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  1. Fantastic match today... The Japanese were something to behold. It was one of the most gripping matches I have watched so far!
  2. They were cleared after trials with rockets, but no Tempests used rockets on active ops...
  3. Loved Band of Brothers... what a fantastic series. I did enjoy the Pacific as well... it may have had more interludes away from the action, but boy, the action scenes were awesome when they appeared. Hope this Masters of the Air follows along the same lines!
  4. Thanks, just used the mission generator... worked a treat, very easy to use!
  5. Early morning, a beautiful day for flying...
  6. Late version DII as well, note where the radiator is...
  7. You may have seen this already, but it's worth a post...
  8. It's in the wind troops... you all know the answer!
  9. Just flown the Tempest... take off and landing, piece of cake! But the engine sound?... I'm really hoping that it's a place holder...
  11. What reason could I have?... you have already said I'm slow on the uptake, not quick to perception... as you seem to be streets ahead of the game, maybe you should answer for me, eh? I've only got 3 brain cells and they are very, very tired.
  12. Volunteers required for the firing party...
  13. My prediction is already in this thread and the reasons why.... read the thread and you will find it, and I'm not going to repeat myself yet again.
  14. Maybe... we don't know how well it's sold and if it will even warrant another add on yet.
  15. This map will be the test for me... and yes, no mans land and the front lines are where we will be, and it's what will make or break it. I'm hoping to see a living front line with artillery bombardments,... attacks taking place when there is a 'push' by either side going on,... observers jumping out of balloons when attacked, proper flak and not just ambient stuff going off etc! Hopefully there will be shattered towns close to the front and not just the nice pretty stuff away from the lines... very happy the map is to be included in the update
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