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  1. I'll certainly buy the map... as to the guy in the video, he's right actually. You will never get any map to be 100 per cent accurate in any game, but in a flight sim, one thing that should be as accurate as possible are the airfields you are operating from. If they have included Dover Castle, the White Cliffs, Dover Harbour etc, you would expect operational airfields for the Normandy operation to be more or less correct. Anyway, regardless, it looks pretty good!
  2. That bomb sight video is for the VV-1 bombsight on the IL2 1943 version I think... In the new campaign we will be flying the 42 version IL2 with a different sight.
  3. It all comes under the DCS banner.... it's not as if 'they' just decided to stick them in there without permission, lol!
  4. Rise of Flight has a vast area of WWI aviation for you to explore, much, much more than FC... If you can't afford to spend money on both then it has to be RoF. Yes, you can download RoF for free, but you will only be able to fly two aircraft, the Spad XIII and the Albatros DVa... (those two aircraft are in FC anyway). RoF has regular sales as well, so you can pick up aircraft for a small amount of money. Quick Mission, Custom Single Missions, Campaigns, the Career mode and the Channel map are also available in RoF, as well as a ton of modifications you can purchase for any aircraft you have. I will add that FC is worth a look as well and should not be over looked if you can afford it at a later date. These remarks are only my opinion... I have everything that was produced for RoF, I also own FC of course
  5. I don't even think about the ideology... I'm just playing a bloody game. And yes, my family members fought against the Germans during WWII, but that fact doesn't even come into the 'real world' in which I live. Honestly, get a grip people...
  6. Brilliant little video... really enjoyed it!
  7. That is one dirty well used Yak 9!
  8. In late December 1942 Yak 9s took part in the Soviet counter offensive at the Battle of Stalingrad. The aircraft had entered service with the 1st Air Army on the Western front a little earlier. (Soviet Combat Aircraft of the Second World War, by Yefim Gordon and Dmitri Khazanov) Also, Christer Bergstrom mentions the Yak 9 being introduced towards the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, delivered to 168 IAP (Stalingrad, The Air Battle 1942-through January 1943)
  9. The first Yak-9 entered service in October 1942 and first saw combat in late 1942 during the Battle of Stalingrad. The versatile Yak-9 operated with a wide variety of armament for use in anti-tank, light bomber and long-range escort roles.
  10. Not scary at all... it shows they have drive and enthusiasm coupled with a professional approach to all they do.
  11. P-51D, canopy open for taxiing due to visibility issues and safety reasons. Canopy 'must' be closed and locked for take off and landing... it's in the wartime manual.
  12. ''Starkers and Crutch!''... all it's missing is some fat little actor sliding across the engine cover!
  13. It's no secret... it's simply the late war RAF sanitary pack being jettisoned after the pilot has used the relief tube...
  14. ''That Fokker was a Messerschmitt!''
  15. ''Wake me up when it's all over Hans... I'm having a bad dream at the moment''
  16. Battle of France?... If you think getting all the technical info for Japanese planes was making life hard for the team, where on earth are you going to get that info on French fighters and bombers of the period?
  17. A toss pot I may be, but how dare you refer to my presence as just a 'sim nerd'... the nerve!
  18. I wasn't having a dig mate... I was just making a general statement on perhaps what a DD might cover today
  19. Good to hear Jason giving out lots of positive comments on what he sees as possibilities in the future!
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