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  1. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Last time i checked we said some structural criticism, but we get called Luft Whiners?
  2. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    From what i see, i think the Russians have this almost suicide mentality, I've seen: .Damaged Russians still dog fighting, not even thinking about RTBing, .Russians attacking a tank column even when they have a 6 .Attacking tank columns without any high cover .Most Russians I've seen are flying alone, poor teamwork in the dogfight While I've seen a lot more communication on the blue side for this campaign, And you might call this "hartmanning" But a lot of blues care for there virtual life, and would rather get home alive, then do a suicide run into a heavily infested tank columns with absolutely NO air cover. While the Russians on the other hand seem to not give a damn for there virtual life. Maybe this is whats contributing to such the high number of Allied aircraft and pilot losses?
  3. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    What happened to that red coordination i've heard so much about?
  4. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Had a great time with Coldman, some of the SCG members, and another person, (Forgot his name, sorry!) But this is what true teamwork is, Thanks for the great time coldman...
  5. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    That was a really bad Counter Argument
  6. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Muli-crew mayhem!

    This was a few months ago recorded and edited by SCG_PanzerPajamas.... Hope you enjoyed watching this as much as we did..
  7. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

  8. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Im confused? Why shouldn't it be available? I've never heard of such information, i'm not doubting you but i've just never heard that before, like i said some evidence would be great.
  9. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    What makes you think we don't have the right F4 for the battle of Moscow? Some evidence would be great..
  10. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Lol, i love how people were abdicating for a more historical lineup, and when the TAW team does it, everyone complains Give them a break guys, they did what YOU asked, the f4 WAS present in the battle of moscow.
  11. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Wow... I see alot of people wanting balance, but then i see others wanting historical accuracy. PLEASE SELECT ONE, THE PLANE SET IS OBVIOUSLY NOT GOING TO BE FAIR IF YOU WANT HISTORICAL ACCURACY
  12. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Wing Walkers' Memorial Flight for WWHappy

    May he rest in peace.. Clear skies, Happy
  13. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Excited, thank you LG team!
  14. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    SCG will be flying Blue side of course, but focusing our efforts on ground attack instead of the glory of Air kills
  15. SCG_DR1FT3R

    Tactical Air War

    Like schwarze said, i think aces are proven by kill count, not only does he have the highest kill count every season of TAW, but it's rare he ever gets shot down himself. Like last campaign, He only got shot down by another aircraft once; and he never died. Sure, he might not be good in a twist and turning dogfight, but that's not how you play with the 109, he uses the strengths of the 109 for his favor, and only engages when an opportunity allows it. So i i agree with fenris, that he is the best flying 109 ace. He plays to the strength and weaknesses of the 109, not wasting time in a 1v1