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  1. Yes RedKestrel, it helps, but not so much like before. I used them before, and I'm using them now, and I also noticed that the shimmering got a little bit worse again (something between before/after this LOD tip).
  2. You need to resave all missions/campaigns that are from 3rd parties. Just open the ME and choose TOOLS/Resave all missions in folder, point to folder where your missions or campaign are and go lunch.
  3. This. Happy that next FIF will be again on RoF. Waiting for a DM review on FC. It was so good before last changes, but something got broken. Yesterday, after the new update, I did a quick mission against 4 other aces just to see if something changed (ok, the patch notes said nothing about it, but who knows?) Although I was slaughtered right from the start (which points to a better AI, which I really liked) the first 3 or 4 bullets always took away my rudders or elevators (or both) - even when fired from straight head-on co-alt (where you can't even see the rudders/elevators). Only on entente planes - german ones doesn't suffer from this. Tested on camels and brisfits. It's like the hitboxes for rudders/elevators are exposed no matter where you hit the plane.
  4. Hi rowdy, everything seems to be fine here. 🙂
  5. Hi guys, thanks for this update, seems really massive for the better. Quick question: do I need to resave every non-original single mission / campaign that I have in the game or this is just for servers? Cheers..
  6. Hi Wolfstriked, thanks for your comment, but no. I was referring to real delay, like moving the controller axis and the game registering it (applying the effect) later, to the point that I crashed three times trying to take off before recognizing what whas happening. Once I realized the lag, I could fly by anticipating the movements, but obviously the experience wasn't good. To be fair, this particular sim never behaved well on my machine, for some reason the experience was never fluid enough, despite all other sims (DCS, RoF and IL2 whole family) working flawlessly with high fps and max graphical quality. I'm ok with that, because after experimenting it, I would probably stick with these three sims, even if blitz wasn't laggy, just because I also realized that I kinda prefer to fight over terra firma. 🙃 I think it's good however for those who like BoB/desert scenarios, so everyone has a choice.
  7. Hi Buzzsaw, thanks for your detailed instructions. Yes, I've checked the joy's config inside the game and all is fine on Windows too (it's a warthog, it's well calibrated and working flawlessly on DCS/RoF/BoX series). What I found most strange was that the controls of my button box (extra axis for mixture, prop pitch, rads, etc) were lagging a lot, while the joy was lagging only a bit. Perhaps this is due to Joystick Gremlin intercepting the button box to apply some macros on switches (and then "getting in the way" of the game, something that other sims doesn't bother with? Dunno). Anyway, as I said, this is probably something on my end, other players may enjoy, so no worries. I already have my hands full with those three sims that I mentioned. Oh, forgot to mention that the cockpits are nicely done.
  8. I didn't bought Tobruk, so I don't know if what I'm experiencing may be caused by this, but today I installed the game, after being absent for more than a year. I don't know if it is because I'm too used to fly IL-2GB/RoF/DCS, but the flying model wasn't compelling at all, it felt totally "floaty" in a bad way, like the plane's momentum is somewhat exaggerated and with a large dead area in the joystick's middle movement (warthog), which makes aircraft control difficult. Also, for some odd reason, commands lagged a bit, and some of my axis (i.e. mixture/pitch/etc) from button box lagged a lot. Did a few quick dogfights, and although I downed a few planes, I didn't enjoyed the experience, unfortunately. Uninstalled. Wish the team success, though. One thing I noticed that is better than previous versions is the AA and the absolute absence of microstutters. I think that for those who aren't experiencing the lack of control like I've experienced, the game may be good.
  9. Nice. Comparison with modern times:
  10. Thanks Rapidus. I have the propeller pitch mapped to an axis on my controllers. On a Spit, or Mustang, or P47, or whatever allied plane, when I put 100% pitch (move the axis to maximum), the RPM increases (i.e., you put 100% for take off, for instance). On the Hs129 it's the other way around - when you increase the pitch (moving the axis to the maximum position, and technochat also says 100%) the RPM engine decreases and the engine dies even before reaching 100%. I have to put the axis into "zero" position to achieve maximum pull. I think this is a bug, because the game doesn't allow us to have specific controls for planes, so I cannot reverse this axis just for german planes. So, 100% axis should also be 100% whatever it is mapped into game, and the effect in game should be the same.
  11. Yes @LF_Tigre91, that's the way I fly it, but I noticed that in technochat, when you're going to 100% pitch, it is getting coarse instead of fine... (exactly the opposite of every other plane). In other words, the command to increase the pitch in fact reduces it.
  12. Brief description: Hs129, manual propeller pitch is inverted (100% is coarse, 0% is fine) Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, Intel i5 3570 @ 4.30Ghz, Gtx 1080 8 Gb (driver version 452.06), 16Gb ram
  13. Brief description: Hs129, when starting engines, the fire/smoke from exhaust isn't drawn over the wings (only after the trailing edge), giving the wrong impression that they are coming from below the wing. To reproduce, look at the exhausts (from inside the cockpit) when the engine starts. Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): Windows 10, Intel i5 3570 @ 4.30Ghz, Gtx 1080 8 Gb (driver version 452.06), 16Gb ram Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs):
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