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  1. Hi dimitris, My experience on IL-2 GB is that when you "override" AA settings, your FPS will be lower than if you let the in game AA be "enhanced", so, for performance, the recommended settings for IL-2 GB isn't to "override", but to "enhance" AA, and then let the MSAA in game work together with SGSSAA in Inspector. Make sure that both are the same number, i.e., 2xMSAA in game and 2xSGSSAA on Inspector. With 4x you sure will get the best image possible on this game, and even good FPS on calm situations (few AI around, few explosions, etc) but as soon as you get near more AI, cities and explosions, be prepared to see the FPS plummet and greet the stuttering fest - unless you change your GFX for some 2080+. So, looking at your scenario, I would still go with 2xMSAA ingame + 2xSGSSAA in Inspector (enhance, not override!), and use my Compat Bits. You may try without the Compat Bits to see the difference on your system, if any. Anything below this, and your shimmering/AA will get worse. You may also try Reshade and a bunch of filters combining FXAA, SMAA, etc - but on my tests I've found that they too fall short when things get busy, and the IQ isn't better than 2xMSAA+2xSGSSAA (we are talking nVidia here!). About VSync, use only if you have tearing, otherwise, leave it off and make sure you're using FULLSCREEN option (not borderless or other). Vsync is not a guarantee that your FPS will not drop, it is only a way to keep the resulting FPS in sync with your monitor to avoid tearing. If it fails to achieve the max (let's say, 60 FPS), it will force drop to half that number automatically, but potentially causing stutters in the process, because your eye will detect the change. That's why technologies like Gsync or Freesync are so popular nowadays, because the monitor itself "adjusts the refresh rate" according what your GPU is throwing at it. On some maps/time of day/angles the shimmering will still appear, but it will be greatly reduced (very near the reduction observed with 4x, but with way less penalty to your FPS). Unfortunately, there's not a silver bullet to cure the issue, unless the devs change something in the way textures are drawn in game. So, all we can do is to try to get a good compromise between target spotting/visibility/blurring/shimmering/fps to enjoy the game. On my end, on most MP maps the shimmering was reduced to almost zero with no cost in FPS, but as I said, your mileage may vary based on maps and time of day (and your specific system/drivers/etc). I may need to change the title of this thread now, after flying on some different maps/time of day and seeing that sometimes the shimmering is still there, unfortunately. Cheers Not tested in VR, Niiranen. I would like to, but I don't own VR. Feel free to test and report back if you can, please. Thanks
  2. Yes, and besides that, I decided to cap my framerate at 60 fps (although I can achieve more than 100 fps normally and I have a Gsync compat monitor). My gfx card is at 50% roughly (approach 95% when things get really loaded, like a train exploding while you're passing thru the explosion and it is the first time the texture is loaded during the game). Even then, there's no stutter at all. As I never dip below 60 fps, right now I'm again smooth as butter, but no matter I do, I cannot get rid the stutters that come back when I install this mod. Maybe some specific thing on my system, cache or whatever. It's odd. Everything installed on a SSD also. Go figure. ๐Ÿ™„
  3. From my personal notes after a lot of reading and using these in the past (mind you that, depending on game engine, these numbers vary a lot). I just tried some with which I had success in the past on other games: 0x00401241 (Performance) or 0x004412C1 (Performance/Quality) or 0x004032C1 (Quality) or 0x004012C1 (SGSSAA) In theory, they aren't suited (or tested) against IL-2 Great Battles engine, but I gave a shot and got good results. Who would say? You can find this type of info on Internet in several forums or even on nVidia's site by searching for "compatibility bits nvidia".
  4. Hi guys, thanks for your responses. @simfan2015, yes, I was referring to MODS ON mode. I guess the stutters may be caused by some other mod/combination with 4k cockpits, will investigate further, but so far I removed the 4k cockpits and the game is smoother. Agree that makes no sense that 4K textures would cause this, but it is what it is... GTX 1080 8Gb (IL-2 barely fills half memory). Very odd. I'm using FUMS to adjust the process priority under Windows, but maybe Proj Lasso can be better (heard of it numerous times, never used - may be the time to do so). @Hopper64, yes, I'm running the last bit of juice on Windows settings. Everything on "pedal to the metal" mode. I even use clean drivers on my nVidia (drivers with all nVidia bloatware/monitoring stuff removed for the extra mile). @Oyster_KAI, thanks for your profile. I was using Reshade but stopped after adjusting the settings via nVidia Inspector and obtaining excellent results. As Reshade adds another layer over the game, it ended being less performance for almost no gain - but I'll install it again and retest with your profile, much appreciated. I need to stop tuning things and start to play more, but I just can't help myself, lol. Salute!
  5. The only thing that really counters the shimmering effect observable on textures when viewed at low angles is (for nVidia users) to enhance the AA with transparency supersampling of 4xSGSSAA, which in turn requires 4xMSAA in game to be activated. Without going too technical, SGSSAA (sparse grid supersampling) is a type of AA that need to be "in sync" with MSAA to work well (i.e., if you use 2xSGSSAA, you need to be using 2xMSAA as well - same for 4x and so on, otherwise the effect isn't optimized). In terms of image quality, anything above 4xSGSSAA is overkill, and below is insufficient to get rid of the shimmering, but 4xSGSSAA and 4xMSAA can be very taxing on systems. I've found that a good compromise can be achieved by using 2x on both MSAA and SGSSAA, and also a Compatibility Bits setting of 0x004412C1 (or 0x004032C1) and BLURRED/SHARP filters on. Don't ask me why the Compat Bits worked, they shouldn't as far as I know, because I wasn't expecting that the IL-2 graphic engine would "respond" to them, but on my system, the shimmering at low level was reduced a lot, although on very specific moments it will be there, depending heavily on maps and time of day, specially with rivers on the horizon. All in all, I've found that this combo solved this for the most part, and by the low cost of performance, I got pretty happy with it. If you fly low, you will probably find yourself over dense forests very often, and when using 4xSGSSAA you'll notice that the trees may cause micro stutter if you look at them at 90 degrees while passing by, unless you have a beefy system. I've tried the DSR at 150% but in my case specifically, it gave me worst performance unless I reduced a lot of other things, like distances, clouds, etc, which I could keep maximized while using 2x and my bits above. Your mileage may vary, even a driver version can change the outcome, but now you know some techniques that you can try to reduce the effect. About performance, THIS is an excellent article that covers in detail what settings are best applied to give you the max your hw can provide. Cheers
  6. Happy bday, Bullets. I won't enter the draw (kudos for the idea, though), but I would like to suggest that all these pictures together and printed would made an excellent poster to put on your wall and remember this date. Wish you the best. Cheers.
  7. First of all, nice work, and I would like to thank you for sharing. They make it so easy to read the instruments, and everything is more vivid, but I would like to ask if someone else also started to note some micro-stuttering when panning around with TrackIR. I tend to note the stutters very often only when the 4K cockpits are installed, although I didn't see dramatic increase in GPU % or memory when using them... weird. Cheers
  8. On some games, it forces the AA to be applied to all screen. I was skeptical that it could work on Il-2, but gave a shot and it enhanced the image in the end. On my system at least, if I disable the code (i.e., return to default 0x00000000), it is very noticeable. Right now I'm experimenting with 0x004032C1 and SHARP/SHARPEN filters, and beginning to like it more than BLURRED/SHARPEN as suggested on the first post - although I don't know if the code changing has something to do, it seems to work the same with 0x004412C1, or at least the difference is negligible (hard to tell because I have to restart the game every time I change the codes, difficult to compare exactly which is best). Guess I'll just leave at what it is by now and play.
  9. In my case, I've got the same visual of 4xMSAA + 4xSGSSAA @ 50 FPS limit (and occasional micro stutter when on heavy ambient) with the performance of 2xMSAA + 2xSGSSAA @ 60 FPS limit without micro stutters at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Obs: the fps limit I use is adjusted to get my gfx card some juice to spare when things get messy pretty fast, so, all in all it means that the gpu will get near 95%~98% on heavy moments, but almost never hit 100% no matter how hairy things are - so I never get stutters.
  10. Hi Wheelwright, haven't tested with DSR and FXAA (just because DSR in the past always have been more taxing than simply using 4xSGSSAA in my case), but maybe this changed with the FXAA option? May try to see if it show a better compromise than my actual Compatibility Bits solution. Thanks.
  11. Hi FoxbatRU, sad to hear that. I don't know exactly what you are referring to ("overflows"?) but on my system everything looks in place. Are you running at full screen? Anyway, it seems that the solution may not be as universal as I was thinking... ๐Ÿ˜” I'm using the nVidia 442.59 driver, if this helps.
  12. I always fly only from cockpit too, but in some maps (specially with rivers at the horizon, like Stalingrad at summer/autumn) the shimmering can be quite heavy with your settings (at least on my machine), depending on time of day. My settings aim to counter the effect, no matter the map/time of day. Maybe the fact that you're flying at 1440p diminishes the effect.
  13. Blitzen, the screen on the OP is from the nVidia Inspector, which you can grab on the link that I've just put on the first topic. As for the settings inside the game, I'm also using a 1080, and I've added the settings on the OP as well.
  14. Basically terrain shimmering. It gets better in front of clouds too, but it is still there. I did more tests in different times of day and noticed that there were occasionally shimmering on some roads... but very faint. All in all, it gave me the 4xMSAA+4xSGSSAA IQ with half the cost. Very happy. This screen is from nVidia Inspector. You can grab it here.
  15. Hi guys, I've been trying to get rid of shimmering on IL-2 for a long time, and up until now the only solution was to use 4xMSAA and 4xSGSSAA, which unfortunately was too heavy to my setup to achieve at least 60 FPS under ANY situation using everything on ultra in game - but now on version 4.006 I've found a way. First things first: this was tested on a GTX 1080 + 2560x1080 144Hz monitor, on an old i5 3570K @ 4.4Ghz (hence my efforts on ochieving best performance while pursuing better IQ at the same time). The trick is to gain back the performance by using only 2xMSAA and 2xSGSSAA, but setting the Compatibility Bits to 0x004412C1 on nVidia Inspector. In game, also set terrain filter to BLURRED and activate the SHARP filter as well. On my setup, this translated to ZERO almost none shimmering at all, no matter the altitude, and I was able to withstand 60 FPS on my two benchmark tests: a) 6x6 low fight over Kuban on a heavy weather b) very low flying over a large and dense forest (skimming the trees!) while looking 90 degrees to either side - the forest should not present any sort of micro stutter while passing by If you want to give your graphics card a little room (avoiding it to run full boost all the time) then just set target fps on 60 into game. It will remain there, whithout hiccups, and your card will even run cooler without being demanded 100% all the time. Although I have a 144Hz monitor, I did this so my 1080 has ample room to spare when things get crowded, giving me a zero micro stutter ambient too. Oh, and don't forget to set Power Management Mode to " Prefer Maximum Performance", of course. Cheers. EDIT: noticed that in some maps depending on time of day the shimmer can still occur on some roads, but all in all, the results are on pair with 4xMSAA+4xSGSSAA IQ with half the cost. EDIT2: link for nVidia Inspector
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