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  1. It needs a Murmansk map first mate!
  2. PWCG is a separate 3rd party option working outside of the main game, it's not official. It is still good though! No one knows if FC will continue, it all depends on sales, and at the moment there is no hint of any news on that front.
  3. There are always sales on the go... just wait for a bit, another one will turn up.
  4. I'll say this... don't let peer pressure force you into something you can't afford or you are not interested in. There are people here on the bread line, people here without a lot of disposable income. If you want to wait for a sale, then wait for a sale... don't feel pressured into buying before you can afford it.
  5. I don't know anyone that actually died from playing the game... but if it happens, then yes it should be banned ⛔
  6. Bloody hell!... pretty awesome effect.
  7. As I'm not privvy to the private conversations that went into the reasoning behind it's inclusion, you are more in the know than me it seems Det, I'll bow to your superior knowledge... However, it did get included, and the following further missions set in America were highly enjoyable.
  8. The Yaks have developed a problem, they will not be released on time... However, the Hurri has progressed better than we expected and will now be released in the next 2 weeks................................ be sure!
  9. Comms should be banned, end of!
  10. Not sure if you chaps have seen these but they are new to me
  11. That mission was so hard to beat!... it took me god knows how many attempts!
  12. I'd rather waste time in game killing enemy pilots... you know something useful. Oh I forgot, cows can't shoot back, that explains it! If cows were piloting the planes and could retaliate, that would make sense... Imagine the shame of it, getting shot down by an ace cow!
  13. It did have an effect mate... Makerov knew about you, the player, and you were killed and left at the site of the massacre for the Russian authorities to find with the consequent reaction of starting WW3. Soon you will be fighting Russian forces who have invaded North America in some pretty heavy actions. Fighting in the suburbs and streets, big battles around the diner and car park with Russian paras were great firefights...
  14. You keep up with this shit you are going to end up being banned... that's totally out of order.
  15. Yep, I played MW1 Remastered in 2018... it is the best one in my opinion with some classic missions... mind you, the latest version that came out CoDMW 2019 has a great campaign too, My favourite mission is 'Clean House', very immersive and tense the first time you play it!
  16. I've been playing through 'Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered' recently and I got to mission 4 'No Russian', and it instantly hit me that it created quite a sh@tstorm when it was released back in 2009. Now I'm not squeamish, but when I played it years ago it left me feeling very uneasy as the mission progressed, so much so that I didn't fire a shot until I was engaged by the Russian authorities. Playing through it again but with better graphics, I still found I could not fire a shot until I was engaged... I don't know about you people, although I know it's just a game, I still felt 'this is wrong' when I did it again... I've never felt that about any other violent game I have played before. Here is a look at the mission anyway... (not me playing)
  17. Er, probably not!
  18. In SP just set your details to custom and enable your external views... when you land, go to outside view and look over your aircraft and check for damage...
  19. ED Miles will not expire as long as there is a purchase from the DCS e-shop during a period no greater than three years.
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