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  1. From my point of view wasn't not so bad cause i was able to bring my pilot and my plane safe.
  2. Yeaaa, was very pleasant. Few action during the second one. First flight, we met 2 Me 109. One bit a little Oscar, then we RTB. The the second flight, we spend our time runing after bad boys, we finally find near the airfield. After a lucky shot, we escape, and patrol around Stalingrad and we've been unable to see german attackers. At the end, we was RTB when two bad boys show us so many interest...
  3. Yes, already saw that on berloga.
  4. Hello, i want fighters for two rounds please!
  5. Spend most of my last virtual public life on ure server. Met many people from everywhere, thanks for that!
  6. Tromsoe, it's where the Tirpitz was no?
  7. We can't do this one, but next one probably yes!
  8. Can't do this one... i ask my squad' mat if they can.
  9. Heyy! I missed ure FNB come back! Glad to see u again!
  10. Ha? what do u mean? build ugly aircraft is an other french's defect among the many others? good joke!
  11. I also identified two basher....and i discover the "ignore user" tool. And i feel very better! 😄
  12. And, what's the problem with my post. It's just a precision. Did i make any comment? 2 groups were undergoing transformation: GC I/3 and II/3. At the end of the campain, the II/7, III/3, III/6 were transform on D520. At the armistice, 3 other groups were undergoing transformation, GC III/7, III/9 and II/6. Yes it was iconic, and yes i would very please to fly with it. Tell i want to spread the idea it was marginal it s ure interpretation and it was really not my goal...
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