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  1. Oh man ! This is so cool. Perfect Christmas gift fort my neck. Thank you for your work.
  2. i deeply agree . Enough with the washed out graphics ! We ( my team and me) all agree that there is a lack of contrast in this game .
  3. I Why not both ? TS3 to chat with your squad, as usual . And SRS to share strategic informations with "strangers" . With the crunchy radio sound you easily know who speaks .Maybe only one guy in your team will need it, and act as a communication officer . It can be used just like teamchat, to signal bandits or request escort, but in a way more immersive manner .
  4. Actually I play à lot with the center view Button. For instance, when I want to check my right 6, I first turn my Head left, I press on center Button, then I turn my Head right to see my 6 . Then I close my eyes and look in front of me, press center Button to get back at normal. IT takes some time to get used to IT, but now I can do it IT very fast during dog fight. It's the best way I've found at the moment.
  5. It was at this moment that he knew... He fucked up !
  6. Yes ! Vr zoom and custom snapviews please dear santa 🎄
  7. hello all. I have the same issue with my HP Reverb I managed to bind a snapview on my vr controller with open vr advanced settings just like Nibbio did. But did someone found a way to bind keyboard or joy to open vR ? I tried open vr emulator https://github.com/matzman666/OpenVR-InputEmulator/releases but i can't find a way to create a virtual controller
  8. hello guys . I justordered one on HP's website but the order is out of stock . I wonder if you already had this case and how long it took to be resupplied . Cheers .
  9. even if it's not perfect .alternate seems to be preferded inside my team, as it favors high altitude combat and hit and run tactics instead of hugging the only contact i have per hour . I respect others point of view,, i just wantd to share mine . I'm sure devs will find an inbetween solution .
  10. I think there was some kind of conflict, i deleted the input files and remade the bindings ; Now it works .
  11. hi . i just installed the new throttle . It works in DCS . In IL2 i can manage to modify the bindings, the throttle seems to work in the menu but in game nothing happens . Someone had this problem ?
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