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  1. Hi guys. Bought FC yesterday so I can participate in FIF and BA from now on. I'm currently traveling, but will get home Saturday morning in order to configure it and will do the inaugural flight right on FIF, I hope. Where do I sign? (I was a FIF and BA player on ROF, don't know if I need to sign up again to fly in FC?) Cheers
  2. Thanks Roter_Bart. Will pack and release soon then. EDIT: released. Link corrected in the post above, but you can grab it here too. Cheers
  3. Yes, not every Steam install is equal, so that's the reason why I provide the fonts. I may release a version that scans for Steam and grabs the path from registry... this version was made in a hurry and I didn't check back since release. Glad you were able to sort it out. Enjoy! EDIT: I cannot test this right now as I'm away from my gaming rig until March, but I'm pretty sure that just editing line 22 to be like the code below will do the trick, making the app suitable for everyone no matter where Steam is installed: Global $game = RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam", "InstallPath") & "\Steam.exe -applaunch 307960" When I get back to home (March) I'll release an update. Cheers
  4. Still on the fence... Bodenplatte has my beloved P47, and is a "full" product. FC has only a bunch of planes (only more "modern" ones), but has FIF to go along. Flipping a coin, hard to decide. Tend to agree that FC is *way* overpriced. Obs: I don't own VR.
  5. AFAIK only at "mods on" servers.
  6. To put it simply, I've experienced this as well. When dropping from low alt or landed, with 0 delay they doesn't go off. Just set to 3+ seconds and you're good to go, except: - using large blast radius bombs and doing low level drops - low level drop and having friendlies following at your 6 When doing 1 ton or above, I like to set 15 seconds delay.
  7. Hi Niiranen-VR, nice to see that you're getting progress. To start IL-2 in VR mode, you can try putting in the Steam game's parameters the "-vr" option (or "-steamvr", I'm not sure as I don't have VR). On Steam, right click the IL-2 icon and select "Properties" and then "Set Launch Options" button. In there, put "-vr" (or "-steamvr" if this doesn't work) and press OK and Close. ~or~ On the shortcut file, edit it (properties) and add the "-vr" string (whitout quotes) right after the command in the "target" field. Important: always make sure that the part of your command related to the link or program that you want to start is enclosed in double quotes, like this: @echo off start /min "C:\Games\Gremlin.lnk" start "C:\Games\Steam.lnk" start "C:\Games\Evga.url" This way you wont need the last backslash, and the START command will better differentiate between options (/min, /B, etc) and the actual program/link that you want to start. Maybe this solves the /min parameter not working with your Joystick Gremlin (mine works!). Not sure what the last command does ("Evga.url"). Is it for opening a URL inside your browser? Cheers EDIT: forget about the /MIN on starting Joystick Gremlin. To achieve that, select the corresponding option inside JG on "Tools/Options" menu:
  8. Hi Niiranen-VR, There are some more elegant solutions, including using some third party launchers, but a quick one can be seen below: First, create a shortcut for your Joystick Gremlin, Trackir or whatever you want to start before playing - put them into a directory of choice. Let's say you save them into "C:\Games" for example. After this, just create a batch file (let's say start.bat) with the following commands in it: @echo off start /B C:\Games\TrackIR5.lnk start /min C:\Games\joystick_gremlin.lnk start /B "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 307960 Create a shortcut for it and click on it before playing. Notes: If you installed your Steam in another directory, just adjust the path above to reflect that. The commands do as follows: @echo off - disable screen messages start /B C:\Games\TrackIR5.lnk - start Trackir - start the app without creating a new window (/B) start /min C:\Games\joystick_gremlin.lnk - start the app minimized start /B "C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 307960 - just asks Steam to start app number 307960, which happens to be IL2 Battle of Stalingrad If you want to have another .bat to run after you quit playing, in order to quit the Gremlin, etc - just do the following on another .bat file (i.e., close.bat): @echo off rem Close joystick_gremlin taskkill /IM joystick_gremlin.exe taskkill /IM joystick_gremlin.exe taskkill /IM joystick_gremlin.exe taskkill /IM joystick_gremlin.exe rem Close TrackIR5 taskkill /IM TrackIR5.exe taskkill /IM TrackIR5.exe taskkill /IM TrackIR5.exe taskkill /IM TrackIR5.exe The reason that I put some lines 4 times is because, on my Windows with these particular processes (Joystick Gremlin and Trackir), it will not kill the process with just one command (although I have only one process of each running). You may try to put the "/F" parameter like in "taskkill /F /IM joystick_gremlin.exe" to forcefully kill it in just one command, but in my case this parameter let the TrackIR camera lit, while killing the process. Hope this helps. Cheers EDIT: use notepad to create the .bat files, just to be on the safe side. Other editors like wordpad and such can mess things including extra info in the file.
  9. I agree that it is a flight sim, but I think the planes should be well modeled, because it's a sim, and because taxiing is part of flying (specially if you're trying to leave the runway after landing a damaged bird, or trying to get to the ramp on a busy airfield). On full real servers, it can be a PITA. (but ok, it's a "minor bug", nonetheless).
  10. Edit: Disregard, the text below is for BF 110, not ME 110. The 110 simply doesn't have brakes. Well, it has, but in this game it acts like it doesn't. Let's say that you have your left engine damaged and landed ok. No matter how slow you try to move (i.e., 1 or 2 km/h) or how slow you increment the throttle - as soon as you start moving it *will only turn left*. It only obeys to the torque to the working engine, you can slam the right brakes all the way in, they simply will not work, you'll even hear the brake noise - if really slow - but no effect. This specific plane is bugged in IL-2, because something like this would not have been approved to flight in real life. On the other hand, it is possible to manage it when you have both engines running, but you must act way before anything happens, and never! let it catch speed while taxiing. Slow and easy.
  11. Nice video! Compared to his predecessors, the G6 variant: 1. could use 2 × 300 L/80 US gal underwing droptanks for longer range 2. were equipped with 13mm MG 131 guns , instead of 7.92mm 3. could use a 30mm cannon firing through propeller hub, instead of 20mm all in all, a heavy puncher!
  12. Sad news, I remember him flying on FiF (RoF). RIP Wrongway.
  13. Had this long time ago. Not sure if this was the real cause, but it seemed to go away once I changed the way Windows can manage energy to my USB ports. Short answer, I went to Device Manager and selected the USB ports and hubs used by my joysticks, and on each one accessed Properties, selected the tab Power Management and unchecked "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". Never happened again after this change, maybe you get lucky as well. Cheers.
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