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  1. Thanks for the answers, guys. I wasn't flying fast (in fact I was slow), and only 1G (straight and level), open canopy, around 2k This leaves me with the wounding, but it didn't appear to be so severe... and that clank noise every time I pressed ctrl+e puzzles me (checked, there's no other command assigned to ctrl+e besides eject). Ok, will put this on the "investigate further" shelf and next time will try to fly upside down and see if my wounded pilot can bail out then. Maybe the eject system is now more sophisticated than before, taking more variables into account.
  2. Hi guys, was flying a SP mission today and got badly shot and wounded, but still able to see and control the plane (although with some difficulty). The fight was at 7K, and after being hit at some point I lost consciousness, but recovered it later when I was down a couple K. Realizing that I wouldn't be able to return to base or avoid a crash landing, I opened the canopy but when I pressed the CTRL+E to eject, I only heard a "thump" sound (something like kicking something in the cockpit or pressing a heavy button) but my pilot wouldn't eject. Kept trying (closing the canopy, I pressed CTRL+E again and the pilot opened it but didn't eject - always that "thump" sound). Is this a bug or it is to simulate that I was badly wounded and wouldn't climb the cockpit? If so, I should have tried to turn upside down (while still having some alt) and drop? Didn't try because was trying to keep plane from spiraling violently - full left rudder and almost full aft/left ailerons too to keep it turning gently while descending. Ended up doing a nice belly landing on a field. EDIT: forgot to mention: MIG-3 Thanks
  3. Used JSGME for years. Recently I switched to OVGME for 2 reasons: a) You don't need to have the MODS on the same folder/disk of your game (i.e., don't waste your SSD space twice). - (Ok, there *are* ways to circumvent this on JSGME too, but it requires you to set symbolic links, something I don't wanna do.) b) You don't need to unzip the mods, so less waste of space (again). The only thing that you must pay attention when switching from JSGME to OVGME is that the zip file structure is slightly different between them. JSGME has the zip root already pointing (normally) to the folder that will be put on the game's root (i.e., "data" folder speaking of IL-2), while OVGME needs to have the root named the same as the file, and then you have "data" under it. On the other hand, I know that JSGME alerts when some mods are overwriting things, OVGME doesn't do that, so you have to be careful, the mod order matters (and it doesn't show the mod order to you after you installed them). So far, I haven't had problems with it, using about 16 mods for IL-2 alone, also way more for DCS and ROF, but it clearly isn't for those who aren't at least a little tech savvy.
  4. Well, after about two hours (and opening a support ticket), countless validations and trials, the thing finally went thru and I am operational again. I managed to run the "standalone updater" (not the steam validator) and it reinstalled the patch. After that, I ran the validator, grabbed the "one file" and then it worked. Thanks for the tips and trying to help, much appreciated. I'm not sure what it was, but it is corrected now. Phew...
  5. Thanks @White_Wolf_VR I remember this working with me sometimes, too, but this time things are different. Now when I try to log in, it says that I cannot contact master server, and if I try to login offline, it says my game needs to be updated. But there's no update available, so I do a file check and there's always ONE file corrupted (don't know what file it is). Then I reacquire it, run validation again, everything passes, reboot machine/Steam, etc - and after trying to start the game, same thing, again and again. I'm in a loop. Guess I'll need to open a ticket this time.
  6. After this update, cannot connect to authorization server anymore. Checked file integrity and all, no dice. Game works fine offline. Internet is ok. Anyone else?
  7. Guys, necroing this thread (purchased BoM only today, so it's the first day that I'm allowed to fly the I-16). To whoever gets here after me, I think that the "correct" way to look at the instruments in I-16 is by peeking thru the upper holes to see the upper gauges (at both sides of the sight) or looking down to see the lower gauges. Of course you need VR or TIR for this. Always got curious why they had those holes there... now I know. 😁
  8. And I just purchased BoM so I can enjoy I-16 with newer skins. 😃 Thanks @Oyster_KAI and dev team for putting 4K cockpits into the official release.
  9. Absolutely win/win here. Thanks for dev team recognizing the talent of @@Oyster_KAI, and thanks to him for being such a skillful and generous pal.
  10. Try to put "Dynamic Resolution Factor" to "FULL". This will in fact disable the feature and then you'll not experience resolution variance anymore. EDIT: to compensate for times where the GPU may be under pressure, try to keep your framerate locked to something affordable. In my case, GTX1080, I lock the refresh rate on 60Hz (although I have a 144Hz monitor and the GPU can hover about 80 or 90 most of the time, by locking it at 60 I leave enough "free room" for when things get really busy, and I'll never feel any stutter or need to get lower resolution to maintain performance).
  11. Hi Rick, are you sure you're *not* using dynamic resolution? If so, whenever your GPU struggles, it will reduce resolution on the fly, giving you exactly what you're describing.
  12. Cheers. Although I couldn't participate in every mission, it was fun as always. Thanks for everyone involved into bringing FIF to us. Looking forward for the next one.
  13. New terrain will help new FiF or BA/BS missions on FC where you must land to capture/rescue people.
  14. Only way to mitigate the problem is to use Sparse Grid Supersampling (SGSSAA). Very costly. This, or the devs need to change the way maps are drawn. Cheers. EDIT: for those who have spare power to try (i.e., beefier gfx cards), don't forget that SGSSAA level *must* be the same as used on MSAA, i.e., if you're using 4xMSAA, then you should choose 4xSGSSAA, and so on. Also, for every 2xSGSSAA applied, put "Texture Filtering - Lod bias (DX)" at -0.5 (so, in the example above, with 4x, you would put this setting at -1.0000 at least). This is to somewhat counter the blur effect. You may try with slightly higher/lower values and see what fits best on your hardware. EDIT2: this is for nVidia cards. Don't know what is the equivalent of SGSSAA on AMD cards, but if it has one, then the same principles should apply.
  15. Plane wise, BoB. Map wise, BoK. If you get BoK, get P38 as well (collector's plane).
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