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  1. This is silly, ACG is a clan with around 150 pilots, split into around 12 squadrons, 6 on both sides. Like i said, we have people who fly strictly one side or the other; we do not collude or communicate to get ANY type of advantage in the campaign. For us it is IMPOSSIBLE to say "Ok, we're going to fly this side, and this side only" without half the clan not being able to fly just due to the fact people have there personal preferences.
  2. Since when has this been a rule? and since when has it been enforced? I've seen my fair share of people in squadrons who fly opposing sides, especially last TAW, if this was JUST implemented this TAW campaign I obviously didn't know until i got suddenly banned, which is poor in my opinion because i ask what is the point of restricting squadrons from flying one side? in ACG we are a clan of mixed pilots that have our own squadrons within ACG, we have people who ONLY fly german and people who ONLY fly russian. We never give info to one another of the opposing team if thats where this idea of res
  3. Yakolevs of 273 IAP bounce a staffel of He 111's on there way to bomb Russian front line positions on the final hours of the encirclement near Kalach in our "Operation Uranus" Campaign.
  4. Awesome! Any update on the current problems with spotting?
  5. Well, after reading through this whole keyboard war, I want to adress the fact that through personal experiences, making samples of what would be available if they bought the whole product does increase sales, they did it with RoF, I have had 4 friends, and myself. Who started off with the beginner starter pack of the free albatross and spad, and it got me hooked to buying more. I think a big thing thata stopping people from buying this game, is seeing the low pop on servers that host FC scenarios. Sample aircraft will not only bring in more possible sales , but it will also incre
  6. Hey shadow, glad to see a new sim pilot from the same state! to help you out with your quest for a squadron, i highly recommend SCG, who area good bunch of laid back guys who have some of the best pilots in the sim, and who are looking for pilots on any end of the "Skill" Spectrum. They have members all around the world, most of which are from the US if i'm correct. I also recommend ACG if you're looking for a squadron/community who does campaigns, ACG has a mission every Sunday at 19:00 GMT (2:00 PM EST) We have around 6 squadrons for each faction ranging from 6-12 pl
  7. ACG Has just finished our moscow campaign (Winter 41-42) Back to the channel for another 12 missions!
  8. Just a hastily put together video of some multiplayer highlights from earlier today after the newly released 3.201 Patch Great job devs! Can't wait for whats to come!
  9. Sorry to hear, FNBF was a real blast. Just haven't been able to make the past few due to work now a days. 2 years ago i was 15 and didn't have to work and made almost every event 😄
  10. Hello, absolutely love FC and would love to contribute to the project
  11. Yessir, A textbook scrap. You need to join in on a mission sometime!
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