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  1. Trooper117

    Junkers 52 / DC3 Fan Club ;)

    Well, I'm about to start my first Auntie Ju career chaps!
  2. Yes, but it's going to be in the Italian tree... flying for the Italians?
  3. You must always remember to disable all mods before you update the game...
  4. Stop smoking for a start... that will save you a packet!
  5. Do you know anything about raaaid and his history on this and other forums?
  6. Trooper117

    P-51 engine out landing

  7. Trooper117

    [MOD] Camouflage of the Wehrmacht

    You need JSGME to organise your mods... That will give you a mod folder...
  8. ''We don't want your stinking badges! "
  9. I bet if I come back here in 10 years time this effin bollox will still be going...
  10. Might be something here ref rockets https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/168-developer-diary/?do=findComment&comment=456219
  11. Trooper117

    Remove spitfire, it's OP!

    If there is a god, someone will find that moron and squeeze his gonads till his eyes pop out of their sockets... it might happen you know