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  1. All things said by OP are acurrate observations of specific situation. Now, MY QUESTION IS, do you whant good strategy for flying fighters on MP, or you whant a way to score higer on the leaderboard? If it's the second, I can't help you much with it. Never been particularly good at it. My higest success "score wise" proabably was flying a bomber or maybe a ground atack plane. (7 players killed by a single salvo drop on a pe2... ) Now, without a doubt, the biggest change I saw flying MP, that you dont talk about, is flying with a good wingmen, that you already know. Flying high, risk being spoted first? Fix by flying with a wingmen/squad. See 2 planes flying close/in formation, run away? Fixed by wingmen Avoid crowds? Personaly, yes. But if you read the situation and you feel you have the advantage, you can engage a crowd (already fighting), make a pass with your wingmen, extend and check eachother. If you got a six, wingmen will fix it, even if both of you got a six. Mutual supot means you probably still have the upper hand. After a kill, your wingmen should have your six under control. Regrup, check arround and keep on hunting! Hunting bombers from dead six is never a good option... BUT if you feel the situation is in your favor, you can make some long range shooting, to make the bomber panick and start turning, then you can work your target together with your wingmen, gunners can't shoot at two planes at the same time. But engaging a bomber from dead six is already a mistake when setting up the atack.
  2. Why would you take all that weight to a dogfight? You should take the A3 on the early war spown point. THATS a blast! *Should have watched the whole video first
  3. About the MFG they are really nice. It's my first good set of rudder pedals, I really like them, and I don't see me replacing them unless I loose them on a fire or something... About the toe brake spring tension... They are a bit stiff, even on the lowest setting. Specialy coming from the CH rudder pedals (really good as well, on it's price range), but the user @hegykc has a thread named Replika gear, where he shows some custom mods for a softer toe brake tension, and some combat style foot rest, where you rest the heels on the floor, and use the rudder by the ball of the feet instead of resting the whole foot on the pedal. Without having use this midifications, I guess this would "fix" any issue some might have with the stock MFG crosswind, wich again, I really like as they are sold.
  4. I just noticed I'm old when I looked at medieval 2 in the "old game category" and was all like...🤔 I know it's old. I just haven't really realized it Total war: Rome is a bit older, but I prefer it. N64 Goldeneye, and specialy Perfect Dark are 2 games I would regularly play even today if my N64 was still working... Red Baron II was an amazing game, but proabably too outdated to play nowadays. On the other hand Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 are strategic (tactics) games that because of it's art style/graphics I can play easily even today.
  5. Hello. As far as I know. The "not looking up past 90 degees" is a design choice. I'm guessing for reslism. As in, your body can't tilt the head much more than 90 degees up. My way of doing it is, look up, then turn left or right to look almost back, and look "down" as needed to look past the 90 degees, and actualy back. The good news, you quickly get used to it. At first I found it a bit weird, but now it's just second nature... About your other issues. I found that only looking up past 90 degees is limited ( and for me it's even a good thing. So you know when tracking a contact if he pased from straight up to a bit behind you and up) but the rest of. The axis are not restricted. The not 1:1 mouvment between trackIR and game is true. But you can work arround it with a bit of time and testing, create a trackIR profile just for il2 GB and adjust the response sensitivity until you can confortably look 180 degrees back to either side, and up/down without loosing tracking from the camera, and then adjust as needed. You'll get it working in no time, and afther a week you dont notice it any more
  6. Yes, I agree on that. I'm not in the biggest of hurries, as my CH throttle quadrant works quite ok with WWII planes in general. But the concept of the TECS, or a custom made one by @GVL224 is super appealing.
  7. I'm prety sure I read this same question on the forum some years ago. IIRC the thing is that all the cool modded sounds on old 1946, work on a very specific Situation On this new game engine, sounds are dinamic, so even if you put the real sound and make it work on a given situation, it wont work in all other places where it sould. And about making the existing sistem "better" it could be nice. But at what cost in $ and time? What would you rather they dont do, or postpone so they can look at improuving the sounds? That being said, I'm all for better sounds in general
  8. Damn the MCG grip is super nice! But I don't know if I can justify the cost for the cool factor... I'm still waiting on the TECS
  9. It doesn't say coop carrer mode... It says Carrer mode, RoF like And multiplayer coop, RoF like And we do have single player And we do have coop MP
  10. I dont know about those specific monitors But I use a 34" LG ultrawide, and I like ir a lot More than regular 16:9 monitors. For il2 you Will have no issues. But some other games (usualy older) might not work perfecly, of force you to have 2 vertical black lines on the sides/stretch the UI...
  11. I know it's quite a bit of extra work. But in some cases can really help clear up the action and whats going on! Won't you have any airfield defence video in the works by any chance...? 😀
  12. I belive this was written with good intentions, and being thoughtful. That being said, to the OP, I would advise you to first read through all the DDs, anouncments and most of all the comments Made by Jason and the Developers throuout all this years, all your concerns have been adresed or hinted at one point or another un all this years. To me it is very clear they must have tough and probably still do think about this things, and are doing what they think it's best for their proyect and to realize their vision. And even then, they have been open to change, IF the arguments in favor of change are well made and solid. I have nothing but respect and faith on this team of developers, even if I dont agree on every single desicion, every single time. The results speak for themselves.
  13. Nice video mate! Altough I feel some outside views might have helped understand better the action.
  14. When you are so deadly you kill EVERYTHING LOLs
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