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  1. ''If it sounds like shit and looks weird, it's French'' British Army opinion on anything French.
  2. Not a chance today... probably next week if you are lucky.
  3. No, because I'd be in 'cloaked' mode... no fear of being shot down and having to get into close combat!
  4. Narration was fine... the boat is a beautiful thing!
  5. Just download it and play it... It has shed loads of players. Opinions vary, but mine is, you will be taking a big step back if you can fly aircraft here. You may well really enjoy it, it's not hard, in fact it's piss easy and can be fun. It can also be very, very, frustrating... I'll let you find out why.
  6. We have just had the new FC video, and it is something that I'm sure will attract a few more players, but if that video was backed up by a statement from the devs telling prospective new players, that new content will arrive in the future with it's own SP career and missions, maps and new aeroplanes, then it may just gander a lot more interest. Sadly, with no clear look forward from official sources, the status quo will be unlikely to improve. It's a shame, because there was so much hope for it's future from the WWI crowd, but without official positive statements coming from above, that hope may start to wane...
  7. I never was overly fond of the wet look sheen on the games aircraft... the new look we are starting to see pictures of is more to my taste, and in keeping with the historical look of WWII aircraft that I see in library pictures. If the update to the graphical engine can give us this new look as a by product I think it's certainly worth it.
  8. Looks like something out of 'Wallace & Gromit'...
  9. Don't be scared mate... go and have a sit down with a nice cup of coffee as it will help to calm your nerves.
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