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  1. Lewis guns were used by the Germans on their machines... I have books showing Lewis guns mounted on two seaters. The Albatros could be fitted with an over wing Becker cannon... if it could still fly with that on the top wing, then a Lewis would easily have been supported. Many things would be captured and utilised, put onto aeroplanes by ground staff... using captured Aldis sights was a common occurrence for instance..
  2. Nice... but I think I'll stick to the first one!
  3. Good stuff... I took part in the 50th anniversary jumping into the original DZ at Ranville. It was the largest airborne operation the British army had carried out since D Day... it was a fantastic day.
  4. Yes... I played that campaign several times. The game seems to have gone steadily downhill sadly (for me anyway)...
  5. There was a 'Bowden Cable' from the control column to Lewis gun. The pilot operated the trigger on the control column and the cable connected to the gun would operate the mechanism on the Lewis.
  6. Good stuff... As to having mods on being checked, I don't do that and still I get to see the corrected skins.
  7. Haven't got a problem with that at all... My problem is I just don't want to go through a campaign I might be enjoying immensely, and suddenly I'm forced to be a woman combatant... sorry, it's not my cup of tea. I'm a bloke, I like the role of playing a bloke in all my games... If they give me the option to choose to play as male or female operator, then I'm happy... the latest Assassins Creed got that aspect right... they gave people the choice.
  8. lol... careful mate, the fun police might sneak up behind you!
  9. Just take it as at least a year... then if it comes any earlier you can be pleasantly surprised...
  10. Then what the hell are you doing here?
  11. They never left... where have you been?
  12. Trooper117


    It's the same wheel we had in RoF for the S.E 5a mate... I'm sure you used it in the old game.
  13. I just don't get it... what is wrong with some of you people? We are not all flippin clones... we are all different, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some people like the idea of extra button presses for that 'realism factor' Some people like the idea of a '1 click quick start'. Nothing wrong there with either group. Yet, for some reason, if you are in the '1 click quick start' group, and you are trying to put your point across, then you are suddenly some sort of problem child or drama queen. I just don't get this elitist mentality that seems to kick in in these forums sometimes. It's ok to have different opinions and discuss things with people in a civil manner... but getting all snotty and uppity over what amounts to F-all is just silly. I will say, people who have bothered to take the time to explain the new process in this thread, many thanks... it has helped clear things up for me, and I am now enlightened
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