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  1. I'm playing through Reach at the moment on PC... I never could get on with controllers, so using a mouse and keyboard has improved my game play experience. Loving it so far! If anyone is interested, I have a thread going here... Halo Reach And I agree, Infinite is going to be a day one purchase for me!
  2. Last time that happened they were all caught and faced a firing squad...
  3. ''I don't care if it's Christmas, TURN THOSE BLOODY LIGHTS OFF!...
  4. Crikey... that will get some peoples juices flowing! Not me though. I'm not into the missile age.
  5. Great stuff! I always loved flying this aircraft in the old IL2... can't wait to give this version a go!
  6. Very interesting video... and food for thought!
  7. Err, early 1917 for FC2?... we need the aircraft set and 2 seaters for that stage of the war?????
  8. Curves... don't need em, just fly with what you have, it's still a pretty good experience. As to an FC2?... Put it this way, they haven't stated there 'won't' be one have they. So no need for doom and gloom posts. My gut feeling... they will do FC2, probably set in early 1917. There is a large crowd/following in that regard and should sell well. Then, be prepared for closing up the shop if 'both' versions have not come up to par... Nothing like being optimistic is there
  9. I hope we don't get one... then I can relax, have a drink and watch all the kinder wind themselves up into an uncontrollable mass of self inflicted F5 oblivion.
  10. We do need another transport so that both sides have the options for those kind of missions and campaigns. However, you can never have enough combat aircraft, c'mon!
  11. Yes. Had mine for years, and it's still as good as new. I use it on my motorbike, walking the dogs, or a walk down to the village pub on a cold night...
  12. They can't... I think it was Jason who said it can't be done.
  13. Congratulations!... this is one in the eye for all those people who were vocally telling everyone that CloD is dead and TF 5 will never see the light of day. looking forward to the eventual release. Keep up the good work all!
  14. No, if you start all that chanting bollox, then you will be punished!
  15. As we don't know the exact criteria that Jason is working to , to come to a conclusion whether or not it justifies making another FC product, I'd say it's pointless speculating. If it comes I'll be very happy... if not, then I have RoF and WoFF for my WWI fix, and I still enjoy playing both.
  16. No you are wrong, I've had leather jackets for my motorbikes since 1974... Leather is still in, most people I know use leather on their bikes. As for casual wear, here in the UK I see people out in leather jackets everywhere... Leather never goes out of fashion.
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