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  1. NN_Razor

    Winterz's videos

    Yeaaa Hispano power! Nice vid'!
  2. NN_Razor

    Winterz's videos

    héhéhé, one fo mine favorite vid' 😄
  3. Waouuu, sorry, but somebody did explaine u how take a shoot?! 😅
  4. Do u fly with 100% of fuel?
  5. Technochat option is so cool! and ican't wait anymore this new yaks! Thanks lot!
  6. All is correct here, any trouble, exept ma Tir5 witch is definitly out since a couple of days…:(
  7. Very good job! Will read again the book! Thanks.
  8. Very nice vid' Bex. Thanks all for this excellent work; skins, mission build and designed volonters pilots :).
  9. NN_Razor

    Short duel

    nice music but Don't saw a duel.
  10. No feed back back from me since i changed my rig. Don't fly any more, my tir5 seems to be down….😪
  11. I bought a 3600X. I'll build my new config next week and will say goodbye to my old 2500k...
  12. As Oscar said, many thanks for all. Sadly, i'm unable to do the last missions. I'm asking myself if where i'll find motivation to come back in flight cause FNB was the most exiting event since i play BOS/BOM etc.. Thanks all, i met many nice pilots here! See u.
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