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  1. Just so I have it right in my head... The Premium addition only gives me 'access' to the two extra planes, but I still have to buy them? I don't get them as part of the Premium payment package. I think I'm being dense as I'm still not 100% sure.
  2. Excellent stuff... Very impressed!
  3. I found that rather sad somehow... and a shame. What a waste...
  4. Shooting pilots who parachute to 'safety' should be allowed in game. It is after all something that happened. If I were to see an enemy plane that was shooting at one of my pilots that had bailed, I'd go balls out to bring him down, much as I'd suspect I'd be doing if I saw it for real! Can't get better realism than that!
  5. Huzzah!... wait a minute, I don't speak Russki! .... DOH!
  6. Dowding, head of Fighter Command, was known to have said that the Germans have every right to shoot at British pilots that have bailed out... after all, they would land and be back in operation again the very same day... Source, 'The Most Dangerous Enemy'
  7. Mmm, How many Fritzies can I bag that have bailed out.... Must try it
  8. Interesting!... It broke! Make sure you watch it all the way through, close up of the damage, how long it took for the crew to emerge etc... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjadMxpXprk
  9. If you haven't already got this, I'd urge anyone who is interested in the IL2 Sturmovik to read this book by Vasily B. Emelianenko. I purchased this a few years ago, a very good read, sad in places as he recounts how many of his friends were lost, but he continues with stoic resolution to defeat the enemy. It can be purchased quite cheaply in hardback on Amazon UK for under £9 Brand new.
  10. Don't hold your breath mate... that has been asked for on the RoF forums for years, lol!
  11. People are just wishing, that's all... Nothing wrong with that. If you go over to the RoF forums, exactly the same thing is happening... Normal human beings wishing their lives away waiting for a Fee that was delayed.
  12. Not sure if this has been posted here before but here is some good footage of the venerable IL2 taking off and landing several times. Worth a watch just for the noise alone! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qF9VZSkVZI0
  13. As Oleg used to say... 'be sure'
  14. Possibly the worst avatar I have seen on any game forum... Who cares about a poxy logo. Oh, did I miss something? Do we all have to wear some sort of mankini to qualify?
  15. Now we know... and I agree on previous posts. With IL2 it was pretty simple to knock up co-ops for your squad, plus, the prolific amounts of user campaigns and missions was a great reason to continue playing, as there were many new offline campaigns etc to immerse yourself in on a regular basis (it's not all about online). There were many who loved flying the user made stuff offline. Compare that with the very small amount of campaigns that surface with RoF. Regardless of the reasons, yes, we all know that the ME was not supposed to be released to us minions in the first place, but I would have thought that the demand, (and it has been asked for many times) for a more user friendly version, with a really detailed set of instructions on how to use the thing, would have been seriously considered for BoS. It has been said by the dev's themselves that future expansions and add ons would come only as a direct result of sales from the BoS product. One way of helping that would have been an IL2 type ME at launch, so that the mission makers amongst us could further the interest and enthusiasm of all by producing many excellent campaigns and missions from the get go! There will be a few reading this thread that will just not understand why many keep going on aboutl IL2/Forgotten Battles, but it is because of that game and its innovation that quite a few of us are still flying it today. That should be more than enough reasons for future Dev's to look at the many good ideas it had and try if possible to incorporate some of them into their products... (just my modest and humble ramblings at work here )
  16. Yes, understand the control measures for online play. But you still can't assign individual skins to all planes in a mission when you are playing offline in RoF. Hope they don't adopt RoF's system in BoS, but rather they allow us to choose paint jobs like in IL2.
  17. Can't see me using it to be honest. How on earth will one be able to select controls and operate keyboards? What am I missing here?
  18. Yes, the Kuban add on has been mentioned by Zak if the sales are good enough on release
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