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  1. I like how nice your videos look. Even on my old 720p TV Is the 262 a custom skin?
  2. As others have said. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for your effort on making this comunity even more awesome. Stay safe everyone
  3. Basicaly yes. You are right But I'm almost sure the second Pilot has His own set of working gauges. Not super important, but maybe usefull
  4. Indeed. Being able to fly planes when a copilot exist would be awesome... That said. You could joing as the gunner/backseat Pilot and walk the trainee on what to do and how to do it. I'm almost sure the backseat instruments do work. 3. You could set up a "trainee" acount. And then multiple people can log in, one at a Time, to try the game, train, and once he is over the next guy logs in.
  5. A bit of extra info. No mater which BoX you get. You can play ANY map on Multyplayer, as long as you have at least one of the planes the map is currently using.
  6. P39 vs fw190 A3/A5 I love the a3. And the p39 is the closest the red got that Let me play using the same mindset.
  7. Indeed flying a 262 online it's quite a thing. Even more so as a pair or group... I wonder, and would like to ask the rest, why some of your videos seem to have more views and way more comments than others? It's the topic? The plane? Maybe the voiceover you do on some of them? Or maybe the amount of expolsions and kills per minute of video?
  8. A 1941 il2, no upgrade cannons, maybe Rockets and bombs On a nice SP mission or campaing. Might not be the Uber plane most like, but a good old fashion ground atack maybe at sunrise or sunset can be quite the introduction to this amazing game.
  9. NICE! It´s always interesting to see me262 videos, specialy of MP By the way, impresive way of conserving ammo! Are you practicing to be like Marseille? I thought you where going to crash into someone for sure.
  10. Hi. You mean on the discount promo? You can link steam with stand alone, do a fórum serch, you should find it. Then you log in on the store with the user/pasword you are using un the game. Make the purchase you whant with the promo code and next time you start the game on steam you new content will be "unlocked".
  11. I know 190 wing mounted ammo for the 151/20 do/did explode in a spectacular fashion, ending your flight rather suddenly. I think it was also posible on the il2. But haven't seen it hapening for a while
  12. By the way this was not said as an atack. But as an honest advice. I usualy write "in a hurry" myself, and half the time it comes across as a bit of a mess... Lucky I'm not a native english speaker, so I try to take the time to double check. Also my mobile trying to autocorrect in another lenguaje doesn't help
  13. I understand. And by large I dont mind. Just that, dont get too worked up. Keep working to improuve, and maybe writing it first with pen and paper could help you. If you don't have time to do so, maybe you shouldn't be in a hurry to post.
  14. Mate. Honestly, take a breath, don't be on the defensive. Your corrections made the thing harder to read And maybe for you, becasue you know what you are saying, it's easy. But for others might not be so. I honestly made an effort, and I kind of, aorta understood something. Again, can't you get across your idea with far less, more polished writing?
  15. I don't want to bash So I Will give you an advice a former literature teacher gave me. And I took to heart. Don't rush yourself, don't aim to write a lot. Think what your main point is BEFORE writing, and after writing, READ IT, 2 or 3 times. Is there any correction you can make? Can you say the same but shorter/more concise? And only there go hunting for mistakes and typos. Againg, I'm honestly trying to give you a good advice someone gave me before. But if you are not willing to take time on what you are trying to say, don't expect others to take time on decoding it. Cheers
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