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  1. NN_Razor

    When Do You Stop Shooting?

    To my mind, if ure fight in a Superior plane, it's a mistake to give an Opportunity of shot instead find a safe solution...
  2. NN_Razor

    Recherche instructeur

    Pour t'aider, il faudrait savoir sur quel type d'avion vous voulez voler. Chasseur, bombardier? Plutôt axe ou allié? Quel niveau de difficulté? Et pour situer votre niveau, vous pouvez allez sur des serveurs online. A plus et bons vols!
  3. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Tip, u give the secret about our best weapon to the german's boys!!! 😂 @Biggles, we saw ure destruction in live. At the begining we don't understand, we ignored ure position.
  4. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Was the first time i flew the mk9, and the first and certainly the last time i try use this damne Girogunsight! That kill me cause i don t want to break boring i was to be unable to shoot an easy target like a 110.
  5. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Thanks for the flight! Was fun!
  6. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    3 mk IX for NN guys please! NN_Razor NN_Voltigeur NN_Oscar
  7. NN_Razor

    No, stuka can not take the most damage...

    Strange, cause, most of the time, when i fly pe2, i'm shot down with very very less....and my gunners aren't as efficient than all i can read about them.
  8. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Don't know what rumble meane, but as Foch said: "Pressed hard on my right, my center gives way, impossible to move me, excellent situation, I attack."
  9. NN_Razor

    Finally I saw a PO 2

  10. NN_Razor

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

    Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël for our community!
  11. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Joyeux Noël!! Merry Christmas!! See u soon!
  12. NN_Razor

    Need help

    I know that some time with the A20, there are engine command witch don't work (most of the time outlet and inlet). In that case i restart and all return on normal. But, any throttle at each time! The manifold indicator don t move?
  13. Hi, there's no stats about my two last fly yesterday evening. Server is out?
  14. NN_Razor

    Friday Night Bomber Flight Topic

    Have good mission guys! I'm book again for this evening!
  15. NN_Razor

    Left 4 Dead

    Thanks for sharing, but u've done better vid'.