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  1. A bit of self promotion... That's an online resuply mission.
  2. Can you elaborate a bit more? What joystick are you using? Track IR should be ON before you start the game! As of controller, I have USB rudder peddals and joistick, and as long as Windows "sees" them, the game should to.. there might be an option on settings inside the game, to check/uncheck jotlystick. I really dont remember. BUT you HAVE TO asign each axis of your joystick to whatever you want them yo do, from inside the game. Go to quick mission, start on whatever plane, (parked on the ground preferably). Hit Esc key and go to Settings key mapping Main controls - plane controll pitch (asign your pitch axis) plane controll roll, rudder, etc. Wheb you are done, click ACCEPT, go back to the game. Un pause it and check if the controll colum/control surfaces work. Ps: if you start on the air, you might start on auto Pilot, default key is Left shift +A iirc
  3. Hi, welcome aboard! I would sugest BoK first! It is ofcourse a very personal choice. But on standard BoK you get 8 planes. You dont get the (collector) yak1b, but instead the yak7b wich I like more, and it's perfect for knife fighting as you said, you get the 190A5 similar to the (collector) A3 but with more armament options, you get an American plane on the p39, and the amazing a20. The very powerfull 110G twin engine plane. Plus the gorgeous Kuban map, and campaign for Single Player. And I hope to see you on MP soon!
  4. One place to look is the Game Update Announcements tab on this forum. And the Developers Diary. You will find tons of minute information of each plane at or close to their respective release date. Also on users post inside of each new entry, a LOT of reading, but also a Lot of information on real life, and game specifics. That's where I learned that the main diferences on the 109 G4 where bigger main landing gear wheels for rough fields operations, and a improuved wireless radio. So the information is there, you just need the time to go through it. But I would sugest to at least check the update posts. Cheers
  5. Unless a one time (random) thing, it is a Pilot error or a joystick fluke. I'm from South America, I normaly fly on EU/RUS/US servers with people from diferent countrys in EU, and on the same settings there is no issue on keeping formation, and I guess I'm always at least 100-150ms "slower" on my connection. Also when you have a spike on internet connection you might see the other plane jerk back and forth a bit, but the overall speed remains the same. Diferent trim and rads and/or unnoticed control input is probably the cause. Cheers
  6. Have you all tryed auto level, to rule out pilot error? And yes, D9 has some sort of rads/cowling flaps control. It's not manual, and it's not auto either, bether check airplane notes to clarify.
  7. You might not "need" it. But at least for me, TIR is probably the one pice of hardware that gives me more immersion in the game. *I haven't tryed VR yet
  8. Hi. I would say. Connect into a MP match,let people know what you intent to do, somebody will likely accept you as his crew member, and its nice to let people know you are taking one of his positions as a crew member (the Pilot Will not be able to use the position you are in, ofcourse). Then you might even be asked to joing on voic chat. He/she most likely will Let you know whatever else you need to know.
  9. First of all, Hello and welcome! About what airplane to start with, everyone has it's favourite, but I would recomend any il2, specialy the 1941 mod, 50% Fuel. It has mild flying caracteristics, you can prety much fly it with 100% throttle RPM mixture, oil and water rads and nothing bad should happen. But also you can check and learn if you maped every setting. It does not have aileron and rudder trim. But it does have everything else. Also it's landing gear is quite rugged, nice for noobs landing, and taxiing is rather easy, just remember to UNLOCK the tail to make a la turn, and IMIDIALTY lock it back.
  10. Also You should give a go at this new IL2 (3rd generation) IL2 Battle of Stalingrad goes for sale on their wabepage quite often https://il2sturmovik.com
  11. Well, to be honest, if tecno chat is enabled, I rather have % than actual values. For flaps, if I'm flying a plane I dont usualy use. And I also dont find the actual flaps indicator, Lets say tecno chat says flaps 100%, I KNOW my flaps are fully deployed. If instead it sayd for example 45 degrees, is that fully deployed? I dont know if I dont know/remember the plane. Lets say ata on a 109. It says 1,3. is that close to full Power? It depends on the model of 109, right now if ir shows 90-95% throttle you know you are pushing the engine hard.
  12. Fair enough. So, what part Is giving you trouble on starting the engines?
  13. He either was calling for help. Or mistook you for a 109. The slight upward angle of the p40 wings can look like a 109s if viewed from straight ahead/behind. All ussr fighters have straight wings.
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