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  1. Yes i can confirm that, and i have no orange icons besides both of those settings... i'm clueless..
  2. I just tried it with the 109, and for fighters it seems to work perfectly fine..
  3. Doesn't matter to be honest since both ways dont work for me. Ever when i activate level flight auto pilot the plane wants to pull up higher and higher until the speed drops so low it stalls.
  4. It moves itself into stall. Im flying completely balanced before i activate it, but after activating the plane pulls up constantly and makes it stall itself which aborts the auto level.
  5. I checked, nothing else is set to this key. 😕
  6. Hey guys, i have a problem concerning the level flight in the bombers. Always when i start using the bomb sight and the level flight activates, my plane puts its nose in the sky until the level flight stops and the plane literally falls down again... How can i solve this?
  7. Oh, alright... Sorry for asking another time 😅 Thats sad but understandable tho.
  8. Hi I recently came back to this game since i got my Track IR 5 today, im installing the game rn and i wondered whether there are any plans of adding more heavy bombers to the game? Four engined bombers to be certain. Thank you
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