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  1. So i bought the 109 G6 and LA5-FN. It says they are available to fly in career mode in later Kuban battles. Yes i see them and their squadrons on the map...but i cannot pick them directly? My question is: do they become available later "within" the career mode timeframe as a squadron upgrade? Thanks in advance.
  2. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good bombing video tutorial? I'm really struggling with Mode22!
  3. Thanks you for this glorious skin
  4. I make manuals all day long! Look, i really do appreciate any feedback and i am working my way through the manual and requiem's excellent video tutorials. I am a long time flight simmer of at least 15 yrs so not exactly a noob but get that there will always be something more to learn. The "learning curve" holds no fear for me but... In the back of my mind, i'm thinking, strategically from the devs viewpoint....they must have lost so many new players who might have pushed on with the game but instead said F-it, i've had enough of this, i'm going back to WT or whatever. I don't see the serv
  5. Thanks amigo...that seems to work, i finally was able to taxi and get airborne but after a short while engine died and i lost alt and crashed? this happened twice with stuka and heinkel. I did get an "engine damaged" yellow tab icon on the right and throttled back to 96%...i guess that must be it? I need to manage the engines carefully yeah...as well as navigate and get weapons on target....it's certainly challenge.
  6. Hi, Loving the game and tentatively dipped into the multiplayer but im having problems taxing in any of the bombers on the WOL server. Ju87 and He111 both would'nt even move. I tried wheel brakes / but 0 luck, Please put me out of my misery. Many thanks
  7. Forgive my ignorance SYN-Requiem but how does one use that .xml file in Track IR? Requiem Jun 2014.xml I can't see a way to import it into the client or am i missing something? (clearly yes) Much appreciated. Martin
  8. Love it so far, landscape looks awesome and should make it easier to spot targets especially in full real. Atmosphere is something else and really helps the immersion factor. I played multi-player last night (only played it once before - first time last week) and even managed to bag a 109 in my Yak 1 so yeah..all those years of honing skills in that "other" F2P wargame that we won't mention by name, have'nt been a total waste of time. In fact, it's enlightening to compare the realistic FM in this sim, with the fly-by-wire mouse aim FM in that other game. Great work devs...Urruah....To the
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