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  1. Hi Rowdy, I guess it is some kind of record for this thread to be without comments for so long, but I would like to say that now I'm waiting for your next version, because it looks a good step forward. Obs: Hope your experiments are going well, no pressure at all.
  2. Salute Jason, Happy Birthday! I began my "career" with a simple TK-85 program which have a black screen with some numbers on lowest row, and just two lines in the distance representing a runway and sometimes a mountain. 1980's. Few years later, on PC, it was a file called jet.exe (DOS), with planes made with simple outlines, no filling. Mind you it was a glamorous PC-XT 4.88 Mhz. After this, all the way up until today, passing thru almost anything flying sim related.
  3. I think he mentioned that he "can't use mods" because the majority of mp servers doesn't allow them. If you activate mods, you'll be unable to log into 99% of servers.
  4. Here it is a hit and miss, sometimes I get that screen, others I don't. Seems like the server is really overloaded and can't serve enough requests...?
  5. Thanks very much for your answer, I haven't read your previous comments about the matter. I wish that devs contact you to help them to solve this (hope devs read this thread, really!). They have done arrangements with other modders in the past, most recently with Oyster_KAI on 4K cockpits, which in turn brought the game to another level. I understand that these are completely different animals (cockpit arts and graphics programming), but having someone like you on board would benefit everyone not only by providing a better looking game, but also a more performant one through fine optimization.
  6. Hi Liz, thanks for all the work you've done so far, you have solid skills and I'm a happy user of some of your enhancements for a long time now. Regarding your statement above, are the devs aware of your findings? I mean, if this can be solved on the engine level, it would benefit the MP players as well.
  7. Hi Ryanair, very weird behavior if you tried all above, including reinstalling windows, etc. You may have a faulty board? Does this thing of disconnected peripherals occur on other games as well? If using 32 Gb Ram fills all your memory slots, try to run with less memory (16 should be enough to BoX) and check if this isn't related to some faulty memory slots. I know, very dim possibilities here, but after all your tests, I would start to look at your board.
  8. Update: saw the "plastic effect" again while using average weather (without gpreset). Seems to me to be a somewhat random phenomena, maybe tied to a specific cloud file or something else. It doesn't *always* appear. Anyway, don't know if it's luck or just placebo, but it seems to be rare without gpreset. Couldn't observe (yet?) on heavy/overcast.
  9. I was referring to vanilla regarding gpreset. I'm using the same config of yours (ultra, clouds high, V14_greysky+cumulo2, no gpreset). I have to play a little bit more. So far, I haven't spotted plastic clouds, but this doesn't mean that they are totally gone. I remember seeing them in the past only at a few cloud edges, while others didn't show the effect. If I don't spot anything weird after a week worth of gaming, then I'll call it solved. As for other settings, my startup.cfg graphic section is below, and on nVidia panel I reverted everything to default, except for pre-rendered frames=2
  10. I just removed the gpreset mod and so far no plastic clouds to be seen yet. Clouds look nice without it (ultra settings, with high clouds), so I think I'll stick with vanilla for a while and see how it goes.
  11. Very interesting experiment, will try it too, as sometimes I also get the "plastic clouds". I'm at 128 on gpreset, if I recall correctly.
  12. The 3D Overcast isn't downloading for me for whatever reason. For the first time ever, Mediafire just snaps back with some random offer but doesn't download anything. Noticed that it is saying "Turbo Download" on the blue button (not sure I've seen this before or if it was only a simple "Download"). Maybe this "turbo" link requires an account? Any other sources?
  13. Tried hard to get a grey sky and some cumulonimbus, but no dice so far after 10 quick missions. Earlier versions this was almost instantaneous when I selected Heavy or Overcast (installed the greysky version + cumulonimbus). Also, no cumulonimbus formations (two layers, etc). Dunno what happened, because before (versions 12 and 13) I was getting pretty beautiful and varied cloud formations, fronts, thunderous and menacing clouds, all randomly selectable using quick mission. Maybe I need to use mission editor now (or is just a matter of keep trying)? EDIT: finally got a big f
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