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  1. Hurricane and Fw 189... they have been requested since forever... be sure!
  2. Hurricane and FW 189 are coming, be sure... Hurrah!
  3. Pet dog?... Favourite girl from black ops phone?
  4. Much requested??? a handful of people yes, but much requested?... Anyway, for those that wanted it, happy days... they now have that option, and more options are always welcome 😁 Now we know 'more options' are on the menu, how about something that 'is' much requested... proper radio comms menu?
  5. I for one would love to see heavy bombers, regardless if they were AI only, cockpit only, or fully modelled... however, when the developers repeatedly tell us it's a no go, then I respect their judgement... I'm sure they know better than us lot what they can and cannot do.
  6. Hi mate... I think you have the green and black on the tail the wrong way round?
  7. If we had the radio/comms options that the original IL2 had I would be more than happy, but sadly, not happening...
  8. Such a great looking game... it's getting better too!
  9. 'The Black Knight' eh?... I like that better than the Red Baron.. more sinister!
  10. All that's coming is the rain... be sure
  11. I'll look forward to the day that one goes up...
  12. World Trade Federation... what's that got to do with anything?
  13. Arma 3 is just getting worse... next it will be some sort of cyborg warfare!
  14. True history... can't beat it!
  15. What about people who are trying to simulate a historical WWI experience by flying aeroplanes that were used for attacking the enemys supply columns plus trench strafing etc? It's not always about getting your MP kill count to look good.
  16. This one has been around for a while... there is a thread on it somewhere in here already. I might be interested if they changed some of the radio procedure and voice actors... when it first came to light it was pretty poor.
  17. Not interested in the late war gumph... What would be great though, would be a package that gave us a 'Barbarossa' experience. Su-2, Yak-4, DB-3F, TB-3, R-5, Ar-2, Polikarpovs I-15, I-153 etc...
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