it now Im getting antsy. Salute Wolfe
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