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  1. Pat, we are getting the map for the Arras sector in FC I believe, so the N28 would need the required map for where it operated, (well over in the French sectors)... If we were to have a campaign for it
  2. Trooper117

    szelljr skindeposit

    lol, he's right, it's the actual skin you receive, it just has to go into the correct file for you to see it...
  3. Trooper117

    szelljr skindeposit

    I used 7-zip... had the same problem awhile back and updating it solved it. You could try using 7-zip and see how that pans out?
  4. Yes, I really enjoyed flying that aeroplane.... but would want a map and campaign to go with it!
  5. Trooper117

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    lol!... got the tin hat ready!
  6. Trooper117

    szelljr skindeposit

    Try updating winrar to latest version... I have just downloaded the skins with no problem
  7. Trooper117

    szelljr skindeposit

    Yes mate, just like that
  8. Trooper117

    Spandau Rate of Fire in WWI

    Interesting stuff, thanks!
  9. Trooper117

    szelljr skindeposit

    szelljr, these are great! But could I ask you, according to the Jasta Boelcke history by Grub street press... it states that by the time the Jasta received it's Dr1's, they had switched to their Prussian colours and their tri-planes tails and elevators were half white and half black...
  10. Trooper117

    MOD Request - "Environmental Anomalies"

    I thought I had seen it all and heard it all in flight sim forums... but crop circles and UFO's? Wait, maybe we can then find ourselves in an alternative reality with wookies and Jawa's and jedi's and... feel free to shoot me in the head anytime you like!
  11. Trooper117

    Career mode

    I would bet that we will be playing PWCG campaigns before we see anything official... 'Go Pat Go!'
  12. Trooper117

    Be specific about why you want the pacific?

    It doesn't matter where the Pacific battle is situated... it's the required information, correct translation etc of Japanese aircraft and equipment that is needed that has caused the postponement...
  13. I played Blitz last in March... although I have had CloD from the start. I did a reinstall and got all my hotas set up etc... did about 15hrs of gameplay, but as I tend to concentrate on SP, I decided to bin it until version 5 is released as the SP element is still pretty much naffed. That along with a comms system that is still broken pretty much stopped me from continuing... having said that I am really looking forward to the next version as North Africa is my favourite theatre, plus the fixes coming for SP and comms elements will pull me straight back in
  14. Trooper117

    Mustang MkIV for BoBP

    I'd vote for the horse... but not that piece of junk in the first picture.
  15. And some people (like me) like them both