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  1. What about adding a stuff like triggers and others to MB, Mr. Wiliams ??? It is stand alone program or connected with game engine, if it will be stand alone program why not open or give a people possibility to add a more triggers.
  2. To be honest for me Single player in BoS looks familiar with pwcg in RoF. But what do I know S!
  3. Its ease, you can't stop the timer with random set, but trigger timer with all set 0 and random 100%. This trigger timer (stopper) must be between trigger timer (random) and out.
  4. Guys, BoS as a game is still not ended, there is no stats system, servers are cut off to 42 players. They have engine which is not finished, and the devs only add new planes and maps calling it BoM, and they make us pay for it 99.99 Euro. Now you want pay for SP mission ? LOL
  5. Hi Coconut. Have no idea about yours post today, I'm also solved my puzzle used yours idea with trigger timer settings on 0 time and activated and deactivated this TT. I tested this example, but crashed trigger 10s, on a single trigger 1s and created a chain. Activated all timer 0s when plane entered, and deactivated all when left. timer 0s was a my "stop sign", and sequence begins again. I spend 4 days searching my "stop sign", and this is it. I have no idea that trigger timer with all settings 0 and random 100% work like this. Also confirm "This trick makes it possible to use the random choice construct multiple times, for instance." works well Thx again. This example should be in manual.
  6. Thx Coconut. I figured how stop second signal when first is active, something similar what you write. Its second time when i must reinvent the mission because something can not be done. However, I am determined to finish it, then I'll try to do something differently with your example. S!
  7. ehh... im disapointed. too bad that MCU are not open in mission builder, who know maybe some good programist add a little more triggers. ok thx for answer. S!
  8. Hi all. I can not solve last puzzle that will allow me to complete the mission. What I have: When plane enter in complex trigger air space, then start time sequence of 10 seconds countdown to 0 , then truck fire flare and lunch Ai air strike. But when plane left, time stop, when back again, time start when he left, also start time again. At the end of the output time sequence we have 2 signals, and truck lunch two flare and Ai air strike. I noticed that trigger activate and deactivate only freeze trigger timer, so my question is, how to do reset trigger timer ? RoF mission builder file S!
  9. This is very interesting theory, I thin over 5 years of rise of flight mission builder nobody did this, or I cannot found on RoF forum. To be honest I'm not surprised that my problem is not possible to do. When I learning RoF mission builder I see how not complex it is, not finished. There is no simple "back one step" button, no testing mode, simple stuff needs a lot of triggers, and tests needs lunch game and creating server (easier in RoF) when in BoS we need access from devs. And all this stuff are simple copied to BoS, no hard work to add something, but cut a few. At the end BoS mission builder it is less complex then RoF. Ehh... what a mess. Thx for answer Coconut, its very good idea. You have my Vote +
  10. How yours progress to explain, how to do this. Maybe try write ? I only need, when neutral target is destroyed by one of two teams, to send two messages. First message to team who destroyed this one target, and second message to team who not destroyed this one target, where is writing who destroyed this one target. I know this is possible, when this target belongs to one of the team. I do not want divide this target into two, for each team, it must be one neutral. Maybe someone else know solution how do this ? Or it is possible ?
  11. Hi, thx for quick answer, i was trying with many settings in a lot of variants, testing this in multiplayer server on 2 Pc connected in lan, to watch what happens on the other side. I hope you succeed.
  12. In RoF mission builder they are used in coop mode, when one coalition must win, and second must lose.
  13. Hello. I'm prepare a simple mission in RoF mission builder. Its a simple match point mission for two teams (5+ pilots on each side), when two teams must destroy two of tree this same object to win match. One live, short time, simple rules, ease to learn, hard to master. Mission from which can easily create the league. But... Problem is when blue or red team destroy this same object, object does not know by who was killed to send text message to the opposing team. Example: Red and blue team must destroy this same object to win game. Red team destroy object, blue team has a message that red team destroy object, game end, red wins. (i know how, ease to do ) + Blue team destroy this same object, red team has a message that blue team destroy object, game end, blue wins. (not possible ) Not possible, because when we add two text message (for different coalitions) to this same object with trigger "on killed"(of the object), and only one team destroy this target, object lunch two message that two team destroy this target. Solutions: Developers should in "On event properties" below "Type", should add "by which coalitions" (and we choose coalitions, one, two, or more). https://www.dropbox.com/s/gup888fo16sr9be/Zrzut%20ekranu%202015-05-04%2017.10.51.png?dl=0 Logic looks like this: if >Object > on killed > by coalitions (also damage, and others)> then something I was try found solutions in deathmach mode, and capture the flag, because if mission work in RoF it will be ease transfer to BoS or BoM. Hope im not complicated my problem. If more advanced mission builders, know solutions please answer. If devs add this litle stuff to RoF, and BoS builder, mission builder will gain more opportunities, and mission will be more interesting, and ease to do. S!
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