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  1. Thanks for the update... Good work!
  2. Looks like it mate.. Good work team!
  3. First reaction, 'not sure if I like that idea'.. but then I thought,I don't care one way or the other really, and as it looks like that is the way the game is structured anyway you are going to have to like it or lump it, or throw your teddy in the corner, bite your nose off to spite your face etc etc.. its no big deal in the grand scheme of things. I love the way though that in any flight sim game there are people who say they won't buy the game or support the devs if they don't get things their way... classic!
  4. Logitech G-940.. Had it soon after it came out. Never had a problem with it..
  5. I'm with you mate.. this was brought up many times on the forums in the past, but it was never really sorted.
  6. lol... as soon as I could replace the music in IL2 with a more appropriate set I did it. Thank god you could drop wav files in and get rid of the original.. Good to hear we are getting a revamp for this one though
  7. Historical impact/ effectiveness/numbers involved...
  8. Shame we won't even get the Fw 189 as an AI plane.. (No AI aircraft on release)
  9. There is talk of an add on after the initial release if it goes well.. Lend lease types were mentioned for the add on.. so this could be looking into that direction I guess.
  10. Hurricane MkIIb.. with the Vokes filter was the first Hurricane aircraft type for the Soviet Union. Sent over with RAF 151 Wing, 81 and 134 Squadrons. The Hurri in your picture is the Type I'm talking about. It depicts Gen Kuznetsov (first Soviet fighter pilot to fly the Hurricane). Closely followed by Boris Safonov. It was also painted and marked by the RAF for Gen Kuznetsov. Love the Tomahawk as well, probably my favourite fighter of WWII, and another early lend lease type sent over by the RAF. Note I said the Tomahawk not the Kittyhawk. (your pic shows the early P.40 Tomahawk series, not the later Kittyhawk E series) Want them both, lol!
  11. lol, yes, remember it well... and how many users used to say their game was porked.. Help!
  12. We are having an effect.. The naval task force in the Gulf of Aden/Red Sea area is usually around 35 vessels, of which perhaps 15 are normally available. If I am approached by a vessel that has been identified as hostile, I deploy my chaps, I then go forward and display my SLR as a visual warning that the ship has armed guards. That quite often will stop them. Sometimes it doesn't, so warning shots are then fired.. if they keep coming after that they are getting it.. A 7.62mm round will go through a wooden or fibre glass Skiff like a knife through butter.. and they know it!
  13. Modern high velocity rifles usually does the trick... I have a mixture of British army 7.62 SLR's and a couple of Steyr sniper rifles.. These guys travel about in extremely fast boats, about the size of a small whaler, usually with anything up to 8 to 10 heavily armed pirates with modern assault rifles and RPG's. They can do up to 25-30 knots with two large outboard motors. The worlds navies are a shadow of their former selves in terms of numbers, and what is needed is large amounts of vessels to police the areas in question, and they aren't available. Plus the problem can only be solved if their bases for administration and training, local infrastructure and support are removed, and that means putting troops on the ground, and no one is willing to do it... hence people like me are there trying to contain the problem...
  14. Same with the Hurricane, most were delivered and served in the far north.
  15. To give you a little idea of the scale of the problem, here are a few of the statistics that I usually give to the ships crew on my piracy brief... and this is for the Somalia area only, not world wide. PIRACY STATISTICS 2011-FEB 2012 SOMALIA INCIDENTS Incidents; 237 Ships hijacked; 28 Hostages taken; 470 Current vessels held; 11 (as of June 2012) Current hostages held; 218 (as of June 2012, 44 of whom are held ashore in unknown location 8 seafarers have been killed with 41 injured ???
  16. 'Safe sea routes' that's a laugh... Piracy is worse now than it has ever been. For the last two and a half years I have been leading teams of private contractors supplying manpower to make the worlds trade routes safer. I'm just about to lead another team across the Gulf of Aden and up to Sudan in the Red Sea.. we meet up with the bad guys on a regular basis. Even worse is the area around the West African coast, (Nigeria is worst) where pirate attacks on commercial shipping is even topping the Somalia area.. That's just two areas of rampant piracy that we visit, there are many more across the world, and its a known fact that the Naval forces of the world can't control or cope with the situation.
  17. It may be a big deal... BoS has a totally different game engine, so we don't know yet how large amounts of ground units would affect the game.
  18. Having said that, there was still a large He111 component to the air bridge operation, so I'm assuming they will represent that phase with just those. Realistically we won't get all the different types represented in the Germans operation to resupply the 6th army. There was the Ju.86, the Heinkel 177, as well as all the Ju.52's , He111's and Fw.200's.
  19. A good informative read here on the statistics of the 'air bridge' phase from November 1942 - Jan 1943. http://www.stalingrad.net/german-hq/the-stalingrad-airlift/airstat.html
  20. Ok Jason, thats certainly clarified things I'm still not sure how the game will accomplish 'Phase 3' in the campaign, the 'Air Bridge' component if the required aircraft that took part in it are not represented, but such is life. Time for a rethink!
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