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  1. Short video of activity over the lines Sept 1916...
  2. Ahhh, it's all still all up in the air... to be honest, anything is possible
  3. Er, this poll has only a very very small percentage of people who visit these forums... I would not take any notice of the results here mate.
  4. No one should be lobbying for rockets on the Tempest... instead, keep lobbying for the Tiffy. That is what we need!
  5. Fantastic match today... The Japanese were something to behold. It was one of the most gripping matches I have watched so far!
  6. They were cleared after trials with rockets, but no Tempests used rockets on active ops...
  7. Loved Band of Brothers... what a fantastic series. I did enjoy the Pacific as well... it may have had more interludes away from the action, but boy, the action scenes were awesome when they appeared. Hope this Masters of the Air follows along the same lines!
  8. Thanks, just used the mission generator... worked a treat, very easy to use!
  9. Early morning, a beautiful day for flying...
  10. Late version DII as well, note where the radiator is...
  11. You may have seen this already, but it's worth a post...
  12. It's in the wind troops... you all know the answer!
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