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  1. It is all inntegrated into the same install on your pc, you actually already have the data on your hhd/ssd it's only the "unlock" to use it that you buy. "Keyless non steam prdouct" means you can not ask for a steam key, so you wont see FC as a steam product on your steam acount. You will be able to use it, and you will see the banner under your name in this forum though. You just need to link your account here with your steam profile, to have accesos to your steam and not steam purchases under the same user acount, serch for Linking steam and not steam Profiles here to find a guide on how to do it.
  2. Fw190 a3-a5 vs la5 (watch out for the FNs!)
  3. Can I get a large soda and half my popcron sweet, half salty? Tx
  4. Well. It's not easy. And sometimes very frustrating...I see it as Sort of a hibrid of a fw190/mc202... More than anything on the mentality of how to fly it. But on the other hand, I fly mostly MP, I dont think AI will think you are an easy pray and Rush the atack...
  5. I like the yak 7b A LOT. But even a p39, on PvP can be fun, you can scare unaware players, that dont realize how fast it can go ( if you are not in a stedy climb) or how well it can manouver if flying fast. Following a FW in a dive, and match it's roll rate usualy gets them a bit nervous.
  6. The handbreak is the wheel brake. The trigger js a regular trigger, but because of the angle it looks like it's the same. Not the same joystick, but based on the same thing.
  7. Ok. In the trackIR app/program, at the middle left there are 3 tabs, in one of them called TITLES you can Select wich PROFILE gets selected when each game start, you have to look up for il2 Battle of Stalingrad, and choose the profile you are adjusting. Probably you are adjusting a profile, but when you start the game automaticaly goes back tho the default one.
  8. If you can, make and post a video of you having the issue. Also try to make the exact same mouvment while using the trackIR app/tab to see what the camera is "seeing/picking up" The curves that work for other games usualy dont work the same for il2...
  9. Congratulations on switching to pedals! When I made the switch the immersion level incease was really nice. Until very recently I was using a set of CH rudders, my tip, try to use them as "Combat" pedals, resting your heels on the "floor"(pedals base) instead of putting your feet completly on each pedal. Also you can angle your toes to the sides a bit, like so \ / to avoid fatige on your legs/calves. If posible, lower your chair/rise your pedals. I find they where more confortable and easy to use if not using them like sitting at a desk, but with your feet a bit more forward. About having a hard time transitioning, back in the RoF days, I used to fly with an Xbox controller, and those wwi kites needed even MORE rudder input than our WWII planes... The first few days where a nightmare... I was using the triggers as rudder, so left rudder was Pulling left trigger, and now I needed to PUSH left LEG! It was a total mess. But with just a bit of practice it becomes second nature.
  10. What was/is usualy your ping while flying in that server? It looks like you got hit while on your shallow atack, but the information got to you a bit later
  11. Yes and no. I'm prety sure you can edit your throttle response with the CH devise manager But not all the planes have the same emergency at the same % so unles you fly only one plane, customizing it for one plane will let it wrong for the rest. Even diferent 109s have emergency power at diferent %
  12. In my humble opinion. I've come from a CH combatstick, CH ruder and CH throttle quadrant. I went with a MFG crosswind pedals. I really like them. And the customer suport was excelent. Then a VKB gunfighter, long extension (for Center mouting) and a MCG grip, the build quality and ease to work with is really nice. I'm still using the CH throttle quadrant, wich for WWII planes is good enough. If you plan to use the joystick as a side mount I'll recomend you check VKB gladiator/NXT joystick
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