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  1. Looks like something out of 'Wallace & Gromit'...
  2. Don't be scared mate... go and have a sit down with a nice cup of coffee as it will help to calm your nerves.
  3. Made by the same people that gave us Atlantic Fleet... 1942: The world is at war The Japanese Empire expands throughout the Pacific where Allied forces attempt to halt its spread. A desperate struggle for control of the Solomon Islands is now underway. How will you protect your transports as they deliver troops and supplies in the South Pacific? Will you deploy precious aircraft carriers to provide air cover? Do you screen the area with submarines? Or attempt to lure the enemy navy into a decisive surface engagement? Major Features: Real time naval combat Theatrical external-view game play Play as Allied Forces or Imperial Japan Over 50 classes of playable ships Dynamic campaign Tactical control of aircraft (not a flight simulator) Fight fires, counter flood compartments and repair ships Sink ships using realistic buoyancy physics Historical missions based on actual naval engagements
  4. Well, yet another post decrying the state of FC1... how many more similar initial posts will we see I wonder? Is it a fad of the times, or just that people really don't read the information that is available when you buy the thing?
  5. Cheating in any form in any game should have an automatic ban when playing online... there is no 'fun' about it!...
  6. I really hope we get an option to put an RAF pilot in place when we use the Mk Vb on the Normandy map...
  7. It was said right at the start there was to be none of that when it was announced. If FC sells well they 'might' do FC2... and it might get it's own career system. Again, this was announced at the start. There is PWCG available to give you a campaign to be going on with... plus, SYN Vanders mission generator.
  8. Oh well, never mind, I'm sure we can all wait a bit longer I have been holding off starting new campaigns until the update turns up, so will keep busy playing other stuff till then!
  9. I have watched both series before, I also have them on dvd... should have said that in my post. Both I found to be very gritty and just about as realistic as you can get when sitting in front of a tv screen. Can't say I found the Pacific worrying in any way, highly enjoyable though and I would encourage anyone who hasn't watched both titles to do so as they are first class.
  10. Band of Brothers and Pacific are next on my list after I have finished watching The Expanse
  11. We are self isolating from wolololoing... we don't want anyone else infected!
  12. Good idea!... sooner or later we will have a shed load of desert skins that will need a home
  13. I don't live in a country that has those kind of restrictions, so I love to see historical markings on any type of WWII aircraft or vehicle. Certainly looking forward to a talented modder that can give us the ability to see these planes or vehicles as they were.
  14. It will be done when it's done.... there, nice and easy!
  15. Loved all the HL games, played them all to death, and now this turns up as VR only... BAH!
  16. Probably the best WWII aviation movie made so far... much better than any of the typical hollywood rubbish that was churned out. (tin hats on everyone)
  17. Enjoyed the video... some good work going on. Good voice over by Jason too, good explanation and tone, pleasant to listen to!
  18. I'm really looking forward to the earlier P-51's... We will be able to use it as a Mustang III in RAF service as well as USAF...
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