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  1. Uhm, maybe I am mixing something up, but after a long hiatus I am comimg back to this beautiful game. Why doesn't "i" make my Plane invisible on the map view? I am fairly certain it worked like this some time ago, no? I am flying with custom settings in the career. Sometimes I want to navigate by myself, but wenn I untick "navigational objects" I can't see my plane. But I just want to switch it on and off to my liking. The only other option I have activated is outside views (because Single Player). I tried every combination of H, O, M and I.
  2. Depends. Some are getting used to it better, some not. I can wear it for hours without problem. In the beginning it was much harder for me.
  3. Of course I would pay extra. CLOD combined with team Fusions work is THE simulator. If I can support them when I pay for a VR-DLC I certainly will. Playing the Desastersoft campaigns in VR is my wet dream.
  4. I have the same problem...where do you find this option?
  5. Es war tatsächlich der Adapter. Läuft! Oh Mann, hab nur festgestellt das meine Brille nicht mit drunter passt. Irgendwas ist immer, haha
  6. Ich hab jetzt eine beim Saturn gekauft... zum Glück! Die geht nämlich nicht. Ich hab jetzt nen DP-HDMI Adapter bestellt und wenn der nicht geht, lasse ich beim Saturn so viele Packungen öffnen, bis eine funktionstüchtig ist. Da ich x-Updates für die Brille machen musste, vermute ich das es eine von den ganz Frühen ist mit den billigen HDMI-Anschlüssen ist. Wie kann man sowas auch machen? Und wie blöd kommt man sich vor? Legt 600 Euro auf den Tisch, die Musik spielt und man sieht nichts. Toller erster Eindruck!
  7. Hah, das nenne ich doch mal klare und eindeutige Antworten. Ich denke für den Einstieg ist ne Oculus dann genau richtig. Vielen Dank!
  8. Sorry fü die doofe Frage - welche Brille würdet ihr den empfehlen? Ich tendiere zur Vive.
  9. Holy shit, I hope I have time the next days to play. But that Team Fusion will and can work to make the AI better is not really a dream come true, because I never dared to dream of it. Oh joy!
  10. Sure AI gunners are quite good, but as a virtual pilot you can train and you will be better than most real pilots in a comparable sitution, plus you have no fear of death. I think in the end it evens out. And instead of complaining, just stay out of the gunners FOV. To me it seems you have a certain idea how it should work, realising one time after another that it doesn't. You don't learn and adapt.
  11. "they could save lots of money and labour that better could be spent in a decent Pacific map." Look I've waited since the release of BOS that they implement something better than this simple arcade career mode that we have now. I don't let it spoil it by you claiming that the rescources are better spent for creating a map full of water. You have to be kidding.
  12. Totally agree. I think I would have given up on BOS/BOM if not for Patricks Campaign Generator. It offered choice when there was none. It was either MP or an SP Arcade Campaign, neither suits my taste. It was really frustrating, because the flightsim per se is really great. Can't thank him enough for his effort.
  13. I share your feelings. Great and deep simulator - shallow gameplay (from a SP perspective).
  14. Indeed, but that is maybe really easy to program? There is a mission pack for Cliffs of Dover from Desastersoft there is some randomness programmed. So even if you play the mission 2 or 3 times it is possible to find other planes at other positions. And CLOD is how old? Okay, these are handmade missions, but look at PWCG. It does exactly that with a historical background, too. Those planes you'll find even are simulated (off map most of the time, but you see them when you cross their path). I mean that is my main critisism of the Mission Generator that is implemented in BOS/BOM right now. I can't remember seeing planes besides the "point of action" just like the old IL2 1946 DGen missions. @Gunsmith86 Touché. I own WOFF, but since I am not that much into WW1 never played it extensively. @Jason At least maybe the briefing part can be modded later on? I know it is difficult to activate people for things that doesn't exist yet, but if it is out and people get bored by the same text over and over mabye then somebody will help? But I am happy anyway that after all these years silently buying BOS/BOM/BOK finally the SP community gets heard. It was what I was hoping for. People still buy IL2 1946 because of the massive content for SP.
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