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  1. I wonder how many of you doing test are using tackview to actually find out the amount of Gs each plane is doing? I'm not complaining. I'm too lazy to do it myself. But wouldn't it save all of us of the "feelings", and "I think" arguments?
  2. I understand. But what I meant is, always trying to outturn your oponent is not the answer. And as far as I know it was not how it was done. You should almost never try to outturn your oponent if flying a 190, that's why flying it might give you an idea of other solutions to winning a fight If you dive on an enemy at 600+ km/h, and he is flying at 400km/h you should never try to out turn him. You would either black out or waste all your excess energy. Doing other thing than just turn doesn't mean you need less skill. It means you need a diferent aproach.
  3. Hi. I'm not trying to be rude. But how come that if you are blacking out, this has nothing to do with manouvering skill? I agree that early war planes might be more fun. But you also need skill to fly the late war planes. Just a diferent aproach. Try fighting flying a fw190a3-a5. If you are stalling and spinning, you are probably doing something wrong.
  4. To the OP question A quick Google search gives a gasoline density of 0.75 (aprox) And the total weight of the outer wing 20mm MG/FF, plus ammo is 131kg So you need 175 Liters LESS to compensate the weight. As others said before. This does not means that the handling will be ecual, but that's the answer.
  5. You can connect several USB devices. I'm not exactly sure how many. But I'm using a stick. A throttle quadrant and rudder pedals. All working fine. I even used a xbox360 controller mixed with the rest a while back. No isssues at all.
  6. I would say. First. What do you want to do? Kill planes. Find action. Fly with other people? In my case, the later was the main point. Fighting against other players is the challenge. Cooperating with friendly planes is the goal... So if that's your case. I would say, first be sure you have discord and/or TeamSpeak. And you have it set properly. Mic working. Volume ok, keybindings working Then joing a server. Say hi, and ask. If someone migh need help, want an escort, or another bomber/ataker for the mission. That way you are bound to be asked to joing a discord or TS channel. Afther that, be civil, no need to be a flying Ace or the most acurrate bomber, just being nice is a good way to be invited to keep coming and playing together. For me it started that way 3-4 years ago and worked out prety well
  7. Excelent! And mistakes is how we improuve!
  8. Again. Nice one! I was gonna comment on adding live coms, but I see it was already sugested. And also I know that it can be quite time consuming... Adding the post commentary is a "new feture" I really like! if I can give my opinion, maybe having your voice a tiny bit louder (10-15% more) could help to understand better whats being said. Or even lowering the main sound of the video just when you are talking, wich takes more time, and you'll need at least 2 traks of sound... Oh. Also Is there a way for you to edit your original post so you can have all 4 parts of the video on the first post? There might be some who don't scroll down enough to notice.
  9. Yo be fair CloD is quite cheap on steam. I have no idea whats going to be the price of the upcoming expansion.
  10. One thing that can make videos more interesting is using live coms. But I know that's like a LOT more work for the same amount of lenght!
  11. Dont worry. You'll get used to it. Sometimes even very basic topics have little but important tips! Also if you can fly MP with a buddy/wingman on cons, that's a great way to learn new stuff
  12. Hi. I would gratly sugest you to check this videos out. And the whole channel if you have time!
  13. My one advise, beside the fact that Bo Stalingrad is probably the best "starter" pack at least for now. And the fact that you should get the map/planes that you like most, is: ALWAYS GET PREMIUM EDITIONS! specially if you are in a sale. It's always more expensive to get the missing planes as colectors... I'm very biased towards the fw190a3! And the Kuban map (BoK) and the early planes in BoM
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