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  1. Can't remember the book, but it had a list of all target airfields and what aircraft were there at Bodenplatte. At least one of the target fields stated there were P-38's there...
  2. Yes, will be looking forward to the Tiffy... as to beauty, no, but thuggish, dangerous and something to be feared, yes...
  3. Yeah, I'd love to know who sourced it or convinced him to use it. Edit... just found out. It was Ivan, head of music at Oleg's veterans hostel.
  4. Here's the best IL2 music... you know it makes sense, be sure!
  5. If they put Italian aircraft in the game then there should be an Italian symbol, rank system and speech files to go with it...
  6. Good stuff... and notice that there are no yellow flames coming out of the exhaust, even when it goes into shadow.
  7. lol... as a rule, I never attempt to retract my gear unless I'm actually in the air
  8. Well, let's hope your'e wrong!
  9. The 410 will be the very last aircraft to be released... not going to be seeing anything in that regard for a bit.
  10. For me, my dream SW game is to be a soldier of the Empire, being sent to various systems to quell the rebellion. Working my way from the basic classic Stormtrooper to Squad Leader, then a special forces role. Thing is... it will never happen as it's always flippin jedi based and how the poor rebels always win over the nasty Empire... (sigh)
  11. I don't know whether to be excited or not... Ubisoft and Lucasfilm Games announce new story driven SW game. Here's the link: https://news.ubisoft.com/en-us/article/1NuKtLdz0qhUg3zgvpLqhL/ubisoft-and-lucasfilm-games-announce-new-storydriven-star-wars-game
  12. You won't see it here though... It didn't become operational until well after WWII. If the GB series goes to Korea however...
  13. Mosquito, final version of the Channel map, new clouds, all coming in the first quarter 2021... these get my vote!
  14. As much as I like historical skins, I also like creative skins like yours Flowbee. They look plausible, and I applaud the time you have taken to produce them. I'm playing a flight simulator 'game'... it's not real life, and if I like the look of a skin I'll use it, historical or not. Please keep producing them
  15. Never discuss politics on this forum... it won't end well, plus you will get the thread locked!
  16. Just assume the enemy is being vectored to your home station by their control HQ, obviously they have an insanely brilliant intelligence section that never gets it wrong!
  17. That was quite intense!...
  18. Have a look here... Bottom of the page ''Der Schwarze Todt'' https://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads4&c=45
  19. Its a replacement panel that the ground crew haven't had time to correctly mark up yet...
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