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  1. Deelen airfield, Arnhem... do you know, I have flown out of that airfield several times back to the UK, after we have done the Arnhem drop. Even been on board a C-130 that had an engine seize on take off! Will be interesting to 'fly' from it in game
  2. Yes, Contact was pretty awful... I tried to get into it but gave up, it just didn't grab me. As to GM, I will get it if and when they decide to put British forces into the mix.
  3. I rarely fly any Yak... If I fly Russian, it's usually an IL2 or I-16. Usual mount is a Spitfire, and now impatiently waiting for the Hurri... Yaks... no!
  4. That was the absolute dogs bollocks!.... loved it!
  5. The penis extension extremists have to get that confirmation of a kill, otherwise, no hard on!
  6. Happy to see that it's coming along... Typhoon trivia: When the jerries started to make low level attacks on installations and ports around the British coast using fighter bombers, the Typhoon was the only aircraft that was capable of catching the Fw 190 at low level at that time.
  7. Same here!... must give these a go, many thanks!
  8. Love this mod... many thanks!
  9. I don't care what anyone says about DCS... it looks bloody marvellous!
  10. Try not to be sick or [bleep] on or around your pc... you may need to go to the doctors for further advice if it persists!
  11. And the ammunition the 9T carries is?
  12. It's called an 'all around vision canopy'...
  13. If the dev's decided to do it, they would be doomed to bugger up FC2, lol!
  14. HD 6, waste of time... was still in development when the war ended.
  15. It's been said before... we need two seaters that are already in RoF brought into the game for the next version of FC...
  16. Let's show our talented skinners some of the aircraft liveries we would like to see for this old warhorse... I'll start us off 😄
  17. I'm sure I read an RAF report a few years ago stating that 'shorter stocky type men' could withstand the effects of 'G' better than their taller counterparts... So, can I have a short stocky pilot please Jason!
  18. The initial batch of Hurri's sent over on lend lease had the Vokes filter fitted so it is entirely right for the eastern front
  19. Now the Hurri is almost upon us, we really, really need the Murmansk map!
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