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  1. RAF version with the Malcolm Hood would look good in my hanger!
  2. Again, Jason has mentioned for FC and TC, people can help by buying them... it suggests that perhaps they have not reached a perceived target?... if there was one of course. Any kind of input on the SP front for FC is a welcome step forward however, and TC has yet to complete. I'm sure that these titles could be put on hold for future development anyway, and later on when Jason and Co are in a better position to progress with them they can be expanded once more.
  3. There is no such thing as a razor back Spitfire gentlemen... the cheek!
  4. Even better in my book is just how fast and frequent the updates are popping up... it certainly keeps me wanting more
  5. Mission 2, on the arse of a bad guy, wingman shoots me down... do you think he switched sides?... lol! Like the idea behind this campaign though Small point on mission 2... you have no height requirement indicated on the waypoint over the B-25's airfield. I passed over it a couple of times and it sat still on the runway. It was not until I turned on the hud, and then saw the marker was much lower and then flew through it. The bomber then proceeded to take off after a flare was fired.
  6. I've got season 1 and season 2 on dvd... I enjoyed watching the whole lot! I don't care if they were 100% accurate or not... they were great to watch.
  7. Agent drop off... need the Storch, and the Lysander!
  8. A Mk XIV Spit 'T' for Trooper needs to make a rapid appearance... there, I said it
  9. Do the airfields have a damaged version as well as the 'pristine' look?
  10. What?... we have an aeroplane called the weasel?
  11. Very unlikely to happen I would say... it's simply something that is a 'nice to have' but not an essential...
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