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  1. It's no secret... it's simply the late war RAF sanitary pack being jettisoned after the pilot has used the relief tube...
  2. ''Wake me up when it's all over Hans... I'm having a bad dream at the moment''
  3. Battle of France?... If you think getting all the technical info for Japanese planes was making life hard for the team, where on earth are you going to get that info on French fighters and bombers of the period?
  4. A toss pot I may be, but how dare you refer to my presence as just a 'sim nerd'... the nerve!
  5. I wasn't having a dig mate... I was just making a general statement on perhaps what a DD might cover today
  6. Good to hear Jason giving out lots of positive comments on what he sees as possibilities in the future!
  7. Right... Yaks have turned up so old history. What we need now is news on a bloody huge storm... or a Hurricane!
  8. This... if nothing else, for god's sake let them put more correct two seaters into the game!
  9. Handstands on the wing before you vault off... impressive stuff!
  10. I think custom skins will be seen if if other players have the same skin installed on their machines...
  11. Don't know what happened, but it's now installing.... the launcher sat idle for several minutes, then slowly started to move. Hopefully it will work now!
  12. Anyone else having problems downloading.... got the 'unable to download' message last night... now it won't download at all. Any ideas chaps? (got the standard game not steam version)
  13. It needs a Murmansk map first mate!
  14. PWCG is a separate 3rd party option working outside of the main game, it's not official. It is still good though! No one knows if FC will continue, it all depends on sales, and at the moment there is no hint of any news on that front.
  15. There are always sales on the go... just wait for a bit, another one will turn up.
  16. I'll say this... don't let peer pressure force you into something you can't afford or you are not interested in. There are people here on the bread line, people here without a lot of disposable income. If you want to wait for a sale, then wait for a sale... don't feel pressured into buying before you can afford it.
  17. I don't know anyone that actually died from playing the game... but if it happens, then yes it should be banned ⛔
  18. Bloody hell!... pretty awesome effect.
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