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  1. Trooper117

    The cat just cost me £50...

    Well, with two cat's and two dogs I have to have eyes in the back of my head, lol! The big cat and the two dogs are generally fine and usually sprawl out and sleep by the computer chair, but the little cat is not even a year old yet and is at everything. I usually shut him out, but all it takes is for me to forget and leave the room to make a cuppa or something, and 'bingo', he's in and clambering over everything! Anyhow, I still love him (the little shit) and the new track clip has come and working well
  2. Trooper117

    The cat just cost me £50...

    The cat found it's way into my man cave and decided to chew up my Track clip pro!... Bummer
  3. Trooper117

    as a pilot on what side of the force are you?

    I'm with the Empire... obviously 💀
  4. Trooper117

    Overlord (2018) Movie

    I'll give it a miss thanks...
  5. Trooper117

    I love Camshafts

    Coffee on monitor now!
  6. When I used to make missions for the old IL2, I would always include several recon photo's, showing approach routes, primary and secondary targets and known flak positions... it certainly would be great to have something similar here as well...
  7. Trooper117

    Kurfürst fans?

    People whinging about 109's... unheard of surely? Wait till we get to the Pacific theatre, then it will be whinging on a titanic scale because of a shed load of Zero variants...
  8. Trooper117

    The best Ai experience in WWII combat sims

    You missed out WoTR...
  9. Trooper117

    Ju-88 level bombing tutorial

    Good selection of videos!
  10. Trooper117

    Kurfürst fans?

    You can take your K4 and... I'll raise you a Tempest! To be honest, when the two aircraft are released I'll be flying the K4 over the P-47, that's a given!
  11. Trooper117

    I love Camshafts

    You really need some help... try the samaritans mate!
  12. Trooper117

    Soloing the CJ 6 Nanchang warbird

    Good stuff!
  13. Trooper117

    Am I weird ?

    Those kind of thoughts never even enter my head... I'm playing a game and I enjoy the challenge. That's it...