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  1. so is it the high score per mission or per month?
  2. no the question was: why you get 15 points for shooting a Bristol and 10 points for shooting a Halb.....?! This is not equal And we would not notice that if we would not play in April the Centrals
  3. Hi question, how to start a online server for test/practice? We have tried to test the Bloody April mission but only the host could connect and no one else. I know that you have to do something with the firewall? If you could explain step-by-step it would be helpful. THX
  4. Here yyou have theAviation Cronicle and on the bottom are some of the Squads we also enlist. 1PL its a polis squadron
  5. I also can not install the new updates...it just says updates fail and it didn't happened before
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