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  1. NN_Razor

    The big show

    Nice Video, thanks for sharing!
  2. really like the music, but not only!
  3. off topic on:"Even if this update will answer to an expectation of a part of our community, i would be glad if this physiological capacity will influence the guners (planes and AA) ia superman capacities; they still able to shoot u throught the trees, the clouds, even if the plane is shaking or facing the sun..." of topic off. 😛
  4. Yeaaa Hispano power! Nice vid'!
  5. héhéhé, one fo mine favorite vid' 😄
  6. Waouuu, sorry, but somebody did explaine u how take a shoot?! 😅
  7. Technochat option is so cool! and ican't wait anymore this new yaks! Thanks lot!
  8. All is correct here, any trouble, exept ma Tir5 witch is definitly out since a couple of days…:(
  9. Very good job! Will read again the book! Thanks.
  10. Very nice vid' Bex. Thanks all for this excellent work; skins, mission build and designed volonters pilots :).
  11. NN_Razor

    Short duel

    nice music but Don't saw a duel.
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