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  1. Yes, i'm serious. Since communist symbols are also outlawed in numerous countries (Latvia for example) i am let to believe that the choice of censorship of certain symbols reflects personal views and preferences of the game's publisher/developers.
  2. Hey, don't take this personally. I don't blame you, i dealt with this kind of stuff before on Gaijin's forum. Also, your skins are top-notch. Peace.
  3. It's not "stuck on an airplane", the actual skin is historically accurate. It's there to make my pictures politically correct, legal and inoffensive on this forum. So please, don't go into politics, it's forbidden here as some people may have different opinion on Stalin and his legacy.
  4. Hi folks, here are some skins i made. Those are my first skins ever, so feel free to comment. Enjoy. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!SJYHxK4B!2mDTGvTiQUIRuJbqi2A9XALtUHf-Kxw0uWcNxev06Bw Download link: https://mega.nz/#!TMwxRKgC!PwazTdAdufQJN94VO961oaFiDRkdJB9z8V-oe60u-hI Download link: https://mega.nz/#!vQ51FaaC!XT2OpJ20PExCI6k2XjD51ZEuaXAhXkxMfKOWRiTXZjI Extra special thanks to ICDP for his amazing 4K templates!
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