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  1. Also, i updated all of my skins, so you can downlad the updated versions if you want. Changlelog: Spitfire IXE ZF-R "Lala" - added a "glitch" in paint in front of the fuselage to match historical photos P-47D "Pengie IV" - made the penguin emblem much sharper and crispier looking - edited the "stick man" figure to closer match historical photos Spitfire IXE ZX-6 - the tip of the prop is now red, as it should be Spitfire IXE MB-D - added some missing red paint under the canopy Spitfire IXE Fictional Polish skin pack - props now correctly match the fuselage color of each paint variant P-51D-15 PD-L - added missing "L" under the fuselage - slightly changed the font of squadron markings to closer match historical photos
  2. Normally i would make this one sooner, but i was quite busy in the past month. Enjoy. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!aF4xXIzR!3iCq0L6NExqtOz48mHf6dV4YKFqmPKlv9m4MDLzMsM8
  3. You can always use Steam Workshop on Steam. I know not everyone Has their game on Steam, but why not use that feature when it's there?
  4. Something different this time... A hypothetical Spitfire paint scheme in service of the Polish Air Force. Inspired by the unfinished deal when Poland tried to accquire 100 Fairey Battles 14 Hurricanes and 1 Spitfire from Britain. Unfortunately, it was too late, and the aircraft never reached their destination. 152 Eskadra Myśliwska (Fighter Escadrille) was my personal choice for this skin simply because i like their emblem. The bird comes in 3 paint variations: Early Polish Khaki (1930-1935), Mid Polish Khaki (1935-1937), and Late Polish Khaki (1937-1939). Download link: https://mega.nz/#!jJZnQABZ!IlrvAk4PnxmI8SqgXp1ZRFA2-56axIA958SwKH8c6xM
  5. New skin, the only bare metal Spitfire in PAF. Enjoy and feel free to comment. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!WNBBlSpa!0-cyVTSdy5R3iYGVBQH1GPRpCz6My6SzdDy8-bpSdec
  6. Yes, i'm serious. Since communist symbols are also outlawed in numerous countries (Latvia for example) i am let to believe that the choice of censorship of certain symbols reflects personal views and preferences of the game's publisher/developers.
  7. Hey, don't take this personally. I don't blame you, i dealt with this kind of stuff before on Gaijin's forum. Also, your skins are top-notch. Peace.
  8. It's not "stuck on an airplane", the actual skin is historically accurate. It's there to make my pictures politically correct, legal and inoffensive on this forum. So please, don't go into politics, it's forbidden here as some people may have different opinion on Stalin and his legacy.
  9. Hi folks, here are some skins i made. Those are my first skins ever, so feel free to comment. Enjoy. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!nM4BFSSS!kmbw0QBA6TvA6Bv0f4xyVgnHgCKsQ7LygkTvMfJK_xg Download link: https://mega.nz/#!TMwxRKgC!PwazTdAdufQJN94VO961oaFiDRkdJB9z8V-oe60u-hI Download link: https://mega.nz/#!eN4RhADL!COeZjMM24f6xIcNZO4g6f1Wx2AHwnMr_du-lfAGTR2c Extra special thanks to ICDP for his amazing 4K templates!
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