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  1. There is no mistaking those beautiful lines... Spitfire, summer 1940, England, south coast.
  2. The manuals have been pulled so they can be adjusted... they will be back soon.
  3. Not in my install today either, but luckily I made a copy of them and put them on my desktop for ease of access!
  4. Played without a hiccup for over an hour... flew the Hurri, the Tomahawk, and the F-4 over Derna area, generally messing around, no dramas. As a test, I flew the first training mission in the Tiger Moth... it's one of those missions that never ever played properly for me and usually ended in a crash when the instructor took over. It went like clockwork, so that is something that is sorted and will help any new comer on their first flight. it's all good so far!
  5. Funnily enough I was looking at mine this morning... with the books and I remember how I was impressed with the cloth map. Looking at it again it was quite detailed with the legend up in the top right with the different scales and airports and radar stations marked etc. Its how games should come now, with manuals and maps... things that make them special. It still sits on my shelf with all my other IL2 game boxes... for me, they are all 'collectors' items
  6. I'm busy resetting all my controls... the bloody game hasn't kept them!........ BAH! Not only that, it now doesn't recognise my throttle quadrant... so bloody frustrating. Looks like my prop pitch, radiator control and mixture will have to be keyboard control and not the throttle quadrant.
  7. There are flash cards for all aircraft located in the game folder (for Tobruk and most of the Blitz version planes)
  8. It's available tomorrow... why would you want a preload now?... after all this time waiting what's a handful of hours?
  9. If my track clip pro goes west I know what to get as a replacement... good info on the Delanclip.
  10. Not long now... I'm just going to fly the shit out of it! Not because it's Clod, not because it hasn't got VR, and not because I'm a TF fanboi... it's because at last, someone has put the WWII aviation battle into the North African theatre!
  11. It's probably because the vast majority of players here don't have VR. It looks pretty good though!
  12. Jason has said time and time again it's not going to happen... I'm happy with that.
  13. For me, I understand when all said and done it's a flight sim 'game'... with the technology available there is no way on earth it can be made just like real life. It is what it is, and I enjoy it, just like all my other games, even with it's limitations. Still, you can get totally immersed in it regardless.
  14. Well, I have a few days now to get my backside back into CloD before Tobruk arrives!!!
  15. You might find GB's Hurri getting released at around the same time as Tobruk... you never know!
  16. In steam, go to your Blitz page in the Library... look on the right hand side and you will see it there under 'manage my dlc'. It will automatically download when the game is released..
  17. You have to stop messing about with the Wing Commanders wife mate, or next you'll be flying a fridge in Siberia...
  18. Pre-ordered and can't wait to fly it!... Tomahawk will be my first flight.
  19. Without doubt, the Tomahawk will be first... And done, pre ordered plus activated!
  20. Great video... looks really good!
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