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    Aoutch, 37mm sniper! like it. Should have already fly in P39 to plenty appreciate this perf'.
  2. What a nice video u did! So fun! Thanks a lot!
  3. waouuu, what a glory! And ure proud of this kind of perf'? Try to take of from an airfield under attack (and with out AA) is the best way for (virtual)cemetery. Two visions, "serious" players and kids. Unconsiliable.
  4. Well, that was not ure goal but, show us the fw hability to fight with a 500kg bomb...I should say that i only fly on allied aicrafts (yak most of the time), and engaged combat with fw, me110 G2 with bomb, whose performance doesn't appear to be degraded give me a really bad idea about the FM...I think there should have g limit for bomb's fixations, and i don't speak about energy capacities. What ever, nice vid'!
  5. Yesterday, was some time to spend. I went on finnish. Don't know what to do, so i decided to take a Lagg3. I don't take this plane since a very long, first time on Finnish, cause it's an easy target. I took the 23mm witch is the best things on this plane. I will not regreat my choice....
  6. My wingman and i, wasn't able to jointed u before u've been catch by another red pilot. After u've been shot down in flams, we fought against those germans pilots u called :). At this Alt, the 9t isn't the best.... See u in the air!
  7. Don't saw the pursuit at 8K in u're 88....😅
  8. NN_Razor

    The big show

    Nice Video, thanks for sharing!
  9. really like the music, but not only!
  10. off topic on:"Even if this update will answer to an expectation of a part of our community, i would be glad if this physiological capacity will influence the guners (planes and AA) ia superman capacities; they still able to shoot u throught the trees, the clouds, even if the plane is shaking or facing the sun..." of topic off. 😛
  11. Yeaaa Hispano power! Nice vid'!
  12. héhéhé, one fo mine favorite vid' 😄
  13. Waouuu, sorry, but somebody did explaine u how take a shoot?! 😅
  14. Technochat option is so cool! and ican't wait anymore this new yaks! Thanks lot!
  15. All is correct here, any trouble, exept ma Tir5 witch is definitly out since a couple of days…:(
  16. Very good job! Will read again the book! Thanks.
  17. Very nice vid' Bex. Thanks all for this excellent work; skins, mission build and designed volonters pilots :).
  18. NN_Razor

    Short duel

    nice music but Don't saw a duel.
  19. No feed back back from me since i changed my rig. Don't fly any more, my tir5 seems to be down….😪
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