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  1. I dont mean to be rude. But the video is full of errores/myths I recomend you to check this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCynGrIaI5vsJQgHJAIp9oSg
  2. Actually besides a general interest, I was wondering along with a mate. If LW aerial torpedoes could be set up like Uboot torpedoes to run in a difrerent course than straight ahead. Like input of: Target speed, range, and AoB so the torpedoe does the calculation of point of impact. Or where just droped pointing at where the ship was expected to be, hopping for the hit.
  3. Anyone has a good place/book to look for LW aerial torpedoes info?
  4. Isn't the A10 America's Hs 129?
  5. I'm prety sure the I 16 is the only plane without pitch trim... Might be called elevator trim, might be called stabilizer trim PS: not counting FC ww1 planes
  6. The pe2 (without the dorsal turret modification) could be one of the best. The dorsal guner is just behind and to the right of the Pilot, has almost the same view, I'm prety sure you can see the actual working gauges from there. The only problem is that it's looking backwards, but I guess your passenger can turn 180 degrees without much trouble... This would be a (not so good) example. The bf 110 and he 111 are also really good options
  7. The game it's called IL2 for a reason!
  8. Thanks @Jaws2002! First of all, I don't like when spam gets out of hand. BUT I can live with things "I don't like" as most of us can, and if in doing so, I (we) can meke someone feel a bit more at home, welcomed or if not understood, at least listened to, I say we can all try to be a bit more patient... Keep on rocking IL2 comunity!
  9. Hi, You can fly offline. Just be carefull NOT all modes are aviable. You CANT fly multiplayer offline ofcourse!, But also you can't fly "dinamic" carrer offline, as far as I know, the missions themselves are generated on 1C/777 servers and sent to you by internet conection. On the other hand "I think" you can fly scripted campaigns/missions while offline, of wich you can find free and payed ones, and are really good. Also you can download an "app" PWCG wich Lets you run a dinamic campaign diferent to the ingame one, wich many consider really good, and can be used offline. Cheers
  10. Mate, chill. The buisnes model IS diferent. THIS company Made and sold a stand alone map, in RoF, and it looks as if it didn't worked out. I guess they have all the info, and they decided not to do it (at least for now). About the MP players getting free stuff... ANY ONE can go to a server and play a map you don't "own", you can too, but if MP crowd is the minority, do you think they are not selling standalone maps because the minority might get pissed? I asume it's because the Developers think it's not the best idea. On the same thinking thread, a MP only guy "payed/help finance the development" for a dinamic campaign that SP are using, should he get a refound on that wich he does not use? Also I would argue that a guy that gets only BoS and fly on MP, on seen other maps and planes, it's either going to like them and want to buy them for the prety planes and maps, or it's not engaged enough and was never going to buy other stuff, wether maps are free or not.
  11. You should be able to gift a gifted game, O think once... If not, maybe try contacting suport.
  12. Excelent guncam effect
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