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  1. Kameraden, Only tested for one hour last evening, it looked amazing with MSAA. S!
  2. Smack down coming from all the little girls 💁‍♀️
  3. Muff_Huggar, Using this will give you x1.5, x5.0 and x10.0 zoom. Plus you can use the in game x2 to double the zoom. Plus you can turn off the Prop blur which makes ident easier. This is a must have for VR in this game. S!
  4. I have no issues in VR with ident, read this post and if you need assistance feel free to drop in on our forums.
  5. RA, Wonderful work, these will all make it onto my computer. S!
  6. Kameraden, I've combined the Warthog HOTAS with the Saitek Switch Panel for Gear and Light Switches (I use the Magneto switch for engine start aswell). Overall with MonsterTech mounts it works out well. Even in VR the Gear switch is easy to find. S!
  7. Kameraden, These sessions are always very intense engagements, with lot's of action across the front. Highly recommended entertainment. S!
  8. Honestly, I've been flying this series since the original release in 2001, so far it's been available 99.99999% of the time. Seems a bit of trolling with only 2 posts on the forum, maybe fly some Campaign missions till they get it sorted out and chill. Now, if you couldn't login then that might be a bit more worthy of the post. S!
  9. Kameraden, Thank you for sharing, incredible. S!
  10. Kameraden, Odd one here, only this simulation. Win10 64bit using Target with Warthog HOTAS at various points my keystrokes stop working, to fix I have to Ctrl-Alt-Del out and back to the game. Same issue with VR on non-VR, originally noticed it when trying to exit a flight. I think it might be related to Shift / Ctrl / Alt modifier usage, not sure I can pull off single keys for every command. Anybody else seen this? S!
  11. Kameraden, Remember to try the updated settings, this post is a WIP and the new settings with my Rift are incredible. S!
  12. Coconut, Is something amiss with the windspeed while at airbases? Seems every windsock is almost bent right over, yet it does not appear to affect the aircraft that much. S!
  13. Kameraden, So I'm guessing Mission time is tied to the clock in the aircraft? Which does not match the briefing time? Looks like the start time is just before sun up and at the three hour mark it's just past sun down. So 5am start and just after 7pm finish compressed time acceleration for three hours. Server hosting time on the website is UTC? I ask because I'm trying to coordinate EU and NA squad members. S!
  14. Kadin, I'm wondering as well, important when trying to plan group missions online. S!
  15. Kameraden, Where does one find how much time is left in a mission now? Used to be Spectator "Escape" and it was listed, that's gone now? S!
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