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  1. Somehow, in the last few days I've observed what seems to be a "melted plastic" look on the clouds. They have "too much smoother" edges, doesn't seem like steam floating in the air... it is possible to see the effect on the image above, on the cloud at the upper right. I ended up bringing back the vanilla clouds and they look better, although with all the problems, like "boiling effects", etc. Dunno what happened. Clouds on HIGH.
  2. You can always check for the presence of a small "double squared boxes" right at the key binding place. If this symbol is present, just hover the mouse over it and it will tell you what other commands are also used by the same key combo. Well, you can pretend you are flying a g7e version by activating the game's autopilot function - although I agree that it diminishes immersion.
  3. Hi Dawg35, since I don't have VR, I use the following command to call BoX from Steam inside my Selector tool: <path to steam>\Steam.exe -applaunch 307960 AFAIK, there's a parameter that you can try to register on game's properties (or_enable = 1) that in theory starts the game with VIVE or Rift support. You can put it right on the Il-2 Sturmovik properties doing the following: a) right click IL-2 Sturmovik:Battle of Stalingrad entry on Steam's interface b) click Properties... c) press "set launch options..." button d) put -or_enable=1 into the textbox and press OK (I'm not sure if the dash before or_enabled=1 is needed, you can try without) This way, whenever you start the game, it will (hopefully) run with Rift/VIVE support enabled. IF this doesn't work, I've developed a new version that makes the call using this parameter (see attached). Please override your current version with this one (just copy these files to the main IL-2 folder, just like before), test and let me know of the results. Obs: I've attached the fonts too, if you're uncomfortable running .exe downloaded from Internet. Just compile it with AUTOIT. OBS: link on the post above is updated with this version as well. Cheers BOS_Selector.zip
  4. AFAIK they are the very same of the other planes, there's no separate "drop bombs" key for Ju or other planes. I've changed mine to a button on my button box, so I don't recall the original, anyway, it doesn't matter (unless you inadvertently added the same key to another function or you have a SHIFT, CTRL or ALT key stuck, which in turn would cause the game to not recognize or not know what to do with the command).
  5. That's what happens when you're confined and live alone. Completely forgot. 😆 Happy Easter to everyone.
  6. Red team, are we still doing the pilot signing thing every week until Wednesdays? It seems that our file doesn't have an entry for next weekend (and tomorrow is Wednesday). Or the same tab marked as "04/04" is to be used for every session? Thanks
  7. I just pressed the same button to drop bombs/cargo/paratroopers right at the start. Did it once, reloaded the mission and repeated. Both time worked. Dunno why you're not able. I can also open the cockpit window, lateral port, etc. Maybe checking your bindings? But yes, it is a bug, because you're able to finish the mission without even starting it. Oh, have to mention that I played it using some mods, so maybe they are interfering in some way: Kuban texture mod AllVoicesEnglish New Icons A20_Navigator0.4 FC_skinpack_Kaiserschlacht Cockpit Info Cards Graphic Preset Tuned Damage Decals Sun Glow Stalingrad Tex Mod
  8. I've flown mission #1 until I got bored (half-way). Then, instead of wasting CPU cycles flying in autopilot, I aborted, started it again and right at the start I pressed the "drop cargo" button. Mission accomplished, jumped into #2 and flown it entirely (drop paratroopers). That one was good. First one, although good too (flying in bad weather), get's boring once you know what bearing you must fly (I will not tell it here, but it is ease to figure out using mission planner site).
  9. AFAIK, time accel isn't available during campaigns in the current game's engine version - neither on previous - this is an old "bug", reported and discussed on other threads as well, so I think there's nothing that the mission maker can do about it.
  10. I agree with you in all what you said, I don't like discord either (the interface is a mess, too much information everywhere, tries to be a jack-of-all-trades without being best at anything). Unfortunately, J5 TS isn't able to support all players at once, so that's why we ended up being on discord. Last but not least, the whisper capacity and other things aren't relevant in BA, because you're not allowed by rules to talk with players outside your package, anyway, so give it another try. The BA experience far surpasses the "discord hassle", trust me. 😉
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I guess this time we'll be using Discord?
  12. The problem with engine #1 damaged occurred to me too. Nevertheless, I did the mission with all temperatures. RPM, etc - showing normal readings. It seems to be a little bug with no practical effect. Just ignore.
  13. I'm already registered (allocated to Entente) and posted on calendar (marked first two slots - total 3h - , let last two marked as "?" because I'm still not sure I will be able to commit for 6 hours straight). As I understood, tomorrow commanders will have a meeting with pilots on discord to check plans, then it will be a good time to reassess the situation.
  14. 100% agree. Fell in love right from the start. Bombing, attacking, dogfighting, you name it. Good temper. Two engines (unless you loose a wing, she will always bring you home). Beautiful. Great sounds. Heavy punch. Easy flying. Really, a Cadillac.
  15. Thank you very much for this, Saldy. Stay safe.
  16. Due to some problems with TS on last FIF (if I recall correctly), will the BA event move on to discord or other means, or we're still at TS?
  17. Yes, they are persistent 3-stages. I use Joystick Gremlin to control my button box (which is way larger than the photo and with other analog levers/rotaries and switches as well, some of them not persistent, only two states, etc). JG allows you to use macros, where you can adjust everything (key sequences, how many repetitions, timing, hold, exclusive, wait-times, etc). For instance, that "Feather" feature that you see on the picture runs the following macro when activated (switch down): 1. select corresponding engine 2. cut it off 3. wait 8 seconds (approx time game takes to cut it out and stop spinning) 4. feather that propeller You can create very complex things using JG. The feature I found very useful is the ability to activate different things not only on press, but also on release of a switch or button. Priceless. I use it to control my Warthog switches as well. Works like a charm.
  18. I know. I was just kidding. Would like one too, but I don't know if WWII fighters had one IRL?
  19. Well, did a rebind of my keys and voilá, everything is fine again. Count_de_Money, I disarm them during taking off and arm them when entering enemy airspace only. This way, if something goes wrong - i.e., someone crosses my way during takeoff because they are in a hurry to get airborne and, you know, "runways are for sissies", or if I need to drop them because the airfield is being bounced by an enemy right at "that moment" - I will not dig a hole in my own house, specially if we are taking off in formation. 🙂
  20. Hi, the command to arm/disarm bombs isn't working on P38. I'm curious because I always take off with them disarmed on other attack/bomber planes, arming them only when near objective. Is there a special key specific to P38 (couldn't find) or P38's didn't have such feature IRL? Cheers
  21. +1 🙂 Agreed. Maybe for fighters that white haze background helps to locate enemies, but in my case *(mostly attacker/bomber roles) I like to see far away whenever I can.
  22. Thanks Rowdy, the gpresets file did the trick. Would also thank to Beebop for trying to help! Much appreciated.
  23. Your work brings a lot of atmosphere to the game. Returned home after a long period out (working at another city). Installed the 10.1 version but I'm confused as I'm *not* seeing my game like your pictures. I'm using everything on ULTRA/MAX/etc except clouds (HIGH, per instructions). Using the mod, clouds are looking worst than vanilla extreme clouds (boiling and ripple effects), so there's something clearly wrong on my side... Do I have to alter the gpresets and alter gamma like some posts above in order to achieve your results, or should this 10.1 be a "vanilla install"? Just want to be sure before I jump into this and start changing things, as I have my game perfectly tuned to my hw by now. (Tip: I think it could be useful to put the whole ordeal on the first topic, if this is the case).
  24. Salute to everyone involved, looking forward for next tournament. Congrats to my fellow blues, I hope to be able to fly more missions next time.
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