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  1. Hi guys, yesterday I crossed with this little gem and decided to create a topic to help others like me, that struggled for so many time due to Windows reassigning controllers/joysticks IDs at every reboot, rendering the game's configuration useless. No more that awful USB disconnect/reconnect dance! 😁 https://github.com/b...dall/devreorder (instructions on how to use inside the readme). I changed the dinput8.dlls to make the "system wide" solution, and it worked perfectly - if you use trackIR, there's a trick though: copy the original dinput8.dll from syswow64 to the same folder where trackIR is installed. If you don't do this, trackIR will cease to work. Hope this helps. Cheers
  2. And if you use TrackIR, make sure first to copy the original c:\windows\sysWOW64\dinput8.dll to the folder where TrackIR is installed if you want to substitute the original dlls for the devreorder ones (to apply the change to the whole system). If you don't, TrackIR will fail.
  3. Well, I've got disconnected twice (if I'm not mistaken) recently, and it never happened before, too. Only on Coconut (expert)... may be something on their side.
  4. A super thank you from Brazil, busdriver. Cant wait to get home and start the new campaign. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.
  5. Hope to be eligible for a campaign, since all the rest is gone. Anyway, no matter the outcome (winning or losing), thank you and congrats on the initiative. Cheers
  6. Seems to me that the adjustments are applicable to the FFB polling interval for Thrustmaster, which in turn will result in better experience with TrackIR. So, if you don't have TM FFB joysticks, this change will not affect you. It's not something that you apply directly to TrackIR. Cheers.
  7. Thank you very much, Spektre!! Much much appreciated! 😃
  8. Does this work with the non-Steam version of BoS? There's something that this tool is trying to do right after being called that in my case isn't working (but isn't enough to crash it either). After being called, it doesn't present any interface and just stays at 0% CPU, using 21,5 MB RAM. I can start several instances, all of them frozen like the first one. My AV says it's ok, no virus or malware.No messages on Event Log. Nada. Cannot debug. Moved the .exe to different folders, to no avail. I'll give up and just wait to see if on a future (maybe?) version it can run on my PC. Cheers.
  9. This happens to me when some key (on my DIY panel) gets stuck, i.e., I have some switches that run macros with SHIFT+key, CTRL+key, etc... somethimes (I've yet to debug it) a SHIFT or CTRL key isn't released properly, and as such, the ESC key doesn't bring the menu up. Solution is to alt-tab, and usually things get ok after that. Maybe something similar on your end? EDIT: I'm not on VR train, and this also happens in SP mode as well.
  10. Hi Roland, I don't own WT, never played it, but here you can find a discussion about your problem that seems to have good info about the matter: I haven't read the whole thread, but if there's nothing on it pointing to a solution, I would assume that WT is part of those (rather rare) games that doesn't work with any kind of driver's settings, and the only thing you can do about it is try to discover an "AA compatibility" code to put on Inspector to "force" it to work. Keep in mind that this is a *very* time consuming process (basically trial and error) and that probably this code may not exist, indeed. Sorry not to be able to help you much on this one. Cheers
  11. Hi Roland. Unfortunately, Youtube compresses the video, so a lot of detail is lost, but if I understand correctly, you are referring to the shimmering (like if there were ants running over the terrain at distance)? If so, this effect is caused by looking at textures at certain angles (lower ones), and as far as I know (by experience), it can be somewhat "cured" only by applying SGSSA. That's why I don't use DSR, but prefer using SGSSA. With DSR you get good AA, but bad shimmering all the place. Keep in mind that different game engines may require different "Antialiasing Compatibility" bits settings in Inspector in order to be able to cope with more advanced AA techniques. "Not every game is created equal". If you try to apply some sort of special AA technique to a game and it doesn't work, try to google to see if the game requires a special code in "AA Compatilibity" setting inside Inspector. One such game where I use this "trick" is Euro Truck Sim 2, where I use the 0x000010C1 code as compatibility bits, and this allows me to get perfect image all the time (along with proper AA/SGSSA/etc). Cheers
  12. This may happen if you choose to "override application settings" on nVidia Inspector. Make sure you're using "Enhance the application setting" on Antialiasing-Mode entry, then set the MSAA inside the game and the SGSSA on Inspector. If you find that 2xAA isn't enough, increase to 4xAA and 4xSGSSA. Note: although this isn't optimal, it you hit a wall using 4xAA and 4xSGSSA in terms of performance, you can try to use 4xAA and only 2xSGSSA and adjust a little bit on the LOD Bias. It's not perfect, but still better than no SGSSA at all. Cheers
  13. DCS has this. It's called SRS (Simple Radio Standalone). It can simulate ranges and line of sight limitations, among other things. Really immersive.
  14. Hi Roland. Yes, the option when ON may cause a little bit worse image, but ONLY if you have Texture Filtering Quality in other than "High-quality" setting (which I don't). Otherwise, when you're not using "high quality" in Quality setting (i.e., you're after more performance), then it's good to have the optimizations ON, reason why I usually let them ON all the time, just in case. So, summing it all up: If your card can support (with acceptable FPS) full AF quality, then use texture filtering quality at "high quality". Any other setting than this, then reduce the quality settings and activate anisotropic optimization to help aleviate the problem and get better FPS (of course you can try without optimizations, too). Keep in mind that if you have optimizations ON while using high quality, they will be ignored anyway. More info about all of this can be found here: http://www.tweakguides.com/NVFORCE_7.html This site above has excellent information which will help you to understand and tailor your settings. Also, don't forget that my settings are to be used in conjunction with the in-game's AA settings (either 2xAA or 4xAA). If using 2xAA in-game, then use 2xSGSAA in nVidia Inspector. If using 4xAA in-game, then use 4xSGSSA in nVidia Inspector. This is important, because non-similar numbers between AA and SGSSA will cause sub-optimal results. On my end, inside the game I have all things on ultra/max, and together with nVidia Inspector settings from my earlier post, I don't have any jaggies. If you're still having jaggies, then it may be caused by the wrong profile being applied by nVidia Inspector when you're gaming, perhaps due to the use of some overlay or other graphic program that takes precedence over the game's on nVidia Inspector (i.e., nVidia Inspector thinks that the main app that it should be applying the settings ISN'T the game itself, but some other overlay/program, so it may be applying wrong settings, which in turn breaks your AA on game). Last time I saw this happening was with some "performance monitor" that I used to have few years back. Got rid of it since then. Try to run your game "clean" and check if the profile is being applied correctly (for instance, you can try to crank up some setting to make sure it is being applied, maybe FXAA Indicator ON, and FXAA ON, or increase LOD Bias to something weird, like +3000, whatever makes you confident that the profile is in effect).
  15. You're right, my mistake. Indeed I have them enabled... will correct the original post. They help in making the image clearer/crispier (with a little cost). Thanks for pointing the error.
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