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    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    I heard it was 2 weeks...
  2. Trooper117

    Panzer Front

  3. Trooper117

    Is il-2 1946 worth it still?

    Yes it's a bit dated... but when it came out there was nothing else that could hold a candle to it at that time. It was 'the' combat flight sim to have... years down the line it's easy to criticise it, but without it you probably wouldn't be playing BoX. To be honest, it still gives the user so many options to play the game the way 'you' want to play it. Oleg Maddox... I for one salute you!
  4. Trooper117

    Im in love lol

    The R4M Orkan (Hurricane) came in two versions, one for anti air use and one for ground attack...
  5. Trooper117

    Im in love lol

    As far as I'm aware, the rockets we have are for attacking bombers, not ground attack...
  6. Trooper117

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    It's the same in any genre of computer games... this flight sim game is no different. It can never be as realistic as 'the real thing', but the dev's do the best they can to make us believe that we are flying and fighting in air combat... however, gaming the game to make it do what we want is something that we all learn to do... That doesn't mean that it's 100 percent accurate to the real world
  7. Trooper117

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    I've lost count of the times the dev's have stated it's not going to happen... give it another year and there will be another 10 threads on heavy bombers with the same answers.
  8. Trooper117

    Spit IX vs Fw 190 D9

    I have a feeling that the Mk XIV will end up being a collectors aircraft
  9. Trooper117

    DD today?

    The news continues to be good!
  10. Trooper117

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    lol... I'm mainly an allied flyer too... but you are in for a rather large shock.
  11. Trooper117

    Ah shes a beauty

    Great stuff!
  12. Trooper117

    Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

    They wouldn't let it lie...
  13. Trooper117

    TFS Developer Update - Patch 4.55 February 2019

    I don't think Donald Sutherland would be too impressed if you tried to fly him...
  14. Trooper117

    Combat dogs

    I could post: Are there replen positions just behind the front lines for tanks to visit to get ammo resupply. Can you call logistics to get engineer/light aid detachment help for broken down vehicles. Can you call for artillery/air support. Are minefields going to be a feature. Will you be able to bale out of your tank if it has been hit, if so what options will be in the game for dismounted tank crew. Above are things you would seriously consider for any 'Tank Sim'... not flippin dogs!
  15. Trooper117

    Absolutely can't control the 190...

    Check your control setup... make sure you don't have other inputs mapped to your flying controls etc...
  16. Trooper117

    Why is career online only ?

    That's why I still keep the good old original IL2 on my hard drive... you can fire it up anytime offline and you get the whole works. But as mentioned, I always make good use of PWCG as it works offline.
  17. Trooper117

    Combat dogs

    Of course there isn't... and it's a waste of time even trying to get the Dev's to implement them. They weren't effective anyway, the only good to come out of it was , yes, you've guessed it... 'Propaganda'
  18. Trooper117

    Single Shot two dead men.

    Depending on the ammunition layout in the belt there are usually 2 or 3 other rounds you don't see between each tracer...
  19. Trooper117

    Single Shot two dead men.

    Do that again! 🙀
  20. Trooper117

    I'm visiting England for a couple weeks...

    Shuttleworth collection... at Old Warden. http://www.shuttleworth.org/
  21. Er, no... from the P-51D manual (3) Taxi with the stick slightly aft of neutral to lock the tailwheel. In the locked position the tail wheel may be turned 6 degrees right or left by the rudder pedals. For sharp turns, push the stick forward of the neutral position to allow the tail wheel full swivelling action...
  22. Trooper117

    Weirdest texture bug Ive seen

    Aliens man, just... aliens 👽
  23. For me, it's just like any other Fw... keep the stick back (locks the tail wheel) , relax the pressure a little when you have picked up speed and then it rotates nicely, no dramas!
  24. Trooper117

    Prokhorovka map

    Me too