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  1. Am I the only one who can't get the chimney smoke to work? I'm stumped. I set it up like this: Mission Begin --> Timer 2sec --> Effect Start --> Chinmey Smoke but I can't get smoke to appear. Anybody have a solution for me? Thanks!
  2. Nevermind, I figured it out. Shame on me, I forgot to set some timers and they looped constantly.
  3. Hey people, first post for me in a while here. Hi! I'm having a problem and for the life of me cannot figure out what is going on. I am tring to build a mission for a couple of friends and me. It is still a simple one. When our planes reach the boundry of a complex trigger, 3 AI Planes are spawned. But for some reason the Server freezes shortly after. I tried hosting in-game (freezes the whole game) and with the dserver (freezes only the Server, I can keep flying but all ai planes disappear). I deleted everything unnessesary (waypoints, attackzones) that was linked to the ai flight, but it still keeps happening. Maybe someone can have a look and tell me what is going on? The Mission path is Dogfight/test2/(mission files) Thanks! test2.zip
  4. Oh Man! Thanks, Gramps, that fixed it to me. I was kind of worried there for a minute. I think I remember now that I made this change, when I got the game. Must have been overriden by the update and I had since totally forgotten it.
  5. Well if it works for Gramps, it shouldn't be an unfixable problem. I'll try resetting all the options in IL-2 and in opentrack and start from scratch.
  6. Hi, since the latest patch my headtracking isn't working anymore. Does anybody else have that issue? I am using Trackhat Opentrack with the Freetrack 2.0 interface set to "Use TrackIR, hide Freetrack", but tried the same with the standard Opentrack 2.3 with the same settings. Headtracking still works in other sims, so the program can't be the issue. I also tried reinstalling Opentrack and BoS to no avail.
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