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  1. Terrible news, I'm so saddened to hear this announcement. RIP Tom we all owe you a debt. S!
  2. Kameraden, How does one jump from Gunner to Commander without having the gun barrel centre and elevate? S!
  3. Kameraden, Word of advise, attempted group attack on the Queen Elizabeth. It ended poorly, suggest staying away from the Battleship. We all died about 5 seconds apart..... S!
  4. Kameraden, CLoD has always felt like "Home" for me, spot on with the new theatre the planeset . and S!
  5. Kameraden, I was away on vacation the first week, finally got online last night and had a couple of great dogfights. Since I'm used to the interface, it doesn't bother me much. Looking forward to getting all the planes in the air and setup. S!
  6. Thank you c6_lefuneste, while your mod was available VR was really impressive. Going forward, I'm back to a flat screen but it was great while it lasted. S!
  7. It would be really great if the Binocular selection was a toggle and maybe sped up a bit.
  8. Neun, I think we'll be able to put at least 4 tanks on the ground going forward, I'll send you a message on the SCG forums. S!
  9. Wulfe, Thanks, North Dumfries (North of Brantford). S! Carlo, These are my 2D test settings, once I sort this out then I'll start back on VR. Loosing 3DMigoto was a killer for me on aircraft ident. S!
  10. Wulfe, The game was not playable in VR for me until 3DMigoto arrived, now that's it's gone I may never get it tuned in properly. For now, I'm playing in 2D but I will try your settings with Oculus and see what it's like. S! from K-W.
  11. What is your video card? With thanks to Sheriff, here is what I was testing last evening with pretty good results (bloom=0 in startup.cfg) on a EVGA GTX 1080ti FTW3. I'm not in VR right now, until I get 2D sorted out. Give that a try and let me know. S!
  12. Kameraden, Testing last evening, starting point. Running i7 with 32GB's of DDR3 and EVGA GTX 1080 ti FTW3. Bloom is disabled in the "startup.cfg" and I would say I was 90% better than squad last night at spotting. I'm not saying this is where I'll end up, just a starting point after the patch, because I was really having trouble spotting. I picked these settings out of a SuperSampling discussion on the VR side. S!
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