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  1. Nevermind Gambit, I found that the culprit is indeed a mod that I'm using that permits me to fly on the bombardier position. The crash occurs when I change bomb grouping from this position. If I change it from the pilot view, the game doesn't crash. Sorry for the false alarm. Next time I'll try to remember that I use mods on SP (and the first thing to do when facing errors is to disable them). Cheers
  2. Hi Gambit. First of all, I'm having a good time flying your campaign, thank you very much for this. Some small bugs happened so far, like once my entire flight (I believe it was in mission 6) took right instead of left in the last waypoint before attack and then suddenly despawned right in front of me. No problem, I went ahead alone and completed it. Today, I tried to fly the "swating nest" mission twice, and every time, right after bombing the hangars, when I tried to change bomb drop grouping (single/pairs/etc) the game just CTD - straight, no message or error. Windows event log said something about il2.exe causing Exception code: 0xc0000005. Strange that I tested before getting to this point in mission and changing bomb grouping was ok. Dunno if this is some bug or not, just wanted to report. Now, back to try it for the third time - this time I promise NOT to change anything, because the incursion time is long. Also, I thought that missions would be flown following the leader down to the deck through mountains, but until now every mission has a long ingress route flown above clouds (minus this one, which I believe is the #11 or #12). Anyway, excellent campaign, enjoying the hell out of the A20.
  3. jokerBR

    lens flare sun

    way more real than the vanilla. Thanks.
  4. jokerBR

    [MOD] Damage decals

    Amazing work. Thanks!
  5. I think it's not exactly the way JSGME works (at least not on my side). You need to have the first level of folders of the mod (i.e., in this case, the data folder) inside a folder named whatever you want in the MODS folder. For instance, in my case, I created a folder called "Better Clouds v2" inside the MODS folder, and then, inside this "Better Clouds v2" I put the mod's data folder, which is the "first level" folder of the mod, or, in other words, the one JSGME needs to copy to the game's root folder. After doing that, just go into JSGME and enable the "Better Clouds v2" mod. If you put the data folder directly into the MODS folder, then JSGME will copy the "graphics" folder right in the game's root folder, which, of course, will not work.
  6. Hi NORD80, try to set it to "borderless" instead of fullscreen (I know, doesn't make much sense, but bear with me). Also, even having a good hw, try to cap your FPS around 80 or something (any number that gives plenty room to your gfx). I'm running on an old 3570K @4.4Ghz and GFX1080 (2560x1080). Before the changes above, I was having stutters, but now (capped at 60 fps) it is smooth as silk. Inside de game, I have everything on max/ultra, except for shadows on high (this can be tried on your end, too). If you can't get rid of stutters with these settings, try to check if you have something else running along the game (UI overlays, background programs, etc) which can be impacting your experience negatively. Cheers.
  7. Strange that in DCS I have seen the same effect in the past - don't know if it still occurs, since I haven't played it recently. Also, back to BoX, I've seen this behavior in every kind of entity (ships, trucks, planes, buildings, etc). Same for the all-zoomed-in vanishing objects. At 100% zoom, they vanish, a little bit less, they are again in sight.
  8. Thanks for a new version. Put it over older one, deleted older campaigns, so first mission on a first campaign: game CTD after a while (3 to 4 min) trying to load it. CPU around 40% during the load process. Memory at 36%. No disk or GPU activity. Attached. Missions.zip EDIT: tried several other missions, all CTD after a while, although they load on editor after a looong time. EDIT2: only way to load them is to load on editor, and then compile (after something like 15 minutes). What I'm doing wrong?
  9. It's a good thing to have some campaign missions to U2VS. Although I don't own it (maybe I get lucky?), I love these early planes, kind of a "bridge" between FC and BoX era. Performance wise, they remind me the old and slow planes on which I took my first flying lessons.
  10. Thinking the same here. What if I use Reshade, for instance?
  11. Yep... will let this one baking a little bit more to see what others are experiencing. From what I've read so far on Reddit and nVidia forums, it's a no go. For those above who already installed and tested it on IL-2, is it any better?
  12. Well, I agree that spotting is way more difficult on a screen than IRL. Also I think that ARMA 3 has a good solution for this: they draw a *very* faint halo around an enemy, using a light color, which in turn helps to bring attention to the eye without messing visuals too much. Like you I would also like to have something to make spotting a little bit easier, or at least better than icons (which I hate). Let's hope. Cheers.
  13. If you're playing stutter free, then this is the sweet spot. Enjoy.
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