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  1. This Yank kite is so big, I can go for a run around the cockpit if I get bored...
  2. You didn't ask for help mate... you just jumped straight in with a statement, as if you were picking fault. Ask for help and you would have surely got it..
  3. Funny how everyone else seems to control the torque with no problems...
  4. More likely they will focus on The Rings of Uranus...
  5. Strange isn't it... like the OP I have bought everything that has come out in WWII combat aviation with the IL2 name on it. It comes to a tidy sum and I don't regret buying anything. The IL2 game series has given me years of fun and pleasure, right from the moment old Oleg released it... and yet not once did I think that anything that came out should be given to me for free. I don't see that, now that this latest add on to CloD is arriving, I should change my perspective in any way... it's a funny old world!
  6. Ban them for life and confiscate their flight sim games... the dirty bounders!
  7. You have totally and completely missed my point... and I'm not trying to divide anyone.
  8. It never stops does it... constant moans about VR. Anyone with more than 2 brain cells understands that they want to do it, but it won't come in Desert Wings. I'm not sure how many times it's been stated by the team. At the end of the day, VR users love their VR sets, and that's great, I for one am pleased they love combat aviation with VR, but constantly ramming the forums with posts claiming they won't buy without it is simply cutting off their nose to spite their face... again, it's been stated over and over, if you want further improvements then Tobruk has to sell well, otherwise that's it, probably the end. People say, I've sold my trackIR, so no VR I'm not buying... madness, what about forward planning? If I owned a VR the last thing I would do is sell my trackIR. What if my VR set goes kaput? I then can't fly any combat sim can I... at least I could revert to my old trackIR until my VR set is fixed. But that is my mindset, that's why I have my old trackIR as back up in case my trackIR 5 goes west. All I'll finish with is, guys... support the team and you will end up with what you want, future products to keep us flying... If you think about it, it's the same thing that jason keeps saying for the GB series, it's what keeps all the flight sims going.
  9. Well you won't get to fly the old lady then will you mate!
  10. I've felt like a Muppet several times in the past!
  11. I did my tank drivers course at Bovington, I was driving 56 tons of Chieftain MkV... went to the Bovvy tank museum quite a bit!
  12. I love ED... not played in a few months though... you may have tempted me to fire it up again!
  13. Pilots getting more attention... good stuff!
  14. How many millions did they actually manage to get out of the punters in the end?... It was something quite staggering, and it's not finished yet!
  15. Anyone that slides off the wing of a TB-3 and then deploys their parachute has the right to be whatever they like... that's all I'll say.
  16. Look closely... some of those women are blokes with boobs... be sure!
  17. If the revi sight gets damaged you resort to the iron sight
  18. I only bought into it because of Sqn 42... (sigh)
  19. Hurricane... must... have... news......... it's the law!
  20. Ah, got you... Yes, no flyable fighters, I see what you mean. I agree there, it is supposed to be about bombers after all
  21. If there was no threat the game would get old very, very fast. The fighter threat in particular needs to be potent and dangerous, otherwise you might as well just be on training runs over friendly territory.
  22. I'll be the judge of that if you don't mind...
  23. If I could afford £400 I'd have got one by now... did you not read I only have a part time job?
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