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  1. From my point of view, those who turn on the lights navigation during a fight are cheaters, but it's not the subject. My english is perhaps so bad, but i told u, i've been straff after my plane was badly damaged in a fight, and after i ditched my plane on the ground, my opponent try to kill my pilot. He would probably shot me under a parachute.
  2. Did not understand why u straff the la5 whitch was already crashed. I've already be straff after i was shot down, and i still not understand this kind of behaviour...
  3. Nice vid'. Well done!
  4. Yes of course, against two noobs.... Yak is excellent? perhaps u mean in real life (from the soviet point of view 🙂)or about the 9t or the Yak 3? in that case i can be agree. But say that the Yak is excellent....(don't speak about the spit cause i've fly so rarely on it). I don't want any more fly in S69 or S127 witch was my favorite... Are 1 You 2 Doing 3 You? 4 just 5 spam6 your7 bs 8 and 9 well done, that really better! 😀
  5. waouuuu, can u speak whith more than 3 words....
  6. Well done but try to do the same with a Yak, or Spit or another soviet plane with 2 F4 in ure six and i will tell u bravo...This videos with 109 OP really boring me.
  7. Thanks for all gent'. Night fight was pretty new for us, and a new form of stress.
  8. LaHure


    Aoutch, 37mm sniper! like it. Should have already fly in P39 to plenty appreciate this perf'.
  9. What a nice video u did! So fun! Thanks a lot!
  10. waouuu, what a glory! And ure proud of this kind of perf'? Try to take of from an airfield under attack (and with out AA) is the best way for (virtual)cemetery. Two visions, "serious" players and kids. Unconsiliable.
  11. Well, that was not ure goal but, show us the fw hability to fight with a 500kg bomb...I should say that i only fly on allied aicrafts (yak most of the time), and engaged combat with fw, me110 G2 with bomb, whose performance doesn't appear to be degraded give me a really bad idea about the FM...I think there should have g limit for bomb's fixations, and i don't speak about energy capacities. What ever, nice vid'!
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