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  1. The dark side is all about jedi crap... Me, I'm just a soldier of the Empire getting on with his job!
  2. Hurricane production ended in June or July 1944... but operational types would have been the Hurricane Mk IV in 1944, and all Hurricanes were withdrawn from active service in March 1944... except for the Postal Squadron runs at Normandy. 137 Sqn retained at least one Hurricane after Normandy. It was destroyed when the Jerries hit Eindhoven in January 1945. Mk V came next but never saw active service
  3. It's the Friday... you know what that means It means it's Hurriday!!! Polish your goggles, check your parachute and Mae West and head for the Channel... Last one in buys the bacon and eggs!
  4. You can play offline, you don't have to go through the launcher either... you can do it from a standard short cut on the desktop if you like. Some elements of the game will not be available to you however.
  5. I'll wager that the Great Battles Vehicle Collection will not just be a one off... for them or against them, I reckon more will turn up.
  6. GREAT BATTLES COLLECTOR VEHICLES... NEW VEHICLES COMING! Here we go chaps... pre order your new vehicles today. Soon you will be able land at your airfield after a hair raising sortie and race over to the NAAFI truck for a well earned cuppa!
  7. Anyone with half a brain will know what I was on about... Look at my original post. Use a bit of lateral thinking laced with a bit of sarcasm... I wasn't even being serious. Custard knew exactly where I was coming from.
  8. Nice little video... have to say, I think the glare in that cockpit is overdone. I hope it gets looked at.
  9. Well, as excited as some people are about running around the map pew pewing at all and sundry... WHERE'S MY FLIPPIN HURRICANE? YOU KNOW... THE PLANE WITH THE HUMP!
  10. TC hasn't been abandoned at all... TC get's lots of love on regular game updates. FC however seems to be totally left out in the void.
  11. '' It's Wednesday... get humping out in the boonies man'' Here's some proper manly humping!
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