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  1. Taking into acount boiling temp at higer Alt, even on a somewhat presurized sistem might be part of the idea. But at least I use the whater radiator control,wich basicaly sets the temperature that the automation will try to mantain, like this. For normal flight, keep it between 1/2 or 1/3 open. For a climb 1/2 And for combat almost closed, between 10% to 20% My idea being, keeping water and oil on the colder side of the range until in actual combat, and setting a low % when in combat, wich should make the automation let the temperature rise higer before opening the cowl flps. This is how I understand the sistem, might be wrong though.
  2. I have not used PWCG yet, but as I understand it, you can prety much create a campaign and fly it coop, with your buddies eiter on the same flight, as a diferent flight, or even some in one team, the rest in the enemy team. The way it works, you create a campaign in PWCG and it keeps track of virtual Pilots, and human players can asume control of said Pilots. If one day Someone is missing, that pilot Will be AI, and if a virtual Pilot is killed, is dead for good, you need to asume control of a diferent virtual Pilot next mission. The best thing, you Will be flying missions without using FMB or QMB in a "persistent world" Give it a look...
  3. On what grounds are you asking for a refund? The game is not finished yet, it is still being worked on... And if the past is any indication, they do try to fix bug/obvious issues when they arise. My advise, keep calm and at least wait until the next update.
  4. I dont think "we" like or do not like X thing. But I DO understand this is a game, a virtual representation of something. Not reality. And a very good one at that. Most are aweare of the issues, and the explanations of why. Do I wish the game to improuve? YES! Do I have DEMANDS to the Developers? HELL NO! I already have had my money's worth of fun, many times over. Do you understand that your posture is not helping anyone? Not the players, not the Developers, and certainly not yourself. I believe we all need to accept the limitations and reality of this software, I do, and enjoy it 100% Cheers!
  5. For the late war german planes, you can fly at a lower throttle. I dont think every german Pilot flew their planes at Max combat power the whole time, it is even a tactical cosideration, flying at a slightly less speed, but with a higer chance of go unseen. I even remember reading somewhere that late in the war some Alied pilots claimed damaged enemy while in fact they had just gone full throttle to escape!
  6. First of all, hi. Secondly, I dont get all this thinking really. And it's not against you/only you. And I'm not here to defend the devs either. But whats exactly wrong? They have 3 titles on EARLY DEVELOPMENT, TC FC and BoBp, this three are the main porpuse of the update. And they wont change price afther next update. Only afther they are released. The other content, BoS BoM BoK, collector planes and campaigns might be afected/improved by the update, but they are finished products, the way I see it, they are being upgraded for free. And while on that point, I have no idea of your $ situation, and I wont tell anyone how they should spend their money, but for me BoX has been a great cost for value. For the cost of a regular AAA game (more or less, depending on where you live and if it's on sale) you get a complete game, no season pass, no loot boxes, no gambling mechanics, that you can play literaly for hundreds if not thousans of hours, that is still being improved. In BoS case many years afther being released... Where else can you get a similar example? You dont need everything to start playing, and you will probably en up expending More in your PC and joystick/HOTAS/ track ir/VR than in all BoX content anyway. Sorry for the rant/long post
  7. Have you check throttle range/calibration outside of the game? Does it reach 100%? Also on the key mapping menu, when you Select an axis for something (in this case throttle) you can see a "graph" on the right. Click it and it should show you the mouvment of your axis and the corresponding mouvment of the virtual throttle. There you can select deadzones etc. Ps: are you using auto limiter for the engine on the dificulty settings?
  8. This thread should have way more traction. Not only for fancy, toggle switches users, but for regular joystick and keyboard users. Gear up and gear down as separate key bindings should almost be a must.
  9. This! Having a 6 "close" or "far" can be rather subjective, specialy if you are inside the cockpit looking back. Your options depend a Lot on the planes involved and on their relative Energy state, wich is not easy to gauge, even if experienced. AND about magic solutions. I would say the cosest to it is flying with a human wingman, a good one specialy! You might not sake off a spit off your tail, but you might survive long enough for your wingman to shake him off or shoot him down.
  10. Besides all the tips given above. I find that if you have space on the HDD/SSD recording ingame traks (default Ctr+R I think) Is a good way of learning... Record short videos. And then Review them from diferent angles. You csn"See" the actual picture from inside your cockpit of when you make hits, and you can use enemy External View to see when you miss, and if you are shooting in front or behind. Also at first speed diference between planes can be small. So with icons on you can check if you are indeed getting closer or not. But it super usefull when doing ground atacks. You can see the efectiveness of your atacks. And how close are you getting the bombs from your targets.
  11. I think we can all agree that the thing here is not so much if the G6 is worth it, but the fact that you will probably get more out of buying BoK, or even BoM. "Worth it" can be subjective. IF you really like the G6, is worth it. On a "isolated" from everything else mindset, the plane is beutifuly done, and diferent enough to other 109s to justify getting it. But as its name imply, is more or less for COLLECTING, if I where you, I would get BoS, BoM,BoK, even BoBp before going into collector planes. UNLES you really like that particular plane. I payed full price for the fw190A3 back in the day, and is probably the plane I enjoyed most, was it worth $20 ? Yes Would have been smarter to get BoS premium and get fw190A3 and La5, definitely.
  12. RIP KotOR, Republic Commando, Jedi Outcast, and the best of them all... Pod Racer for N64! Just kidding, Shadow of the Empire
  13. Actually IIRC Alt+F1 does Unlink the camera from the head inside the cockpit WHILE WATCHING A RECORDED TRACK! so if normaly watching a replay of a track, you go into F1 (cockpit View) and the replay will automaticaly move the camera as you did while playing. By pressing Alt+F1 you can now free the camera from the recorded head movement to look arround in other directions. https://youtu.be/q9BD9eDxQFY It is explained at the 22:00 minutes.
  14. Indeed. I have been looking for the actual quote. But couldn't find it. But it was mentioned two ir three times un the last few months
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