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  1. Psyched to see Arianna Scharfi make ace in a day with a Fokker VII versus P-51s.
  2. I strongly agree with Blitze and am glad communication concerns are being aired. It would be great to get info from the flight leader and/or wingmen, like report contacts, where are you (on the map), "break" etc. It would be fantastic to hear more urgency in the audio too.
  3. It does seem better. It's nice to be surprised by the AI.
  4. We should be able to query an AI flight leader for their location on the map (if we're separated after a fight) and enginesettings/heading (for formation flying).
  5. Well, I hope they allow some queries to the AI flight leader eventually. I'd rather ask a scripted prompt over the radio, versus turning on labels. It would likely improve playability and immersion.
  6. If you get separated from the AI flight leader in the dynamic campaign, is there a command that allows you to query the flight leader for his location? Additionally, is there a command to query the AI flight leader for their heading and engine settings? Such queries are common in multiplayer and could be useful in single player.
  7. The WOFF AI sounds quite interesting. Sounds like is was trained. Maybe they used machine learning. There's a big difference between handling the flight model and actual decision making. There aren't THAT many factors 1) nearest opponent vector 2) AI vector 3) opponent-AI separation vector 4) relative aircraft difference (speed, climb, turn) It should be possible to do better. For complex engagements, the flight leaders could prescribe matchups/commands for subordinates.
  8. I'm uninterested in detracting from the announced releases, which are fantastic, or whining about German aircraft. I fly Russian. Just floating an idea. I strongly suspect that aircraft models in the game are rooted in the state space, or extended state space. The AI likely flies by model predictive control. Reference trajectories are probably dictated by the tactical situation. Indeed, building a similar Do 335 model from little to no performance information would require additional work. Jason could recruit some aerospace undergraduates to build a wind tunnel model and collect the data needed for parameterization. Fluid dynamic simulation is another option, although probably intractable. That's probably not anything that would happen soon, but it's perfectly possible (and great fun!).
  9. Occasionally folks mention that the German fighter stable consists primarily of 109 and 190 variants. Although there's probably a shortage of performance data, the dornier do 335 might add some diversity. Just a thought, although I suspect the aircraft was active after Bodenplatte.
  10. We gotta bring more people into the BOX just to reward the amazing service and team behind the project. As soon as I have the money, I'll happily buy all the products just to support the team's consistent engagement and effort. Wow. Also excited for a dynamic campaign and AI improvements.
  11. This is a brilliant suggestion, although I agree with herne - demotion from command, not game over!
  12. It would be sweet to "level up" pilots in your squad by flying multiple missions with them, such that the AI pilots advance from mediocre to veteran. Additionally, if guest pilots could join your campaign, you could fly the campaign in multiplayer with an interested friend.
  13. Well sh!t, I'm not impressing anyone!
  14. The mig-3 is squirrely and a great underdog, but hard to land. Can never claim victories without landing... I've found that one can achieve good landings if: 1) you cruise in at 0% rpm, 50% mixture, flaps 30%, full open radiators, gear down. 2) you then use only throttle to adjust speed. 3) you ease to touchdown at 150-180 kph. 4) you increase throttle once under 100 kph to maintain rudder authority. 5) you stop with brakes and use rudder/throttle to avert ground loop. The engine clearly dislikes these settings, but it doesn't seem to cause permanent damage. Always ease up to 100% rpm for a go around, slapping rpms around in the mig-3 will kill the engine instantly. If anybody else has a good mig-3 landing guide, please share!
  15. Single player career would be fantastic if modeled after Red Baron 3D. In Red Baron 3D lots of planes in a dynamic space, and the ability to manage and improve the skills of AI pilots in your squadron by managing their wingmen and insuring that they survive sorties.
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