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  1. You CAN do it. But it CAN NOT be an axis. You need a button for prop pitch UP, and another for prop pitch DOWN. I my particular case I use the same button for ENGINE 1 prop pitch up, and ENGINE 2 prop pitch up. So 1 button has two functions.
  2. =FEW=fernando11

    Me 410 and Mosquito

    I think we might be missing the point with the fixed rear facing guns... Did USAF and RAF Pilots knew it was fixed at the time? I remember reading that in later versions of the il2 the defensive gun was rigged so if the gunner was not holding it (he was dead), it still pointed back and not upwards... And I'm prety sure dead gunners dont shoot down planes either. If the gun is SHOOTING too, it would be very convincing, at least to not aproach from 6, wich might give the Ar234 a chance to run away
  3. =FEW=fernando11

    how to land off-field

    You can hear the siren go off at 0:26 on the video, its suposed to remind you of lowering the landing gear if you go idle on the throttle... Nevermind!
  4. =FEW=fernando11

    7,5 tons of bombs from 4K

    Thank god for that upper 13mm MG! The gunner deserves a medal. And Otto, we shan't forget. (Waist gunner, KIA)
  5. =FEW=fernando11

    how to land off-field

    I did the same in an online sorty on a p39, worst part is that I heard the "horn" of low throttle with gear up, didn't play attention anyway. I might post a video later.
  6. =FEW=fernando11

    Rear view mirror broken?

    What you see on the mirror depends on your head position, try moving your head front and back, or up and down, not "looking" but moving, like closer to the aiming sight.
  7. =FEW=fernando11

    What is the meaning of flares in Career missions?

    About not using radio. Maybe it's because you dont whant every enemy listening on your frecuency to know when you are taking off/landing? In reality they used a lot of flares, and smoke, of diferent colours to comunicate with other planes and ground troops.
  8. =FEW=fernando11

    How this 'game' could save your life

    +1 And I am also glad you are ok S!
  9. =FEW=fernando11

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    ^^ yep
  10. =FEW=fernando11

    Your most memorable online sortie

    Indeed, but for me the big diference is in comunication and organization, not in the game itself Maybe the Air Marshal will fix that
  11. =FEW=fernando11

    Your most memorable online sortie

    Well, I can remember a lot of memorable moments. But the one I can still feel the adrenaline rush months\years later... It was close to 3 years ago, I was very new to flying online, it was flying on a event caled FIF on RoF. It was an event lasting 3hrs every friday,full server,no icons,if killed you where out for the rest of the day, everyone started at the same time, each side on his own TS, a CO coordinating things, and enemy objectives where hidden. So anyway, because I was so new, I was flying wingman on an adhoc squad with J5 and J99 guys, I remember we were flying CAP over the front line, usualy 4 to 6 Albatros.DV hoping to intercept scouts\bombers or have a brush with enemy fighters. I dont remember if we got into a fight and I got lost, or if I got damaged and needed to RTB, but there I was, flying alone (a big no-no for a noob pilot on an expert sever) when a call for help came through (wisper from the CO),a lone halberstadt was coming back from a recon mission with very important pictures,but was intercepted by a cuple of se5a fighters very close to his own aerodrome, and was hiding on some clouds. I was the only one aviable,maybe 5 minutes away, so I headed there in the hope that my distraction would give him a chance to run away. When I reached the area I saw a contact a bit higher circling a cloud, and lacking any tactical thinking, I whent straight for him and told my recon friend to "make a run for it". So I made a climbing head on with a (SE5a), and because runing away wasnt an option against what I considered a superior plane and pilot, we started circling each other. That kind of turnfight is more akin to a bar fight than to WWII air combat,I was struggling a lot, but knew my only option was to keep him close and turning. After a minute, and maybe at 200 meters over the ground I managed some hits on the engine/cockpit and saw him crashland right below me. I was starting to marvel on the odds of me winning that fight, when I saw a second contact heading straight for me from the same cloud, less that 1000 meters away. What could I do? Runing away from a higer, faster SE5a wasnt an option, so I made another head on, I was very lucky this time, on the first pass I damaged somethin important, because inside of 3 turns I had killed my second oponent. At this time I was exausted by the adrenaline rush, sweaty, and trying my best to get my bearing to get TFO of there when I saw A THIRD contact, he hadnt seen me, and I was so hyped by my two kills that I made a shalow dive, guns blazing, and managed some hits. He was leaking fuel or coolant,maybe both, he had had enough, dipped his nose and dived away. I knew I would never catch him so I finaly made and RTB Upon reaching my aerodrome I discovered not only that my frendly recon plane was safe, and the important pictures devoped (mission objective acomplished) but the fact that the first fighter I got, the only one I really dogfighted and struggled with was a VERY MANEUVERABLE Sopwith Camel! And not the reported SE5a Had I known at the time, I would have panicked and got killed for sure. And the perfect timing (for me) of the 3 fighters, I wouldnt had stand a chance agains 2 or 3 fighters at the same time. That mission is memorable for me, because even now I cant believe what I acomplished at the time, and it was the moment it really sparked my interest in online flying
  12. =FEW=fernando11

    Tactical Air War

    LG staff, first of all, I give you my biggest congratulations on what I find is the most immersive server yet. It is my first post but, as well as the rest of my squad we have been enjoying this server for a while now! I have to comment on a weird situation, or even a bug: Yesterday, along with my squad, we were flying a sorty, at the end of it, over our FRIENDY AIRFIELD, waiting to land, I got a direct hit by friendly aaa (52-K) I dont know, and I dont think, that ACTUAL PRJECTILES of big aaa are modeled, so I dont think I got hit on the crossfire, I think I was engaged and shot at by a friendly unit This is the sorty log http://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=5856&name==FEW=fernando11 I got the recording of the event by shadowplay, and also the ingame track, also watching the replay, you can se that my plane icon is blue and the airfiel aaa is red... Leading me to belive I got targeted as an enemy I guess you can imagine my frustration, specialy because I took extra care not to get killed since the begining of this campaign If somebody can take the time to review this case I would be very gratefull. Anyway, keep the good work and see you in the skyes