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  1. Just picked up Everspace for a song... it's a good looking game.
  2. Just watched the first episode... really good!
  3. Bought into it as well... until a full release comes I'll not put another penny towards it.
  4. Is there anything that Jack Reacher can't do?...
  5. Just reread a book which very much shows that 40 Squadron were using the Lewis tilted up as a means of engaging EA and getting results... both in Nieuports and S.E.5's...
  6. I-153 and the Hurricane would make me very happy... but forget the P-63, didn't see any action in the European theatre... only recorded combat was in the Manchuria operation.
  7. As explained, I should have stated I was talking from a flight sim enthusiasts point of view... (you did read that didn't you?) And again, can you answer why the majority of flight simmers do not own a VR set? (as it seems to be so affordable)
  8. Oh my god, here we go... yes I own the flight sim stuff, guess what? I didn't buy them all at once, because I would not be able to afford to! I can only afford one monitor, my pc is about 8 years old. I don't own a new phone, or TV and never have done, I get my daughters hand me downs. I have a low paid part time job, I'm retired as well... Where on earth do you get it that just because I own all the games I should be able to afford everything 'as standard'... As I said, VR at the moment is for people who have an adequate disposable income... Jesus!
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